Accused of Cheating On MY Husband, Advice?

It looks like I was just accused of cheating by my husband. I’m happy he finally opened up, but I’m so pissed off and hurt that he’s been stewing over this for a while. Our relationship hasn’t been good for the last three years; between both of us changing careers, both going through college, and now two kids to the mix (firstborn 3 years ago), I kinda took it as a rough season to life but will get better. But now, with this accusation, I don’t know how to handle the discussion when we are both off work tonight. I am just overwhelmed with emotions- pissed off that my integrity is in question, sad that trust has broken so much apparently, honestly a bit glad that he opened up, and just so much more all over the place. And no, I haven’t cheated. Has anyone else been accused, and the relationship got better than or later? Should I carry any hope in that?

Probably because he’s cheating. That’s what my ex husband used to accuse me of and it was him that was cheating.

My mom has always told me. The first to accuse is more likely the one doing it… I hope this isn’t your case, I hope you and your husband can work this out.

Don’t bother with any explanation if you know your not. He should know deep down and more than likely HE’S CHEATING. I broke up with my X because he was not committed to the relationship anymore not because love was the issue. Some things just can’t be fixed