Am I the only one who has done this?

I feel full of guilt and terrible about it but I took my eyes of my baby while her sister were playing with her on the bed to grab her bottle she rolled off. Thankfully she is just fine but I have been made feel like a terrible mother for it. I do feel horrible and stupid but Am I the only who this has happened too?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I the only one who has done this?

It happens but now that you know she’s rolling don’t leave her on the bed alone babies are quick . Don’t beat yourself up over it though.


No my daughter dived off at like 3 months

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This is baby initiation 101


It happens all the time. My daughter fell off when she was younger once or twice

It happens I had to lay pillows around my bed when my 2nd born realized he can get off the bed.

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Absolutely not it’s a lot more common than what you think, my son did it and managed to somehow as an infant crawl over the pillows that I had stacked to hold him from rolling off the edge scared the shit out of me being a first time Mom I took him to children’s hospital and they said Don’t panic we get this all the time sometimes it happens I was a lot more cautious after the fact and he was just fine not a bumper bruise or anything

I can’t even count how many times my 3 kids did that. It’s normal they will have worse accidents as they get older

All 3 of my kids have fallen off a bed or something at some point 🤦

Happens to most exercise at least once

It happened to mine. I’m pretty sure it happens to everyone! Lol

No you are not alone. And you are not a bad parent.

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Yes it’s happened to me twice x

Nooo do not feel bad mama x

My oldest son fell off when he was almost 1 when I was putting laundry up and fractured his clavicle. I felt so bad about it. But he healed and doc said it was actually really common and I was so scared cps was going to get involved but they didn’t because of how common it actually is.

Show me a person who hasn’t fallen off the bed as a child :woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4:

It’s bad luck if they dont fall off the bed atleast once before one

It happens to every baby i promise. Do not beat yourself up!

Mine did it twice in one week! Once to me and once to his dad lol. Thankfully our bed is close to the ground!!
Like previously stated, it’s basically a right of passage when you’re a parent. It happens to every parent and some point or another!

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Don’t sweat it! It has happened to the best of us!

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This has happened to literally just about every mother. Whoever made you seem like a bad parent for a mistake needs to focus on what mistakes they’ve made instead because I guarantee they aren’t perfect.


2 out of my 3 kids fell off the bed… it happens mama.

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No way girl it happens bro almost everyone. Myself included.

It happens to everyone!!!

There’s probably not a parent alive that hasn’t had this happen. It’s ok mama.

Accidents happen… my youngest flung herself over the side of her crib & bruised her head… shes 16 & insanely smart…

Accidents happen mama. Give yourself a break

This happens to the best of us! Don’t sweat it mama!

That might be 1 of the few mishaps that’ll happen. They move/roll/jump at the blink of an eye. Now you know you can’t take your eyes off of her/him for a split second. Don’t worry yourself sick about it, it’s happening to the best of us,:heart:

This is a right of passage into parenthood.

Every parent does it, most won’t admit it.

Hell, when my daughter started being mobile co sleeping got real tricky. She fell of my bed like 4 times before I said no more and put her in her crib.


My first did this. Rolled off while i went back for wipes bc forgot them. Luckily,she fell in a box of clothes by the bed. I think it happens to everyone.

She’s fine. My parents let me crawl off our back deck onto gravel when I was a baby. Then, they wanted a pic of my skinned up face and my dad dropped his huge, heavy, 1980’s camera on my face and blacked both my eyes. I’m fine.


Anyone who hasn’t had something like this happen to them is lying. You love your kid and do your best to keep them safe. Accidents do happen


Every kid has to roll off the bed at least once. You’ll eventually laugh about it


It happens at least once to every momma (a bump, a roll, a something).

I haven’t dropped them but my S/O was playing with our first when he was a little toddler. Accidently hit his head on the ceiling fan-- and it wasn’t on slow :woman_facepalming:t3: we’ve had many times where the head bumps the car door getting them in or out. Things happen :woman_shrugging:t3:

I understand! My 30 year old fell down 6 carpeted stairs in his walker when was a baby and I have never forgotten it! Guilt is hard on moms :woman_facepalming:t2:

I’m sure it has happened to 98% of parents!!! You are definitely not alone, baby’s okay and that’s all
That matters!

