Advice on the baby blues?

I just delivered via c section about a week ago to my beautiful baby girl however I’ve been having a little bit of the baby blues. This comes and goes and mostly affects me in the morning and night time. Any advise on how long this may last and how you handled it ?


Talk to your Obygn about antidepressants

Talk to primary or obgyn. Meds would be helpful and may not be needed lomg term

Perfectly normal. I went through this with my own years back, major hormone shifts!! Congrats to you and the little bundle!!

Find a schedule and get yourself on it and be loyal to it. Have Girls Night Out and Date Night once or twice a month. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Find a Support Group of other Mothers. If you need more help, ask your Doctor. They are only Babies for a short time, ENJOY IT!:blush:


Can’t breast feed if you decide to take antidepressants but those are worse I believe, talk to someone, get some help around the house, maybe ask your doctor about St. John’s vitamins, they work and they are natural

Everyone is different, I experienced this and it went away on its on the next week or so.

Make sure u tell ur Doctors.u might need some medication for a short time only until u feel better,less sad

It is completely normal the thing would be they never leave then you should be concerned. I had 3 babies and never suffered postpartum til my 3rd. I say get help I dont think antidepressants are an answer. I struggled with mine for 6 months to 9 months and it was rough but I did it with out meds. Get outside breath in fresh air go for a slow stroll wrap that baby up and move a little and your endorphins will stir up and every time you do a little it will get better. Self health you dont need meds you need to take small amounts of time for you that maje you feel lifted and nap.

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Scary how quick many are to point to meds. Those antidepressants have some pretty bad side effects. Try natural remedies first.


Just find someone to confined in like a good mommy friend…or join a whatsapp group with moms

I had the baby Blues. And DON’T automatically jump to meds. I had them and they shall pass. Talk to your partner, family or whomever your close with it helps.

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Also give it to god tell god you can’t fight this battle alone he will have to fight it for you just pray and trust god


PPD is real.
You can breastfeed and take meds too.
Being on meds for it is OK.
If your losing the battle with PPD and its changing your life get help and be confident its for the best.


It’s a combination of the surgery the expectations of how your meant to feel tiredness and overwhelming responsibility 24/7 . It does eventually get better especially when baby sleeps longer at night you get used to her different cries and routine…and lots of support for you

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You probably are tired, and stressed… I remember i was completely sleep deprived at the beginning… Sleep when baby sleeps, get a break, and if it gets worse then talk with your doctor…

I had it also with my C section . I kept my self busy and rested and had myself in adult time meaning conversations etc. a few weeks later I was in a better place and didn’t need any meds if it went longer they were going to give them. Once I opened up to the doctor about what I was feeling he was very good with giving me ways to handle it. Also that I wasn’t alone.

Medication should be a last resort. I had some postpartum going on when I had my youngest. I didn’t feel sad, per se, but I didn’t connect with him at first. I was almost kind of indifferent to him. I didn’t have a severe case, and I didn’t even realize it was PPD until later. What I did (unknowingly) to get through it was just continue to spend as much time with him as I could. I held him at any available moment (skin to skin), breastfed on demand, and just kept doing that until I fell in love with him. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but it did for me. Breastfeed as much as possible. When you breastfeed, your body releases oxytocin which helps you feel better and intensifies your “love” feelings. It is present during labor, which helps you bond to your baby upon birth (I had a short labor and delivery with my youngest, so I wasn’t as exposed to the oxytocin as I was with my first). Breastfeeding helps strengthen that bond, chemically. Also, the feeling of your baby’s skin on yours helps too. If you chose not to breastfeed, then at least try to get that skin on skin contact during and after the feedings. Put your baby skin to skin on your bare chest and just hold them as much as you can.
If it doesn’t get better with time, then there’s no shame in asking for help. And if you need to seek professional help, ask them about any non-medicinal alternatives if you prefer to continue to breastfeed. Also lean on your close family and friends as much as possible. It’s a rough road, but you’ll get through it. I wish you and your family all the best. :heart:

I read a medical journal about diet rich in veggies and fruits, leans meats that counter acts that. Diets high in red meats, carbs and sweets makes people more susceptible to blues, depression. Worth a try. But mainly after having a baby your hormones are all out of whack til your body catches up. Exercise helps a lot with it too by releasing endorphins in the brain.

U need to speak with your obstetrician about post.partum depression if u are breastfeeding it’s not a good idea seek medical advice.before taking anything having a quite an adjustment your sleep is off your recovering from a c section and a baby is demanding.alot going.on songo.see.your.doc best.advice

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Your hormones are still regulating. Give it 2 weeks and if you’re still not feeling back to normal talk to your doctor.

