Advice on gentle parenting?

I’ve always wanted to practice gentle parenting. I now have a 1.5-year-old, and my patience only gets worse as he’s getting older. Instead of being firm, I’m aggressive. I do NOT hurt my child. My aggression is yelling. I feel like it’s the only thing he will respond to, specifically with getting him to sleep and down for naps. If I try to rock, pat, sing, talk, he throws complete fits. Screaming, arching back, throwing pacifier. If I say LAY, DOWN, he will stop and do so (after a few times maybe). I have the desire to do gentle parenting, but it seems virtually impossible having grown up in the opposite. My mom had the same short fuse, temper, yelling, snapping at me, spanking, smacking me in the mouth, grabbing me by the throat (only once I can recall). It’s tough. I’m looking for any advice on how to change an entire mindset of all I’ve ever known. My son is already very tempered, and I really want to break the cycle. Thank you in advance!


Put him in his crib and walk away for nap and bedtime. Say “I love you, goodnight” and walk out. Will he cry? Probably, but you can go back in every 5-10min to say “it’s bedtime (or naptime)” every time you feel like yelling “no” clap your hands twice then give a command like “eyes on mama” then explain that his actions are a no no. Etc. the idea is to replace the clap with the yell- gets his attention without demonstrating the yelling. Also more likely to get a better response from him


Counseling might help you . anger management and parenting classes would also be something to look into. He is still little and learning so it will pretty much take repetitive consistent parenting which takes a lot of patience and love for him to learn!


I don’t have any advice as I have a 7 and a 3 year old myself and my patience is definitely not where I want it to be. I find myself yelling over the smallest things sometimes. So I’m following for some advice on this as well! You aren’t alone though mama! A lot of moms out there get frustrated and impatient