Nope my daughter fell off the bed twice missing the pillow I had on the floor. Thank goodness she was only inches off the floor but come on how do you miss it both times!!!


I feel like 98% of parents have done this at least once, if you’re truly concerned, take baby to their doctor

There will always be people who judge. Accidents will happen! All you can do is learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t beat yourself up over it! Now that you know baby is rolling just don’t leave her alone unless in a safe space.


absolutely not, things will happen. My momma told me babies bounce :flushed: i wonder how she came to that conclusion? lol

There is literally a song “Three little monkeys jumping on the bed”…because of this. It happens. Hugs

Happened to me too!As long as she’s fine, don’t sweat it. It’s one of the rights passage to parenthood!

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You made a mistake and you learned from it. Don’t sweat it now she’s fine ok

My son rolled off the bed with his Dad while Dad was sleeping and cracked his head. I heard it downstairs. I ran, and we went to the E.R. immediately for X-ray. Nothing. He is 12 now, and can’t hear really out of that ear.

We’ve all dropped or bonked our kids on the head just keep an eye out for bruising or whatever

I had my baby in Dec 2017 and her daddy dropped her by accident accident happens all the time they are kids they will do it all the time I promise you’re not a bad mom

My 9 month old was learning how to stand and I just learned to live with him front flipping off the bed. Everything I tried to do to avoid it failed. And he would laugh every time.

My daughter rolled off couch while sleeping and broke her collar bone accidents happen hun

A better question would be how many parents have not had this happen :thinking:


No way mom, we’ve all done it!
I was taking pictures of mine sitting by herself on the couch at 5mo, sitting directly in front of her, looked down at the phone for one second and she fell face first onto the floor.
Babies are tough!

My 1st baby was breastfeeding and I fell asleep with him in my arms and I dropped him on the floor he was fine but I called my Dr at 3am lol he said calm down it happens to the best of us

I’m sure accidents will always happen! You good mama !

I get it. I learned my son could roll himself over when he rolled off my bed. I felt HORRIBLE but he was perfectly fine. Don’t beat yourself up. If you’re worried then maybe call your pediatrician and see what they tell you. It was an accident, you’re not a bad mom.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent. All parents have made mistakes. This has happened to a lot more parents than you think and that want to admit it. As long as your baby is ok, don’t worry about a thing.

Happened to me twice. I felt horrible and my mom was in the other room made me feel even worse. But her being my second child I know that things happen. So I told myself yeah, this sucks right now but she is perfectly fine and I’m just going to be more careful.

Mama, no. Mine rolled off too. So did my brother. I’m sure you and I did too. You’re a good mama. :heart:

Don’t beat yourself up mama…most mom’s have had this mishap…

Yup , all 3 of mine have .
This is just the beginning,

All three of mine rolled off a bed or couch…they’re not real babies til they do…lol


You are fine mumma happens to all our mums sometimes we don’t even realize they can roll don’t beat yourself up prepare yourself for broken bones stitches cuts and grazes 5 kids here such fun

When my son was just starting to crawl I feel asleep with him breastfeed at like 3 in the morning he was teething and I had two other tiny babies as well he rolled off he was ok but I still beat myself up about it :sweat: he was ok,I have had four babies but once was to much for me it will be ok though it happens just learn from it and move forward try not to beat yourself up

I use to put a pillow on the side of my bed when she slept with me and she would roll right over the pillow and onto the floor, it happens

Nope. Momma of 4. It just happens sometimes… You’re not a bad mom💜

In the South it is believed that if a baby doesn’t roll of of a bed by a certain number of months that it isn’t moving around enough to do so… Which could indicate a delay or issue. It’s normal.


is she alive? still breathing? not beat up? no, you’re not the only one. If your kid is alive and breathing and not brain damaged from a short fall (which is what people claim happened when their child is brought near dead to the ER because you shook it damn near to death) you’re fine.

It happens to the best of us
After working 19 hours straight I blinked (it all happened within 1 minute) and my kid ended up rolling off my bed. First time they rolled.
Didn’t happen with my other 3 kids though.

