Advice on going through labor and delivery alone?

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and already mom to two beautiful girls 9&5… I am currently going through a separation and divorce from my husband after being married for six years, who is the father of my baby boy! We also share a 5-year-old girl… I’ve decided to go through the labor & delivery alone since I’ve done the whole pregnancy alone. Dad agrees he doesn’t want to share this moment. My family won’t be able to be there as they are my care for my daughters while I deliver. I guess my question is if anyone has gone through this and am I crazy? Will the nurses, be supportive, and what should I expect going at it alone? And any words of encouragement or advice would be great!


Can dad not care for your daughter so family can be with you?


Look into getting a doula so you can have some support with you.


Also,I’ve done a twin birth alone. The hospital staff were amazing for me and so caring

you’ll be fine <3 you got this on the bright side, you don’t have to share the first moments with your baby with anyone else :slight_smile:

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The nurses are amazing when it comes to women labouring alone! You will be amazing babe XX

I’ve personally always have had positive experiences with the nurses - they’ve always been supportive and helpful

I mean ur kinda there alone. Nurses are they’re to do a job

Do you have a friend that can be with you during that time?
I wouldn’t want to do it alone :frowning: so sorry to hear. Hugsss

Nurses are typically super supportive. If you can afford it, get a doula as well. You will do great either way!

It will take your whole family to take of your kids? You don’t have a friend who can there to support you


The dad doesnt want to be there for the birth of his child?

In our black culture and community is a normal thing to do…

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Nurses will be your support team and trust me you can do this and you will feel even better for being so strong and doing it without him.

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You should look into hiring a Doula! My husband is military and was deployed so a doula was my birth support plan (he ended up being home for one week and I got induced but still had a doula and they are awesome)

Through a comedy of errors I ended up “alone” delivering my second son and it was incredible. I had my support staff (midwife and doula) but my husband was taking care of our oldest and I delivered alone, we delayed clamping and I even got to cut the umbilical chord. It was intense but pretty amazing and empowering as well. Good luck to you Mama!

I did it alone twice you can do this!! It takes alot of strength but i was proud of my self;) you got this!!

I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t imagine doing it alone girl :sob: this post just made me cry !


Maybe share the moment with the girls. I’ve heard others that have and it was the best moment shared amongst the family.

I was 21 and delivered my 1st born alone. It wasn’t bad. Drs & nurses were all super supportive and helpful. Its lonely but honestly you can do it. I’ve had 2 other kids since then n dad was in room/or both times, great to have help but honestly nobody to get mad(bein alone) at is better IMO… Not sayin I didn’t like havin someone or people there jus the ease of not gettin mad at someone sittin across the room from me eating was easier for me. Good luck mama, you got this. We are women we are like super heroes.

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The nurses are your best friends.

Girl I had everyone leave the room when I delivered my only baby the nurses were awesome

My first was alone, the nurses were great.

You could get a doula for support! The nurses won’t be able to support you the entire time because they have other patients. If you get a doula, she’d be there with you for as long as you’d need!

I got dropped off at the hospital to have my daughter alone, although my mom and sister did come as I was pushing her out… It was precious. I had midwives for both my deliveries and for the second had done a lot of meditating and positive thinking. It was :100: peaceful and positive :heart: best wishes to you for a wonderful birth experience!

Is really suggest you find a friend or some relative to be there with you hun. You might get good nurses but you might not.Not all are supportive and great even though lots are.

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It’s hard to do it alone, but the staff is usually so amazing. Especially if they know you’ll be doing this alone, they are usually very very supportive. You can do this!

Nurses are definitely supportive of women who are alone, but they will have other patients and can’t be there the entire time you labor. They’ll check in and be there when they need to be there and obviously they’ll be there when you’re delivering

But have you thought about hiring a doula? They’re there specifically to keep mom calm and relaxed

I delivered alone. I had friends and family offer to be with me. It was depressing not going to lie but I honestly enjoyed the bonding time alone :heart:

I have a husband but with my second child I gave birth alone… its because the staff told them it would take a while before baby… then 5 mins later i gave birth trying to call everyone… with just one nurse and the doctor. They where very supportive…

I delivered my 4th child alone. It was actually pretty nice, and a different experience from the other 4 labor’s and deliveries. Just relax and enjoy the “alone time” and you get to hold baby for however long, cut the cord, etc. I also was more calm having the nurses just tell me to push, rather than SO saying push, push harder. Shut up lol

Look into getting a doula! They are magical and sound like the thing they need. I honestly wish they were standard.

You can do this alone. Husband would be of no use. nurses will support you.

Nurses and midwives will support you. I went through pregnancy, labor and birth alone. No you’re not crazy

If you really do have to go it alone I would look into Staffing ratios like how many nurses to one person or to multiple people to see if you would really have someone in the room with you at all times. I know where I was at it was one nurse to two labouring mamas and they would just be in there with whichever one was actively delivering.
And also you might get lucky and go to a hospital that has students and the student would be assigned to just you. Or a doula like they suggested.
Or maybe you can call the local college for the nursing program is and see if any of the girls want to volunteer it’s an idea

Go beast mode, mom! You don’t need no man.

