Am I just being crazy or is something probably going on?!?!

I know relationships aren’t ALL about having sex/being intimate with your partner. But my boyfriend is making me question whether he’s sleeping with someone else, or if he’s just not interested in me. We’ve gone from having intercourse at least 2-3xs a week to nothing at all the past 3 weeks. It’s driving me insane. In the past I’ve caught him lying about women so my mind is constantly thinking the worst.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I just being crazy or is something probably going on?!?!

I agree, trust your gut. Is he doing other strange things , like suddenly working overtime or hanging with friends? He could also be suffering from depression

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You’re not crazy, that’s you woman intuition. Start digging and you will find what’s going on


Me and my partner have had sex twice in 2 year​:joy::joy::joy: we don’t have sex anymore, we use to have it pretty much every night to nothing ahahaha

If there’s no trust in the relationship then it’s time to leave cause once the trust is gone you will be questioning yourself and your partner over and over again and it’s not a healthy trait to have in a relationship

Everyone on here acts like men don’t get depressed too. When I get depressed I don’t want to do all that. My boyfriend is the same way about it when he gets down :woman_shrugging: aside from that if you don’t trust him then you’re wasting time with him.


Gotta keep it spicy. Sex becomes monotonous after years together. Sucks to hear it, I know. But truth hurts.

You have to confront him, ideally in person so you see his immediate reaction, go from there depending on how he responds. Call him out!

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Maybe ask him about it? And then go by his reaction.

Has he started any new meds? Is something at work bothering him? Is there something medical going on? Start here and then go on to infidelity queries.


Trust your gut for sure

Confront him & depending om how shady his answer is of how shady he acts after u confront him that’ll tell ya what u need 2 know action speakd louder than words

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I hate these types of questions. You should trust your intuition yeah, but ask yourself this too, have you ever just not felt like doing it? Like maybe not quite depressed but you just have other things going on and sex is farthest from your mind? Don’t throw your relationship away for three weeks of a dry spell. Be compassionate towards your partner. If it becomes an ongoing thing then go from there.

It’s time to move on … dont even ask or question it…

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Before assuming the worst and listening to all the strangers on fb suggesting you just bail on the relationship :roll_eyes: maybe try communicating with him? See if something is going on with him? Maybe the sex drive just isn’t there right now. Maybe he’s depressed. Maybe he’s stressed out. Talk to him about how you’re feeling, and ask how he’s doing.

Yeah, he’s up to no good.

Could it be depression,stress from work,medications he might be taking side effects,low testosterone?etc men go through things too but they were taught to suppress it as “men don’t cry” have a talk with him as communication is key,then take it from there


have you just sat down with him & talk & talk about this??


Ask him while he’s naked. If his balls shrivel up he’s lying. It the body’s response to a mans untruthfulness. It wants to protect the boys.

Is the the one always initiating or making the first move? Maybe he’s holding back to see if you will initiate it because he’s tired of always being the one doing it. If not, have you been initiating it and he is telling you no? I wouldn’t go right to cheating. I mean, how many of us women just aren’t in the mood because of work or stressed out or just feeling overloaded…Because we say no does that mean all of us are cheating on our partners??


Bait and switch needs an explaination, 5th gear shift down to 4th is a slowdown but 5th gear down to neutral is something else

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Talk to him in person about it. Tell him you’ve noticed ya’ll haven’t done anything and ask are you okay? Also, have you started and then him deny? Men have their off moments as well. Check on him.

Been there done that . Went as long as 2 months , I asked him every night , he would rather play his video game or call his ex at midnight to belittle me , and then play victim …. Only when je wanted I would get some . Now we’re broken up , and he’s trying to win me back , saying he was depressed blah blah . Yeah well depression has nothing to do with calling up your ex to talk about her crooked teeth getting fixed at midnight and when I ask who your talking with and find out it’s your ex , I get yelled at and belittled directly to her …. Go see your crooked toothed whale . Me I’m good :joy:


When u go hypersexual to nothing. … you already know the answer


Trust your gut. I didn’t and I went through years of hell


Trust your gut and confront him.

