2 years after having an ablation done for heavy periods, I am having some issues: Thoughts?

4 years ago I had an ablation done due to terrible heavy periods and endometriosis. For two years things went well. Now for the last 2 years I have been having terrible cramping and mood swings that border panic attacks. I have these spells around the time my cycle would have begun. Anyone else have similar issues after having an ablation?

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My mom had an ablation and she also had the same complications and she ended up needing a hysterectomy!

You may have endometriosis again

Yes! Me! Almost exact same symptoms.

Lookup dr. Jolene brighten. Life saver. She is super active on instagram.

Yes me also the worst

Have you had bloodwork to check your hormones throughout your cycle?

ad ablation, 20 months later, hysterectomy. The Dr explained my body was attacking itself and the inflammation was intense.

I had an ablation and D&C last year for the same I’m getting a hysterectomy next month becuase I still have a ton of issues still.

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I had no issues with my procedure.

I wouldn’t automatically assume its the ablation. Many times the ablation doesn’t last longer than 2-3 years although it can last less or longer than that for some. Possibly yours is no longer effective.