I had my third child alone
Actually less stress. I dont regret it.

I was completely alone withy last born. Was supposed to have a Cesar the morning at 8 so my hubby then dropped me at hospital the night before. Went into labour at 7 that night. It was a public hospital, nurses not very friendly. They put me into a room at the back by myself. Laboured the whole night with no check ups. Only came in at 5 the next morning to check up on my and my son was born at 5:40am. Was not a nice experience. But good luck to you

Get a doula they are the best support system even better then family members at times

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Sorry you did not have a good
Man in your life to help you
Hope you good luck

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My first was alone. Dr was a dick. Make sure u speak up and ask for head nurse or supervisors. Keep phone by u at all timessss to record if needed

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I went through my last labor alone. It was way better than expected. Nurses and doctors checked on me way more

Get a doula or a midwife.


I just helped a good friend give birth alone at the hospital. She wasn’t with the father, they split up. Everything was just fine! She had her support (myself and my friend) to help with the labor and her 2 children since she wanted them present. Nurses asked about the father for paperwork and that was it. The birth was beautiful, you don’t need a man there, especially if he doesn’t want to be. Wherever OP is located if she’s in PA I volunteer to help for the birth. :laughing:

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I went through labor alone and wouldn‘t change anything. This can be so magical, it‘s just you and your baby doing it together. You can perfectly concentrate on breathing and feel so close to your little one because it‘s just the two of you, great for bonding​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you will be so proud afterwards mama, you can do this​:muscle:t2::two_hearts: you and your baby know what to do and delivery nurses are happy to help you through this​:relaxed: good luck to you!

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And they were super helpful and emotionally supportive

No ! No pt should be at ANY hospital alone! XO

You can do this alone and if you have a friend that you want in there go for it

If anything the nurses will be even MORE supportive!


When I had my children- many years ago - dads weren’t allowed in the delivery room. So yes you can do it. Nurses will help.

Look into hiring a labor Doula so you have support.

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Went through mine alone & it was very calm & quiet. & went way better than expected. I would do it again if I had another baby.

Make sure your doctor knows you will be alone, they will have options for you such as a doula or help you decide if you have friend who would be appropriate for this (I’ve been the friend).
Most nurses are supportive, but some are awful, I had one with my son. Tell them you are alone and that you need some extra support.
Good luck

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I would ask a really close friend… :woman_shrugging:


When I had all my kids no one could go in

Don’t give up sn stay strong breath deeply each an every time

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I gave birth alone. It wasn’t the best BUT my nurses were amazing. In fact they all cycled through to help & support. Even had a nurse sit with me all night long the first night just because I needed the help.
I had a c-section so during the 1st hour after surgery it was even more supportive.

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You’ll be fine lot’s of women at the hospital I used to work at (housekeeping) gave birth ALONE most of the time it was really young women at that the nurses are extremely helpful and will give you a little extra care. My first time I was only 18 but my whole family was in the room. The 2nd time it was just the dad and I and it was still fine.

I would have ur best friend be there for you?

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I went through my 2nd alone. My husband was getting changed to be by my side, but he wasn’t fast enough. They were wheeling me out of delivery when he caught up with me. Fast delivery. But I was ok alone.

so sad…I mean for the sake of his son why doesn’t he just go in the room to see his son be born…is it that bad jeez

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I had both of my children alone. The nurses was very supportive. I had no worries. You’ll do fine.

The nurses are incredible. Relay to them you are alone and don’t want to be and they will have your back… but maybe find a best friend? I can’t imagine as the father not wanting to be there for my kids birth

I had my 6th child all by myself! I drove myself there, gave birth by myself, and drove us both home (against the wishes of the staff of course :joy:)
It was one of the most empowering moments of my life! The staff was very supportive of me and helped me through…not to mention it was so damn peaceful without my EX there! You got this mamma!!

I went through most of my labour alone until my freind could get to me (she was also pregnant and I was in labour at night so sent her home to rest) it’s surprisingly calm and peaceful alone the nurses were amazing bar one who had a stick up her ass due to my situation at the time

I hope you have midwives. Maybe try and see if you can deliver at home or in a birthing center where your family can be present and available to attend.

My experience as my husband had to be with our 18month old and my older 3 up until I pushed our 2nd child (my 5th) I did it all with the support of the nurses. They were very good and I mostly loved I at least had technology to keep me occupied and I tried to sleep as much as possible.

You could ask for a doula to be with you during labour for support

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No peoblem. I had two of my 4 children alone. The Army sent my husband to Germany just before my first child was born. All went well.

