Am I able to get a passport for my son without fathers consent?

I wish to get passports for myself and my son. I’m close to completing nursing school, and I want to mark the occasion by bringing my son to a destination that is incredible where we can begin to make travel experiences together. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I have not spoken to the father of my child in almost five years. My son, age 5, has never met him. He’s never exerted any effort to meet our son, whatsoever. After we discovered I was pregnant, he began cheating on me and became absuive. I can guarantee that if he found out I was prospering, particularly if it were above his own means, he would attempt to sabotage me via our son. It was exhausting to deal with how much effort he put into keeping me below him. My son’s father was not initially included on the birth certificate since he refused to attend the delivery. But, when I applied for child support after I was unable to acquire aid by asking him, I think they added him on the birth certificate thereafter. Therefore, my question is: Has anybody acquired a passport for their child using the first birth certificate without the father’s name? My kid’s father could not identify his son in a crowd. Early in my son’s life I sought to include my sons father into our sons life, he never acknowledged my calls. Certainly never called me. He told me to “f-off” when I called to inform him that our infant had been hospitalized due to a serious allergic reaction. That was the final time I attempted to make contact. It would not be fair to my son and myself if I asked him to fill out a form and he just said no. Or worst-case scenario, possibly have him decide he is bored or curious about his kid and meddle with our life. He has no regard for anybody other than himself. To him, our son would be a game. I don’t want that door open. I have struggled incredibly hard to achieve this goal for my son and myself. Since my son’s father and I separated, I have not talked to a man. I’ve worked, gone to school, and cared for my son. I have had no aid outside childcare. I’m very content with things as they are now and have no need for drama. I cherish my life just as it is. I simply wish to take my son to beautiful locations without inadvertently placing us in a position to be mistreated. I have seen situations in which one parent relishes using the kid to harm the other parent, and I am familiar with my ex’s personality. I do not want this for my son. If I cannot get my son’s passport without contacting his father, I would rather just show him about the United States until he is 18. I truly wish to begin our adventures without limitations. Any kind suggestion is appreciated.


Legally you have to get his consent if he’s on the passport. I wasn’t able to renew my sons passport because his father is in Mexico but he’s on the birth certificate and they need both parents present with their IDS.

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Talk to a family lawyer. You should be able to file abandonment but a lawyer will be able to help. I know it is a cost, but totally worth it. Good luck. You sound like a great momma.


Not sure where you live. In California they have a form that you can fill out where you write dates of when you last had contact with him or attempted contact with him. You fill that out with the passport application and you should be able to get it approved.


When my mom and “step” dad got mine, my biological father wasn’t present, however, legally they did have to get a paper signed by him saying he didn’t care if they took me out of the country. Do you have a court order showing you’ve got sole custody

I think some countries require a notarized letter giving permission for the parent to take the child out of the country. It’s been awhile since I’ve dealt with that. So it might have changed

If you have full custody granted by the court it’s not a problem.


I didn’t have to get permission because I have full legal custody. I just had to bring in the court papers that stated that. Simple. If you were awarded full custody you should be good to go

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Before anything, I would verify if he is or is not on the birth certificate. He would have had to have voluntarily signed an affidavit of parentage to be added to the birth certificate. I couldn’t imagine him willingly doing that if he wants nothing to do with the child. If he is on the birth certificate, then he would need to be present to get the child a passport. If he isn’t on there then you shouldn’t be able to get him a passport on your own.

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Not sure for other states but in Florida if the father is not on the birth certificate you can. Even if he is on the birth certificate you still as long as you can prove that you’ve tried to contact him, I was able to get one for mine without her dad’s approval but it was for a shorter time than regular passport.

I know in some states you can file for abandonment. I believe the time period is 5 years no contact. Maybe go that route? I’d call a family lawyer.


My son is 22. When he was about 2-3 (after 9-22-2001) we tried to take him to Canada. I had his bc, no father listed, SS card & vaccination record. They wouldn’t let us cross without paternal consent. I tried to explain he didn’t have a legal father. They wouldn’t let us go. My guess is no you wouldn’t be allowed to get a passport. I can be wrong since things change. I’d call the passport office.

If you have sole custody/ does he pay child support? Consult with a lawyer… best to have the law on your side!

You’ll have to get him to sign papers unless you have full custody

First figure out if he’s on the bc. If not, it’s going to be easier

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I would ask the post office what you could do? Because both parents have to be there

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Have u ever even requested a new copy of his birth certificate to see if it’s on there???or just assumed?? To be honest…Consult with a family lawyer.


You’re asking all these questions and have all these perfect legitimate, answers as to why your sons father hasn’t been in your sons life. I’ve been there! YOU have SOLE CUSTODY of YOUR SON! The father doesn’t acknowledge that the child even exists. Why ask him (the father) anything?! Get that passport and be on your way! Make memories, and lots of them!


He has to agree to the passport

If you have a birth certificate without him on it you can use that.

I’m California BOTH parents need to sign, doesn’t matter if one is absent and the other has sole legal and physical custody

Your his mum it’s your problem not his get a passport and go on holiday

Just because DNA is done and somebody is proved to be the father, doesn’t mean they are added to birth certificate, that has to be requested and applied for from the father, if he didn’t request it , they probably didn’t add him , you would have got a new copy , with father’s name in my.

If you have full custody you can get him a passport without the father

You would need to have sole legal and physical custody to be able to apply for the passport and leave the country without the donors consent.

I got one for my daughter without father’s consent I am in ohio she was 15 at the time

You need a lawyer not FB unfortunately. None of us truly know your legal situation and us telling you anything could be problematic. My guess is that you’ll need to adjust your expectations of out of the country travel until you’ve legally taken care of things.

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I didn’t have to get permission I just had to sign paperwork stating he wasn’t involved

I personally did this with my daughter. I had a copy of a birth certificate with only me listed as the parent and was able to get it with no issues