40 weeks pregnant with 0 signs of pregnancy near

40 weeks pregnant today, I was 3 cm a few days ago, but really I haven’t felt different at all and I have no signs of labor and I don’t think it’s gonna happen anytime soon! Can it just happen all within a few hours? What are your thoughts on due dates … I really want it to happen today … but there’s 0 sign of it.


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Your due date can be off a little. A due date is just an estimated time as to when delivery can occur. In most cases it is perfectly safe for baby to cook a little bit longer. My first baby was a week and 2 days past her due date and she still did not come on her own. It’s much easier on you and your body to let things start on their own if possible.

It can go so fast when your body is actually ready. I went from 2 cm to being ready to push within a few hours… I didn’t think it could go so fast! Honestly your due date can be off by a few days to a week or so… I went over with my first. Don’t worry! Baby is just getting them few last moments before entering this world!


I think its our mind playing games with us at this time. 40 weeks. Omg. One sign is a need to clean the house. I didn’t know this until I was in the nursing program. Its called nesting. But this need to arrange the house, clean the house. It comes so naturally that we don’t even notice its part of our nature. After I do my nesting clean, baby comes the next day for both my babies.

I went over with both of mine. 6 days over with my 1st but I went into labor naturally with her. It’s MUCHHH easier on the body if you can handle waiting it out and goes by much faster. It seemed to me atleast. I was induced with my 2nd and will never go through that again. The contractions are so much harder to tolerate and I felt like I was there forever before having him.

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Get your cervix checked! That Jump started labor for me with in 6 hours of getting checked I gave birth less then 15 hours after getting checked

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Can happen in an instant and when your definitely not expecting it… I had a sweep and was told I was 3cm my daughter stuck around for an extra 5 days my waters broke that morning when we got to hospital I had another sweep as I’d no contractions and within 40minutes she was born was very intense and fast and I think i was a little shocked… relax it’ll happen when the time is right

I know it’s pretty irritating but one of my co workers told me “Don’t rush the baby, let the baby come when she is ready” I rolled my eyes 10 months pregnant and irritated then she said “No woman has been pregnant forever, and if you are the 1st think how rich you would be” I rolled my eyes again thinking fuck off and laughed but just let the baby come when he or she is ready it’s so much easier on your body, my 1st 2 I was induced labor was great, but I hemroged both times, my 3rd I just let him come naturally and my experience was so much better did not have any issues.

I went into labor at 40 wk And 4 days and went faster then I could ever imagine…woke at 130 am and baby arrived at 300am… barely made it to the hospital…hang in there the end is near…

I was told by my obgyn that your due date can actually be off by up to 2 weeks either way, it’s just an estimate

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My due date was 8/18. I was out walking doing anything I could think of. She end up coming on the 22nd.

I went from 0 to 10 in less than 12 hours. Think positive.

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I was more than a week overdue with my second before going into labor and I much preferred waiting for a natural birth as opposed to being induced! From my experience, being induced makes birth so much more intense. :hot_face:

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I was 40w5d with my son. Was supposed to be induced the following day. I went into labor at 6:30a and had him at 9:15a. It really can go that fast!!

I woke to go to the toilet the day after my due date. My plug came away while on the loo, ten mins later my waters went. Baby was born four hours after the plug.

Rub your acchiles heel it gets contractions started x

I went from 3 to 9 in 45 mins it can happen fast

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I went from a 3 to a 9 in 30 minutes

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I went from a 5 to a 10 in 20 minutes

If you are concerned about timing raspberry tea really helped me when my daughter was 6 days late. It helps with contractions and actually is really great for healing afterwards too. Also great for period cramps for anyone who needs to know every child is different also and every labor experience as well. I am not going to post mine just because yours will be unique to you. You should start getting Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor) prior to your actual labor. Just your body’s way of prepping itself. If you have any concerns you should talk to your doctor about it as your unique health and medical history will be a consideration as well.

I went to 42 weeks with 4/5 of my babies and they were only 6 lbs 13 oz - 7lbs 7 Oz. Those dates are guess dates. It’s really challenging, but be patient and remember that your baby is still developing in preparation for their birth.


I had no signs of labor until I was having contractions I only felt in my back, thought I was just having back pain as usual. Water broke within that hour and had him after a 14 hour labor.

My water broke at 41 weeks, I had no signs until maybe the day before, as long as it doesn’t past 9 days past due date you’ll be fine

All 4 of my labors 4 hrs from start to finish with no signs of labor before contractions…

I had my daughter 2 months ago at 41 weeks. My son was also born at 41 weeks. You can ask your OB/GYN to schedule a membrane sweep.

I had no signs of Labour until I felt really sick to my belly and had low back pains they didn’t go away

I went from 3 cm to 9cm in 14 hours and didn’t know. I went in at 9 cm and they had to break my water

Honestly have sex, baby will come on out