You are so brave. Try asking a close friend. And yes the nurses are super supportive. Good luck

You could do you got this girl :muscle: and he is an ass karma will get him I had 7 alone also

You’ll be fine I had my last 2 alone, honestly you don’t realise how useless having someone there is until you do it alone, you can rest and have one on one with your baby without being honoured honestly it’s fine I had 1 natural and 1 section alone, and my first born his father was present

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2bh wen u have bin thro it already wen u got 2 full swing did I even care who was there I no I didn’t ha ha I had my 3 girls alone and then my 3 boys with my partner there n no different trust me no different at all x

I would say bring the kids. So someone can be there with you too. But yes I’m sure a nurse would try to be supportive if need be

Look into finding a doula to be with you. Many hospitals have doulas that even volunteer so you may not even technically have to hire one

My sister drove herself to the hospital and was there alone the whole time. She was in another state and didnt want to bother her in laws, and her husband was a truck driver and out of town. She went on to have 2 more and others were there with her those times, she said it was better alone!!

A nurse will/ or should be supportive. I had my mom there, but I bit her head off cause she was annoying the crap out of me.
The nurse held my hand through my whole process (I had an emergency c)
She even came back when I was being discharged

I did this …It can be done…The hospital I was in seemed to understand and actually gave me a room mate who was alone too…her hubby was in the Army and away.The nurses are usually always super nice…Now a days you get to go home pretty soon after giving birth … It is sad that your marriage is ending and that your husband isn’t there for you…But you can do it. Be strong for those beautiful babies…

Honestly most of the nurses in delivery are more helpful and kind than you think. I’m sorry that you will be alone if you have a friend or a cousin or a neighbor a co worker or anyone that you can ask Then i am sure it would make you feel better to share this experience with someone but, if you don’t then just Remember that it isn’t any less Special and your not any less important. It just happens that way sometimes there are a lot of women whom birth their children alone … and they will have a nurse stay with you just don’t be afraid to ask . Good luck with the birth of your precious baby boy.


When my first child was born…43 yrs ago, NO ONE was allowed in the delivery room!

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Most nurses are greatly supportive.

Im going to be going through my labor alone im 33 weeks with twins… Women are incredible strong creatures you got this mamma… Your going to be ur biggest support system… Stay strong :heart::heart:

You will be fine! I went through 2 births alone and the hospital staff were amazing! Just breathe mama! You will be fine! :heart:

Get your bestie to go with you.

if you can do it at a birth center do it. they are amazing at supporting you helping you get through it. YOU ARE STRONG! YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU GOT THIS

When I gave birth alone I had nobody. It will honestly broke my heart. My nurses unfortunately weren’t supportive, I was in so much pain so I pushed the call button it took them almost a hour to come ( literally the only time I pushed the button, the whole time being there) when they came in I was crying and hyperventilating. I had nobody to hold my hand and they kept saying I would need a csection. So I suggest trying to find a midwife if you can afford it or if your insurance will cover it

I delivered my youngest baby alone

Not the same but I delivered my own baby alone with no one husband was away working and midwives didnt make it on time and I swear it was the most amazing experience of my life so calm and quiet its ama,ing what you can do when you have to :slight_smile:

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Nurses are usually great. Don’t stress.:two_hearts:

Midwives are amazing!

I dont understand, can not ONE family member accompany you to the hospital? Surely it doesnt take the entire family to care for your other 2 children while you are delivering a baby…I cant believe not a single family member is not FORXING you to bring them! Lol. If the family thing is a definite no go, do you have a friend who could be with you? I just cant imagine having to go completely alone. If that does happen though, I’m sure the nurses and support staff will be extra supportive and caring for you. No matter what though, you can do it and you will be fine! Good luck to you. Oh and screw your husband. My husband was horrible to me the moment he found out I was pregnant. Eventually he totally disappeared when I was 5 months pregnant. He is a narcissist so…there ya go lol. But I was fine without him. Much better without him actually. Anywho, good luck mama.

I’m in Kentucky, idk where you are, but if you need a friend(if anywhere close) I will come!
Nurses are great and they are usually very supportive.
Good luck momma.


I’m in Michigan… I’ll come with you!


Hes just gonna be in the way
Dont feel that ur making a mistake
I think u r making the right decision
Nurses r very helpful
Enjoy this special time with ur baby

go to your baby birth classes

You will be okay I did it alone with my 2nd child all night with just the help from hospitals they were nice

How about a friend? Or sister? Gotta be close to someone…I’ve been there for friends…kinda a cool thing to share…


I’m in New Jersey. I’d come with you! :heart: you got this ! I don’t have kids yet but work with infants and have nieces and nephews. :slightly_smiling_face: or if I’m nearby I’ll come watch the other kiddos!

Sad he doesn’t want to be there for the birth of his son. You are strong and you got this. If you want you could invite a close friend or relative to be in the delivery if you want. The nurses should be understanding and compassionate about your needs and situation. I work at a hospital and we treat everyone the best we can and don’t pass judgement. Have faith and everything will work out as God plans. Congratulations on your upcoming birth. I have three beautiful girls and always wanted a son but God gives you what He gives you. Blessings.

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that’s awesome Theresa Wilson
my 2nd child my sister went with me. Natural birth was pretty good take round shampoo bottle fill with warm water roll on your back I used once.
this baby may come fast for you!