Am I gaining too much weight?

Should I be worried about gaining 6 pounds in 12 days while being 25 weeks… and what are ways I can help control my weight better in a healthy way?


Yes. You need to be test for gestational diabetes.

Not necessarily a bad thing! I know some people who gain 60 plus pounds in their pregnancy and are healthy. Don’t over eat, eat healthy snacks and healthy fats. Lots of water and stay active and not just eat and be lazy (not saying you are)

Could just be water weight

CALL YOUR DOCTOR!!! Facebook is not a medical facility.


I believe it’s 30 weeks baby gains 4 lbs . I wouldn’t worry based off the timing .

I literally didn’t gain anything for the first twenty weeks of my pregnancy, then I gained 14lbs in one month. I only ended up gaining 25lbs total. Your doctor will monitor you, every pregnancy and body is different.

Depends I lost weight in my first trimester with normal nausea and not even much throwing up. I gained the most in my second trimester but only about 16 lbs total entire pregnancy.

I gained a lot during my pregnancy. Then after having him I dropped 20some pounds and it was all water weight.

I gained 100 pounds through my pregnancy. I didnt have GD or anything else, just bad self control lol. Theres not always a medical issue causing excessive weight gain. If your dr is worried they’ll run tests.

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I gained 60lbs with my first. I didn’t have morning sickness and ate bad lol I’m 20 weeks with my second and lost weight because of being so sick. Everyone is different! Your doctor will monitor your weight. Water weight and swelling can cause rapid weight gain too.

It could be fluid weight, if you too worried so your GP or midwife but I wouldn’t worry

Your obstetrician is the best one to ask

I gained 40 pounds throughout but you would never have guessed with looking at me.

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I gained 90 lbs my first pregnancy. Both baby and I were healthy. Talk to your doctor but try to stay with healthy foods.


I gained 103 lbs with my first pregnancy. I was healthy and so was the baby. I was worried about it but my doc wasn’t Because all of my tests were normal. Talk to your doc.

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I gained 25 lbs during two pregnancies and 26 with the 3rd

It depends of water weight and what ur start weight is. If ur overweight or obese if thats less offensive…docs expect very little weight gain. But ask ur doc.

If you are worried I would suggest just calling your doctor/midwife. Each pregnancy is different and it might help you worry less if you ask.

6lbs in 12 days is excessive. See you OBGYN. You may be diabetic or having blood pressure issues.

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I gained 50 lbs throughout my pregnancy.

If your worried I would talk to your OB but in my first I gained almost 100 pounds and I’m currently 18 weeks and have gained about 20 so far but I’m also high risk so I’m monitored weekly, everyone’s pregnancy is different so we are all going to gain a different amount of weight.

I wish I could gain weight! I’m 27 weeks and I haven’t gained any weight so far and this is my first pregnancy

Uh you’re fine. Do not dread about gaining weight while pregnant. If there’s a valid concern your doctor will tell you

I gained 38lbs with my first and almost 50lbs with my second

Try to eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, and go out on walks…

6 pounds in 12 days is 2 pounds a day your weight can fluctuate 5 to 10 pounds periodically also is this 6 pounds clothed or unclothed? What time of day is your weight being done? Have you pooped? There are a lot of variables here especially during a pregnancy. If you are worried talk to your doctor however if your tests and ultrasounds are normal just focus in a healthy diet and proper workout routine that is appropriate and approved by the doctor and you should be fine

I gained different weights for all 4. My second oldest was the biggest i ever was (he was 10lbs) but i was told i was okay even though i looked like i was having triplets. My first child i personally only gained 15lbs and most was water weight.

I went from 170 to 250 each pregnancy and lost it within a year after having them. I wouldn’t worry about it honestly
Your doctor will tell you

Don’t worry about the weight, but try and eat food that is not so fattening, and do some regular exercise, even if it’s only a walk every day. Ive had five, your body at the moment has a little one inside whose cells are reproducing super fast, some of the weight will be baby weight, also your own body is adjusting to care for that little one, and yourself as well.

I gained about 8.5lbs in 2 weeks :sweat_smile: currently 29 weeks. Doctor didn’t say it was bad but I also haven’t been gaining much during this pregnancy.

