AITA for declining being part of my friends wedding because her fiance is a creep?

My friend and I have been great friends for at least 15 years. She is dating a man that has always given me the creeps (I’ve caught him secretly taking pictures of (me and other friends when hanging out, he is always “accidentally” walking in on women using the bathroom) and used to constantly be in my DMs - which I always told her about. Awhile back, he caught her talking to an ex online and what not - so he sent me unsolicited eggplant pics to get back at her. I’m in a relationship so this obviously caused some issues in my friendship. We haven’t hung out or seen eachother since, we keep in touch via text and social media, which is fine. However, now my friend is engaged to this man and wants me to be a bridesmaid. Would I be the asshole for declining not only the bridesmaid request but also a wedding invite? I’m happy that my friend is happy, I just don’t like her creepy fiancé.