4th child or no 4th child?

I recently had my 3rd baby, 3rd c section. I went into labor early at 37 weeks and had a lot of blood, during my c section they found out I had a 20% plancetal abruption. Thankfully baby was okay and I was okay, but I really want another baby. We wanted to wait another 2 or 3 years, have one more and then I was going to get my tubes tied.

My question is, have any of you experienced a placental abruption and gone on to have a normal healthy pregnancy/delivery afterwards?
My OBGYN told me id be monitored very closely and that it would make me a high risk pregnancy, but it would be nice to know some of your personal experiences. I obviously dont want to risk dying if the chances are high, but I also dont want to give up a 4th child after we’ve experienced multiple losses to get the babies we do have.

Thank you!