My weight fluctuated dramatically in my second. I gained a bit in the first 10 weeks (v bad morning sickness too), then suddenly around 16w, over the space of 2 weeks I dropped 6kg before the incline again for the rest :woman_shrugging:

My first seemed to really add the weight on in spouts. As long as baby is ok I wouldn’t worry.

Every pregnancy is different like every baby is different :revolving_hearts:

Yea I think it’s ur salt intake I was gaining like 5 pounds a week until I finally stopped using so much salt

Sounds like water weight to me! If you push on your ankles and feet are they swollen? Try cutting your down your salt intake and increasing your water! It could also be gestational diabetes. I can’t remember when they make you drink that stuff!

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You’re eating for two and have water weight the baby gains most weight in the last weeks. Don’t pay attention to the scale feed your baby the weight is temporary.

I went from 130 to 180 during my Pregnancy. At first I wasn’t gaining any weight due to my Gestational Diabetes. Then I was put on Insulin/Steroids and that made me gain 50lbs. Every Woman’s body handles Pregnancy different. :woman_shrugging:t5:

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Tbh I never worried about weight during pregnancy. I have 5 babies and gained anywhere from 18lbs-80lbs. :woman_shrugging:

1 pound a week is the average but I have only gained 12lbs so far and I’m 37 weeks pregnant. Everyone is different. I would talk to your OB and see what they say/recommend.


I wouldn’t necessarily worry, but if your snacking alot I would eats lots of fruits and veggies. Watch your salt intake too.

It really depends on your pregnancy with both of my girls I ended up getting the 35lb but then with my son I only gain 10

I had one month with my first that I gained 6 pounds but it tapered off after that and in the end I gained 28lbs total

Shut the fuck up…you are NOT eating for 2…you eat for 1 the rest are excuses. No shame do you

Ask your doctor this. If they aren’t worried you shouldn’t be.

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Keto by Maria Emmerich, you can search her on FB.

Just try to eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits and don’t drink a lot of pop

No you can lose weight after the baby is born

Gaining weight is apart of pregnancy. You’re growing another person.

Currently 25 weeks and my last appointment about a month ago I gained 6 lbs within the month prior. My Dr didn’t say much. It’s okay to gain some weight while pregnant if that’s what you’re asking. If it’s concern for sure bring it up at your next appt


Sometimes, a significant weight gain during pregnancy can be an indicator of gestational diabetes… it is triggered by hormones and can be diagnosed by a test through your doctor. Its a good idea to speak to a professional if you are concerned : )

Walk every day for at least a mile if u do that you won’t have a hard delivery I know that’s what I did n my delivery was good

I gained 60+lbs with both of my babies but if you’re worried about gaining so much so fast definitely don’t hesitate to call your nurse line if you feel like it’s caused by something other than pregnancy cravings. I know all my weight was because I eat a ton when pregnant but I work hard after I had them to loose it so I don’t worry about it when I’m pregnant

Ok so have you gained much weight through your pregnancy or is this the first 6 pounds. 12 days does seem a little fast. If you are swollen then it’s water weight. Which can be caused by hormone change, salt intake, water intake, blood pressure and so on.
I know where I am doctors have afterhour lines or maybe your waiting for an appointment. Some other things could be maybe you ate a heavy meal right before weight was checked. Throughout the day our body weight changes based off food and water intake, bowel movements and if you’ve peed recently.
With that being said other things that are a bit more serious is gestational diabetes. This may cause rapid weight gain for you and the baby. If you are concerned ask your doctor but I know it is common to gain weight along with lose weight through pregnancy. I hope everything is well and you just caved to too many cravings this week.
Healthy ways to monitor is eat veggies and fruits when wanting to snack a lot. Healthy carbs are always good and I would recommend eating smaller portions 5 times a day if you are super concerned and walking. I wouldn’t diet and if you aren’t used to a workout don’t workout. But you are pregnant and some weight gain is completely normal. And everyone gains and losses weight differently. And only a doctor would be able to fully confirm if you should be worried. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sure you are beautiful regardless and try not to be too hard on yourself. Your body is growing your precious baby right now. :heart:


Cut out sweets and carbs. I lost 9 lbs while pregnant when the doctor told me i had to cut out those items. My mom gained a ton of weight with my brother but out was all water weight. She lost 40lbs in the 4 days after he was born.

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It could be water weight. Watch your blood pressure.