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All I know is that you should always listen to your gut instinct :persevere:

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If you can’t ask him or don’t believe his answer…. TRUST UR GUT!!


Go jump on him and see what happens???

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Don’t nag him about it. Just catch him off guard every now and then and do some new things :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you tried talking to him? I would do that first before rushing to thinking he’s cheating. Unless you caught him talking to anyone this time. Which it doesn’t sound like it. I always talk to mine first before jumping to worse case scenario. I know the only time mine doesn’t want too is if he is sick or extremely stressed.

I completely get were u are coming from… is he not over tired from work maybe? If me and my partner go more than 2 days without my mind works overtime but then i have to remember he is up at 3am to drive a hgv. Maybe just talk to him xx

If you confront him he will lie. Catch him then confront him.


I just have to ask why it’s a problem for everybody when people stop having sex with one another if he stops and loving on you and caring for you then I see the issue but I don’t see any issue with not having sex

Everybody is so worried about sex some of us cannot do anything without pain and it makes it harder on us to find people who are not sex-crazed all the time when all anybody cares about is sex

Know if you’re going in there and actually putting yourself out to him and he’s ignoring you turning you down then yeah I would think something was definitely up I’d ask him if maybe he’s having some issues or if he is stepping out on you most definitely cuz if you’re going to go in there full fledged in front of him and he can turn you down then yeah that’s a dead sign Something’s Wrong

Has something been going on in his life that could make him stressed or upset or is he working more hours ours or anything like that? Maybe depressed? Those things can make you majorly lose your sex drive even if you’re a man so he might not be cheating on you but if your gut is telling you that then you need to do some digging and sit down and talk with him and tell Him how you feel And ask him. Before you ask him try to do some digging around and see if you can find anything cause you’re not gonna find anything if you ask him 1st cause hes gonna hide his tracks.

If you think it,just wait a lil while it will come to light,it always does.

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You need to do some investigating!

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Talk to him definitely. But might just depend on how he’s feeling too. My bf and I have sex maybe 2-3 times a month right now. I know he isn’t cheating or talking to someone else. We just have our own things going on. He was going through a lot at one point and is still handling it as well so his sex drive has gone down, mine has too. It’s just something that happens sometimes

You know the answer " :running_woman: :running_woman:

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could have a porn addiction

Once trust is gone - it can never be the same.


my experience is cheating. if you don’t trust him the relationship will tear. either he comes forward with it or you have your gut feeling and leave or accept it.

You need to investigate, go through his phone and find out. Without proof you’ll never really know. But your gut is almost always right

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Definitely could be cheating but seasonal depression can also cause no sex drive I have this problem this time of year my sex drive is nearly a 0 and normally I have a pretty high sex drive. Definitely something that you should consider discussing .

So do you come on to him and he says No?


For a man to go from 3 to 0 in a week…his must be saving it all for her…

He would not touch me with a 20foot pole until I confirmed my gut/instincts.

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Is he stressed? Depressed? Maybe tired or working alot? I know my bf isn’t in the mood when he’s going through something or something is stressing him out. He also works 12 hr night shifts that are hard on him with alot of nights physically draining. Which I work the same hours if not more but I take stress better than my bf does. I know how easy it is to have a mind that goes instantly thinking they are cheating im quilty of the same thing. But I try to first look at everything going on with him first im so use to being cheating on and lied to that my mind constantly goes there even if he gives me no reason to think so. Talk to him about it and go from there see how he reacts or what he says if it seems off I would do some investigating


Your not going to know unless you look him in the eye and ask him is he happy in your relationship or not and say you will give him a nice transition out of the relashionship so tell the truth

I have been through this most likely he’s cheating

This does not mean he is cheating. There could be a million reasons why. Just talk to him.

You probably need to do more my women takes good care of me and there is no problems :grin:

If you are feeling some kind of way ask him. If he has already lied about other women move on. Life is short don’t need to be unhappy in a relationship.

When lies are involved…Run!

If you can’t trust him & your mind always goes to the worst. That’s-not a healthy relationship! You need to decide for yourself what you want from it, if it’s him then talk about it.

Have you mentioned it to him? How does he react when you come on to him? ((((Hugs))))
The lies are a big problem.