Am I Selfish for Not Wanting My Daughter and Her Dog Living With Us?

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"I’m torn and I’m ready to just quit. My adult daughter has decided to move back in with us. She was told that we can’t keep her and her dog forever. It’s been 6 months since and she’s still here. She does nothing but tear me apart and disrespect me. She even refuses to do anything with her dog. Not even a walk. When asked to take her dog out or do anything around the house I get told I’m selfish and to do it myself. I didn’t want the dog I didn’t agree to any of this. Hubby has decided to let her keep the dog and stay. So one of us has to go. Do I leave my husband and go on my own? Do I make her go? Am I really the selfish one?"

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"This isnt a dog issue. This is just your daughter being completely lazy and disrespectful. If she handled the dog you probably wouldn’t care as much."

"She’d be gone. Or you can make sure your husband does EVERYTHING for her and her dog"

"Your not selfish at all. She is a grown adult . You have done ur job in raising her. She needs to learn respect tho cuz ur doing her a favor by letting her stay there and she seems to not appreciate it at all. I’d tell her she has to go. Give her a date she has to be out by."

"If she stays then you go. Maybe hubby and the daughter will figure it out. You and your husband are partners and if he isn’t seeing the wrong with this then maybe a wake up call is needed for both."

"Tell her to grow up and get out."

"She needs to grow up. Her dog her responsibility. She’s an adult. Your husband needs to stop babying her"

"She is an adult and if she can’t be responsible and helpful in YOUR house it is time to show her the door"

"I disagree with the selfish and lazy comments. Your daughter sounds depressed!! Been there and done that with a child and it’s hard to go through because you want them doing stuff, participating in life and enjoying things. I think therapy and medication might offer some help in this area."

"Your house your rules, she cant pretend to be an adult and not act like one…especially if she cant even take care of her dog. Sit down and give her a timeframe to save up and get her own place or else she needs to give up the dog to some one who can actually take care of it. Youre not being selfish by asking her to be responsible for herself."

"I came back as an adult with my dog, to my parents. I moved back from out of state. They told me in advance, I had 6 months to stay. I was out with my dog in 5 months."

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