Am I overreacting to my boyfriend wanting to play games a lot?

We’ve been together for almost 4 months and he’s been playing his video games a lot more often lately. I know I shouldn’t be upset or start a fight over it but it’s been really bothering me lately. He was nice enough to set up a schedule for his games but the schedule is one day i come over he pays attention to me and then the next day i come over, he plays his games. We don’t live together so i feel like he has a lot of time to play his games without me here. At the beginning of our relationship he hardly played, but as the relationship goes on, it’s like he’s playing more and more. He usually says “one more game“ when i ask for time with him, which i’m thankful for. But the other night he said he was gonna just spend time with me, and then an hour later he’s back on his ps4 again. I get let down every time i think i’m going to get time with him, but end up hardly getting time due to him playing games while i’m over. Is this an actual issue? I don’t want to seem like a controlling girlfriend so i’m trying to understand why guys do this.

Maybe suggest going out and doing things instead of staying at home. If he’s at home and you guys are hanging out he probably doesn’t see an issue with playing, as you’re not doing something “important”. So maybe suggest going out and getting dinner so that way he really doesn’t have a choice. You could always talk to him too, ask him why he’s been playing more then he used too. Honestly it’s probably some stupid response because guys just don’t see things like we do. Let him know it’s really been an issue for you recently because you want to spend time with him