Am I being dramatic for thinking my SO should help with baby at night?

I need to know what you guys think of this. So my baby is almost 10 months, and I’ve been the one getting up with him in the night and in the morning everyday since he was born. When the baby was a newborn their dad got up with them to change diapers but that was only occasionally, because he didn’t wanna get up when he worked in the morning (which we agreed on, he worked 14 hour shifts + commute time of 1 hour 20 min, had to leave the house at 6am and then didn’t get home til like 9pm the same night,but now he has a different job) So now the baby is going through a regression of progression idk, but this kid will wake up at 5am, sometimes 2am or 3am, and they’re up for a full wake window. Wanting to party but constantly fussing because they’re so tired, so getting up with them all throughout the night for feeds (they still feed probably 3-4 times depending on the night) plus just when they just need reassurance and support back to sleep, and then also getting up with them at 2,3,4,&5am, and then getting up with them for the day……I’m absolutely exhausted. I wasn’t even this tired during the newborn phase. I was still riding that high from the excitement of the whole thing :joy: but now I seriously think I’m going crazy with how sleep deprived I am. So I asked their father if he could get up with them once, and he always just tries to keep him in our bed so he can sleep. Which is super annoying because if I hear the baby I can’t sleep, so if you’re going to help me out you need to take the baby out of our room and do something else otherwise I might as well just get up with them. I get frustrated in the middle of the night about it and we end up usually bickering because we’re both tired. But I’ve talked to him about it in the day time once everything has settled, and he hasn’t actually said he disagrees with getting up with him, but he’s giving me attitude about it all. And anytime the baby wakes up snd has to get up he pretends he doesn’t know what’s going on, and it’s literally like pulling teeth to get him to get up and help me out. I know I’m the baby’s main caretaker because I chose to stay home while he works, but in my opinion we did this together, and I’m sick of being the only one losing sleep. He has a job with less hours now, and continues to get free time. While I’m a mom 24/7 and have had probably 5 hours total of doing something I choose to do since our baby was born. Do you think I’m being dramatic and asking too much for asking him to get up with him ? Not even every night just to take some of the load off.