Am I being overly sensitive?

Hello, my ex-husband and I claimed bankruptcy last year, and we own a house together. This property was turned over to the bank, and the bank listed this a couple of months ago. I don’t live in that area now, but some of my friends saw the ad, I think, and messaged me on Facebook asking if we still own the property or it’s been turned over to the bank. I know it’s a simple matter, but I feel it’s a too invasive and personal question to ask. Or am I just being too sensitive? How am I going to respond? Thank you all!


Could you tell them you sold it privately and the new owners are selling it?

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Tell them the truth, you opted to turn the house to the bank and know nothing about the sale. You are far from the only person who was affected badly by the downturn.


No advise but that sucks. I filed bankruptcy last year and was able to keep both my house and my car. Maybe it’s bc only I did and my husband didn’t and he’s also on both the house and car. I’m sorry.

I think your being too senstive, you arr willing to tell complete strangers what is going on, but not well intending friends…


Just don’t respond. It’s really no one’s business besides yours and your ex’s.


It sucks for sure! Tell them the truth- you have nothing to do with the house anymore! Which is true!


It’s none of their business!


Just tell them that part of your court agreement with your ex-husband was selling it


Why do you have to respond?!


Respond with, “Why do you ask”? The best reply to any nosey, rude question. NO OTHER WORDS, Just “Why do you ask”? Which leaves them looking like the rude person they are. Also, I am sorry you are going through this. If they saw it in the paper, they already know. It is none of their business period.


Nah your being sensitive.
If its advertised people will see it.
The title for the advertisment is probably like



If it’s not someone that is in my daily circle I wouldn’t bother to respond it’s just people being nibshits


Personally, I wouldn’t give individuals my personal business info. But to each their own.


No ones business. Period.


No you’re not, I find these days especially after having my first child that people are extremely invasive and think they have a right to know anything as long as they ask nicely. Truth is they have no right to such personal information whether or not you’re willing to share. My response would be: “ that’s a very personal question I’m not comfortable answering, but I’m ok & thank you for your concern.” If that response offends them oh well, they offended you first by asking the question in the first place & making you uncomfortable.


I personally don’t feel like you should feel the need to respond at all, but if you feel obligated to do so I’d simply say the sale is just part of the divorce.


Its a question answer it

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It’s no one’s business so I would say don’t respond. It stinks because it will advertised so they will know it’s up for sale but you don’t have to answer.


People don’t mind their own at all anymore… those who matter or you want to vent about the matter know and thats all that needs to know…


Too sensitive. You went through a divorce and on hard times. It happens :heart: good friends won’t gossip after finding out


Easy …don’t answer them they are being nosey

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Its a legal matter and you choose not to discuss it. They are just being nosey they already know the answer.

Just tell them that you two split and decided to divide assets so you had to sell and it’s in probate.

It’s a sensitive subject for you which is why the question seems invasive. All you need to say is when we got a divorce we had some financial difficulties.

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Im just gonna guess and say these “friends” are not in your inner circle…so you can either respond because they are your “friends” or just ignore the question and not respond.

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I wouldn’t even respond. It’s not their business. The house is up for sale, that’s all the info they need to know. Nosy bastards

Say nothing to them as its none of their business…


Most likely they’re asking questions about the home, to see if you still own it, as they might be interested in buying it and want to know about the home etc.

Just say you dont want to talk about it and change the subject That’s that. If they want to buy the house they will find out who owns it during closing. I’ve become a pretty candid person over the years and I wouldn’t bother me to awnser them. But M I can understand your feelings of wanting privacy.

It’s none of their business

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Your being sensitive you don’t even live in the area anymore who cares


Just be honest happens all the time…I went through it also just give them an honest answer and move on…get over what people think

You don’t need to respond at all. It’s none of their business. If you do respond, tell them nothing and turn the tables, ask them “why do you want/need to know?” If they actually answer that and still press you for an explanation, tell them you don’t want to discuss it.


None of their business

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You filed bankruptcy It’s a matter of public record

Are you ashamed of your getting a divorce?

You could just say you don’t own it anymore??? Because technically you don’t lol


Just tell them you no longer own it and to contact the number on the listing if they’re interested in buying.


If they were really close enough to need to know, they already would.


Just respond by saying that you are not comfortable discussing the subject at this time. Please dont ask. That should end any future conversation about your personal business.


I would just be like we turned it back over to the bank. Didn’t want it anymore…no biggie

I have walked in the same shoes as yourself. It’s absolutely heartbreaking thing to go through. Just say this I would really appreciate your support during this hard time and some privacy thank you. It can ruin a marriage and it nearly did but we have worked our way through it. Just say I need you please not to judge I need your support, a shoulder to cry on. Take me for a support latte or dinner

Sensitive or not it’s best to tell the truth and get it out in the open. Nothing to be ashamed of and no further explanation is needed.

The truth is always the best option… This happens to many good people… Dont feel ashamed and explain…

It’s not a matter of being sensitive. They can inquire if they choose to inquire. You don’t have to like it. Likewise, you don’t owe them an answer. You can simply ignore the question, or you can say you don’t own the home anymore. Don’t offer more information than that. If they inquire again, tell them you don’t have more information on it, and ask why they are so interested that they keep asking the same question over and over? It’s snippy, but they will have their answer, which is that you’re not interested in discussing it with them.

POINT!!! DONT RESPOND. its useless knowledge to anyone except you n him. You dont owe anyone an explanation.

If they were good friends they wouldn’t be asking.

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Tell the truth: it’s none of their business! That’s the truth!

I was told once the best way to answer questions that you feel are invasive is to ask them a question in return…the question is, "why do you ask " then the nosy person gets put in the hot seat…if they say they know someone is interested recommend them to call realtor

You’re nicer than me. I would respond “why would you ask that?” I think its simply rude of them to even ask.

Just be honest you are embarrassed stop being a baby

You don’t owe anyone an answer to a personal question. if they are friends they know you have moved houses and that’s all they need to know unless you choose to confide in them. Whatever the reason for not wishing to tell them weather it be embarrassment or still being upset that this has happened, none of that is anything you have to share if you don’t feel comfortable. Perhaps try turning the tables and asking an invasive (yet seemingly innocent) question in return, im sure they will quickly want to change the subject to something safer and less intrusive for everyone.