Am I Being Ungrateful?

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"Today is my birthday and my significant other sent me flowers. And I’m just like whatever. I’m not happy to have gotten them only because he sends the all the time, especially when we get into really bad fights just so he doesn’t have to say sorry. I just want him to change it up and surprise me. Am I being ungrateful?"

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"Yes, you are being ungrateful. If you’re expecting more, have a conversation with your significant other. They won’t magically know what you want or expect."

"Sometimes guys have no imagination…at all. Help him out by suggesting a different present. Guys need instructions."

"No, but you should communicate to him that you feel like he doesn’t put much thought or effort into his gifts. I would rather not get anything than flowers."

"Not everyone has the same love language… gift giving probably isn’t his. You’re supposed to love someone for who they are not what they give you. Be grateful you got anything."

"It’s not ungrateful he should put forth more effort in. Y’all settle for bare minimum from men and call it good"

"Kind of, just tell him what you want. They aren’t capable of mind-reading."

"It’s only the morning go have some breakfast"

"A little ungrateful. Maybe you just take it for granted. If he stopped I’m sure you would miss it. But maybe he needs you to tell him what you'd rather."

"Start telling him what you would like. Be specific. Otherwise, be happy with the flowers he got you."

"Next time a special event is coming up give him some ideas you’d like. I wouldn’t mention it now since the flowers have been sent and it would come off ungrateful."

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