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Stay going once you feel physically able. Don’t over do it though. I’d walk the mall daily to get out and see life lol.

The best thing for me was getting into a routine. It’s hard to when they’re that little but I did it with house work…


For some people “baby blues” or post partum depression last a few weeks/months until a routine is established. For other people it can last for a year or more. There’s no set amount of time before it goes away. If by your 6 week check up you are still feeling some type of way, talk to your doctor about it at that appointment and they can direct you to the correct type of doctor or therapist to see.

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High five sister u done an amazing job ive been you but you know what it gets easier hormones are flying around d the place ATM!! Give it 6 weeks and if you don’t feel better go see a therapist babe nothing to be a ashamed of or worried about xx

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Your hormones are still out of whack and can take some time to settle. With my son it took about a month but didn’t really experience them with my daughter

Mine lasted 2 months. It gets better. Keep trying to walk and drink lots of water. Also talking to someone helps too. Pm me anytime if you need to.

I noticed it was still very prominent while still bleeding post baby bump.

If it extends past 2 months I would go talk to ob

Meanwhile u can take st John’s wort
Vitamin D and that’s natural way of uplifting mood

Hormones are cruel. Once they level out things get better. If things get too bad talk to a medical professional ! Post Partum is real

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Proud of you for seeking advice. Some people dont open up about these things. It gets ao much easier, give it a little while for everything to go back normal. If you still feel this way after a few weeks definitely talk to your doctor. They will be able to help you alot. You are doing great mama. Good job!! :heart::heart:

you’re doing an amazing job! the first step in baby blues is admitting it. talking with other mom friends helps a lot. skin to skin helps a lot too. i’m always here if you need to talk :orange_heart:

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It’s diff for everyone but ur hormones are still out of Wack rn. Try a routine it gets easier. Always talk to someone to keep urself sane.:heart:

Make sure to rest when the baby rest …

Rest when baby rest, sleep when baby sleeps. Housework can wait. I had ppd with my son and the thing that triggered it was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Once you settle into a routine, it may get better. If not, definitely talk to your doctor. I know the feeling and its the worst.

Talk about it. To any one. Your mom, your husband, a friend, a hairdresser. Just talk about what your thinking and feeling.

The best advice i was given is to talk to your OBGYN, they’ve been trained to help you through this time so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Therapist and or medication

Baby blues last about 2 weeks.

Two weeks. Anything longer, I would talk to your doctor about PPD.

Make sure you keep an honest communication with your partner, your doctor & a close friend. Sometimes it affects women before the baby is born & i speak from experience. I never felt attached or that mom spark with my first & my current pregnancy. With my daughter, some days i didn’t feel a bond with her at all. I have been talking to my partner & my doctor so this doesn’t go unchecked

Study shows women who have c sections are more likely to experience postpartum depression… Talk to your doctor about it and your support system.

I went from crying to rage of anger and I’m so thankful I had a wonderful support system that took care of my son so I could take care of myself. Much luck and welcome to motherhood

Hard to say how long it lasts, it’s different for everyone. Some women it’s a week, others it takes upwards of a year. Ob offices will sometimes screen for ppd at 6 week check, and strangely for me they checked on me at my daughter’s pediatrician appointments. If you notice it hasn’t gotten better in a few months, or you’re worried about yourself or baby in any way, dont be afraid to check out therapy/ mom groups.

Don’t push yourself too hard. Ask other people for help - the baby’s father, your friends, your mom, etc and don’t be afraid to take help. It really helps if someone else can grocery shop, clean up a bit, or cook some meals for you.

Sleeeeeeeep. I had the worst baby blues and felt so awful for a month or two post partum. My Dr. Said it sounded a lot like sleep deprivation. I pumped enough and started supplementing with formula and let my husband get up with him once in awhile. Made a HUGE difference. I was a new mom!

And of course, talk to your Dr.

I would definitely talk to your OB. I noticed I would feel down immediately after my daughter finished nursing. It went away after a few months but looking back I wish I would have said something to my OB because I suffered when I didn’t have to.

Rest. Take 10 minutes to yourself. And please speak to your doctor :blue_heart: you got this mama. It DOES get better

Normally lasts 2 weeks, anything longer talk to your doctor honey, all is completely normal and very common x

Keep telling yourself, In a year, she’ll be a year old. Be kind to yourself, and look for progress. If things get worse rather than better, find a good therapist. I would avoid bringing it up to your medical doctor. Therapists can be a lot more vague about what they put in their reports, which will benefit you later on.

You don’t need a therapist for baby blues. Behave she jsut has a baby hormones are rushing anywhere and everywhere

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