I’m 30 weeks 3 days and I’ve gained 6 lbs my entire pregnancy. I did hear that you gain the most in your 3rd tri

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Could be water retention, could be salt, could just be your gaining a lot of weight. My aunt put on a lot of weight and was told to actually watch her diet because for whatever reason her pregnancy was just causing her to gain weight.

Talk to your doctor. It seems a lot to me, but I never got hungry (preterm labor med) & gained o 13 pounds total.

That sounds more like fluid than weight gain. Get yo BP checked and watch your extremities for swelling


In weeks 25-35 you’re supposed to gain 1/2 pound a week if you didn’t start overweight. In the last 5 weeks you’re supposed to put on a pound a week. I’m not saying force it, if your baby is growing at a typical rate it will happen on its own. If your baby doesn’t grow that fast that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong, as all babies are different. But do NOT slow your diet unless you just want to take junk out, and do NOT try to lose weight or restrict your calories. 2500-3000 a day is healthy for pregnancy and lactation. Also your body is creating extra blood to provide oxygen for baby, that weighs a lot. You retain water because of hormones and sodium intake and there’s a placenta that’s getting bigger and the amniotic fluid. SO MUCH STUFF! So don’t be worried if your doctor isn’t worried.

Nope I wouldn’t worry if your OBGYN isn’t worried. I gained 65 lbs with my first and have already gained about 20+ in my first 20 weeks with this pregnancy. Babies do kind of explode after a point in gestation

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Sounds like a question you should be asking your doctor


I gained 62 lbs with my daughter. She was 8 lbs 2 oz. 5 hours after birth they weighed me. I had lost 45 lbs of fluid.

I gained more than that faster than that lol you’re pregnant. It happens

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Um no you are pregnant . If worried go to doctor but you have a live growing inside you do not worry about how much weight you have gained .


I went from 135lbs to 213lbs with my 1st.
She was born healthy. 8lbs 10 1/2oz. 21 in long

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Walk, eat smaller meals, drink lots of water

My daughter is 34… I gained 20lbs total and the majority was at my 6mo weigh in

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Stop asking Facebook medical questions or concerns. Consult your Dr.


You may want to connect with your Dr for that question.

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Watch your sodium intake and lots of water

Watch for Pre-eclampsia


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I only gained 24# during my entire pregnancy. Gaining too much weight could make your delivery more difficult and then there’s the prospect of losing the baby weight later. Look to your doctor for guidance.

Yea I don’t understand it …but some months I gained nothing…and one month I gained 10 …and one month I gained 12 … I have no idea why

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Honestly I wouldn’t worry about what the scale says so much right now. At the end of the day weight gain is to be expected for both you and baby. Just try to eat healthy & exercise (even just a 30 minute walk). You can obsess over the scale after your baby is here :purple_heart:

That’s perfectly normal and you really can’t control you pregnancy weight.

Please throw the scale out the window…

Lots of greens vets and broiled skinless chicken and lots of water🌞

I’ve gained 15 pounds with all my pregnancies. The last month or so I end up losing weight somehow.amd the first four months I Los alot of weight also. But total gain is 15 for me

With my first pregnancy I gained 5lbs in a week I was 120lbs before getting pregnant gained 42lbs by the time I had her and lost all my weight in 3 weeks I was down to 98lbs until 3-4 months ago and now I’m pregnant again and I’m staying at 115 without meaning to. Your weight will fluctuate quite a bit through your pregnancy

I gained 50 lbs with both my pregnancies. On average I gained about 15 to 20 lbs my first trimester. My 2nd trimesrer my weight leveled out and I didn’t gain much but gained alot my 3rd but it was mostly baby and water. Just try to eat right and get active to maintain a healthy gain. But I wouldn’t stress too much your growing a life it’ll come off. I’m 3 weeks pp and only have about 15lbs remaining to get off

You need to gain weight your carrying a child.

Every one is different. You can be different even with each pregnancy. My first I gained fifty pounds. My next one I only gained twenty . My last three I gained fourteen. Dont stress about the weight just eat healthy. And remember if you dont supply what that baby needs it will leech it from you. Get plenty of calcium because they will take it from your teeth and bones if you dont. 6 pounds isnt bad at all at 25 weeks.

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Fresh fruit and veggies. Drink your water.

I’m 20 weeks and have lost 18 lbs :pensive:

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