Am I pregnant or about to start my period?

I am 12 days late for my period today. I took a pregnancy test on day nine, and it was a really faint line. I took a second one two days later and no line. Today(on day 12), I am lightly spotting…only when wiping. Am I getting ready to have my period…a late one…or am I pregnant with just spotting? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks, mamas!


Maybe implantation bleeding, ?


I’m not sure, I’m not psychic.


If it don’t start soon I would have a blood test at the doctor’s office if the test keep coming up negative

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We really aren’t gonna know if you’re pregnant or not as every person is different. You may wanna call your doctor.


Could be either way. Wait n take another test n if negative call your doctor. I get light spotting when I wipe before my period comes. Women bodies are odd at x lol. Stress can affect a menstrual cycle too. So if you’re stressing about the possibility it can definitely affect your cycle too.

I had a false positive one time cause I was starting mine. I looked it up. If there is blood in the urine you can get a false positive. That could mean you are starting your period…or it’s not a false and it is implantation bleeding. Give it a couple days and I would take another test and schedule an appointment with the doctor to be sure

Can’t say, everyone is different. All my pregnancy tests start reading positive when I unwrap them it feels like :rofl::rofl::see_no_evil:


I have no advice for you but I’m in the same boat… I’m 10 days late and I’ve taken tests everyday that are all negative. I’ve always been as regular as can be every 28 days

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Best thing to do is go see your Dr and get a bloodtest. You may have been in your early stages and having a chemical pregnancy. All the best.

Could be a chemical pregnancy???

Seems some people have no modesty. Why post for the world to see.


We know as much as you. Lol! I would go to the doctor or get a digital test. Good luck!


I agree with Ariane L Adams about the possibility of it being a chemical pregnancy. I just had one at the end of March. I got a positive test, then 4 days later started spotting which turned into a period. The Dr said I was pregnant it just didn’t attach for some reason, so it was an early miscarriage. I’d see your Dr

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Your should probably have a blood test at your Dr’s office.

Go to the dr and have them do a blood test. That will tell you for sure

test again, or request your doctor do blood work.

The only time I had a line and then had a faint line afterwards is when I had a miscarriage. You’re best bet is to get a test done at the dr, urine and blood

I was 4 weeks pregnant with my son and what I thought was my monthly cycle was not but the body’s way of getting ready for my son the only reason I found out was because my hubby had a feeling I was and I was the line was so faint and the doctor said negative but 2 weeks later the sonogram turned out o was 6 weeks everyone is different and no pregnancy is the same not even if you have one already it’s still going to be different best bet is to wait a week or two and re test then

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If the test is negative (but was positive) and you’re starting to bleed it could be a miscarriage.


Chemical pregnancy. It’s happened to me before too

It could be a few things but ultimately ur doctor is the 1 to get answers from.

To all the keyboard warriors- How about if u have nothing nice or helpful to say, just dont say anything ffs…:woman_facepalming:


I had periods for the few 3 or so months with both of my pregnancies

It could be a chemical pregnancy…
Or it could be implantation bleeding :woman_shrugging: I’d go get checked out by a dr to know what’s really going on.

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If it helps i had bleeding monthly with all my babys and only very faint pregnancy test so faint yoy can barely see and i have had 8 babys

Miscarriage? I would recommend seeing an ob.

Test with morning pee hormones will be the strongest.

I took 1 pregnancy test and got blood work done when I found out i was pregnant with my daughter. I took three pregnancy tests and got blood work done and it all came back positive

Pee in the morning, use a digital one so you’re not questioning the line.

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Imo it sounds like implantation spotting. However. You still need to set a dr appointment to know for certain.


Sounds like what happened 2 me. It was a chemical pregnancy unfortunately

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A faint line is still a line and those tests, even the dollar store one are very accurate. It sounds to me like you are miscarrying I hate to say. And if you are, you need to get check to ensure there is no left over tissue inside of you as it could kill you.

Get a blood test done, as many women still have a menstrual cycle while pregnant.

Go to the doctor… :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I find it weird most people go straight towards a miscarriage without even thinking of the fact of implantation bleeding which is actually way more likely.


Could be either one. Go to doctor. With both of my children, i actually had a period the first 2 months and they came on time.

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If it was miscarriage you’d be cramping more n more heavy bleeding… but sounds like implantation to me…

Chemical pregnancy. You will basically have a heavy period

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I’d say if you’re spotting when you wipe and it’s “fresh” pink blood, it may be implantation bleeding.
Periods don’t usually appear with fresh blood, haha. It’s the old stuff that evacuates at that time - darker.

I’d suggest not assuming you’re miscarrying. Take a test with the first pee of the day when you get up.

If you tested already and showed a faint line, test again for sure. It can be normal to spot while pregnant, or even have what seems like a “full period. “.
Many things can be going on - every woman’s body handles it differently so it’s best to just test, and phone/see a doctor!

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Test with morning pee and make an appointment. Faint line sounds pregnant I had light spotting with my first I assume was implantation bleeding

Could be implantation bleeding

No one here can answer that. Call your Dr for a blood test.


Go to the dr. Why stress and worry?

Just go to the dr and get a test done

I’ve had negative results til three months pregnant. Hugs. Usually spotting is the egg attaching to the wall.

Sounds like implantation to me. I think you’re pregnant.

Sometimes you can be pregnant and then not anymore :cry: You can wait and see if it is an early miscarriage, do another pregnancy test or go to your Dr. I’ve had two lots of sad news but one happy…

Go by the one that reads pregnant but my period wasn’t late yet and I had a very very faint line so much that you had to hold it against a light and it was positive plus the test only picks up the hormone if pregnant. The operator that I called said u can never get a false positive cause it picks up pregnancy hormone but u can get a false negative if it’s too early congrats if you’re happy about it

I found out I was pregnant with this one because my sister and I both took a test and thought they were negative but mine was still on the sink for a while (babies crying and what not), when I went back to throw it away later there was a faint line and sure enough, baby. But it could always be a chemical pregnancy or something along those lines. False negatives are far more common than false positives so definitely make an appointment ASAP. I never had noticable implantation bleeding with any of my pregnancies but it is a thing.

It could be a chemical pregnancy.

Sounds like implantation bleeding,happens in the beginning of pregnancies sometimes id deffinatly retest, I was only 3 weeks pregnant when all my test showed pos but it took a long time for the line to show


I had mine the 1st 3 months of both my pregnancies

Take a digital test that say pregnant or not pregnant

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Could be implantation spotting, could be the start of a period. Give it a few days and see :woman_shrugging:

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Yes go to the Dr I did not know i was pregnant with my middle child having had my periods but when I went to the Dr they told me i was pregnant and needed further evaluation when that was done they told me I had internal bleeding.

I think I would call my doctor…

Now i want to know if you are or not :rofl:


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So at the moment it’s implantation which can cause spotting however it’s very early and it may not happen, I would book a doctors appointment and get your bloods done good luck hun x

Your cycle could be changing. Our bodies do that. If you Can’t see a doctor. Just wait it out, you will know soon.

Take a digital pregnancy test


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Could be implatation spotting x

Digital are way better

Blood test for accuracy.

Sounds like when I was pregnant with my first :grin: if you don’t get your period in the next couple of days, I’d guess you are preggas :upside_down_face:

Y’all could just answer the question or move along the rude comments don’t help her


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