Yes, they’re tough. Kids are resilient.

Nope you are I have 5 children I am pretty sure every one has fallen off the couch or bed at one time or the other all of them are grown have family

No u r not alone. We have all been there.

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All 3 of mine, actually my 3rd did it a few times🙄 babies are not as fragile as they seem, my doctor said to me with my first “babies are made prepared for new parents” Don’t let it get to you, baby is completely fine I’m sure. This will be nothing compared to what’s to come lol.

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Both my kids rolled off the bed and they were fine. They’re 21 and 19 now

It happens to all of us at some point! You’re far from a bad mom.

Give yourself some grace, plenty of babies have rolled off beds, couches, etc. Happens to the best of us.

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Happens all the time love. I have four kiddos. For some reason when my daughter was a newborn I kept forgetting her. I left her strapped in a carseat in the backseat of my car for about 15 minutes… (No worries it was NOT HOT) I was feeding her and she was asleep in my arms… and I freaked out cause I couldn’t find her… (Facepalm) and one night I fell asleep holding her and she rolled out my arms onto the carpet… Lol… She’s 11 now… So she’s good. :joy::joy: Don’t beat yourself up about. It HAPPENS!!! don’t feel bad momma. You got this.

All 3 of mine… and There is an old wives tale about it being lucky for a baby to roll off the bed before they are 1… if you believe any of those.

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Not only are you a mom, you’re human. If this is your first child. You’re constantly questioning yourself whether you’re doing everything right. Wait till you have your second one, when stuff like this happens you’ll think to yourself that he didn’t get hurt and keep it moving. Don’t sweat the small stuff. There’s lots of first time moms just like you who wing it every day and hope for the best :blush:


It happens to us all. You are not a bad mom.

No. My son fell off of a bed at 7months old. I felt awful

My son was 5 months old spit his pacey on the floor under the coffee table, I laid him long ways between the cushions got on my hands and knees to grab his pacey and he rolled himself over and pushed the back of the couch and slid off the couch hitting the tile floor, he ended up with a concusion and small brain bleed that led to a 2 day hospital stay. Anything can happen in a few seconds, doesn’t make you a bad mom as long as its not a consistent daily event

Your not a bad mum. There’s always accidents with children and the fact you care enough to put a post up here and u feel bad shows you care and your a great mum

I did it with my daughter. I was scared to death. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Thankfully she is fine. God Bless!

Your not a bad mom. Stuff happens. My baby did this at 2 months old. And then at 7 months old was climbing and fell at my friends house and busted her head

I mean my husband almost sat on my son when he was a newborn lol.( didn’t see him laying next to me on the couch,was also not paying attention.)

One of mine actually crawled off the bed and all of them have rolled off… Don’t be so hard on yourself :heart:

It happens especially if you have more than 1 kiddo

Oh no, mama. You’re not a bad mom. You’re a HUMAN mom! Babies fall. Now that you know baby is fast, watch more closely.

Only once? :laughing: Don’t stress, happens to all of us. We can’t be omnipotent.

Oh honey, no not at all!! Those kids can roll fast lol it takes half a second. It happened with mine and they’re all amazing, intelligent, and healthy kids. Try not to beat yourself up over it :heart:

I’m sure your not a mom if one your kids have never fallen off the bed :joy::joy::joy::joy:

No not bad at all, don’t feel guilty

It happened to me and I totally freaked out. My daughter cried for a second then was smiling and laughing while I was still crying.

I lived in a house with a basement carpeted stairs… I went downstairs for just a moment, as I was heading back up here comes my daughter in her walker inching herself off the edge at the top… I ran up to catch her as fast as I could by the time she flipped over we met halfway and she was upside down, luckily not injured. We can’t be perfect all the time. Give yourself some grace. Sounds like you love your baby a ton.

Girl, it’s a rite of passage for Mom & baby lol


It happens. Definitely keep an eye on her but don’t beat yourself up about it. Moms are still people.

It happens to us all! Mine have fallen off the couch, off the bed… my youngest actually fell off of my bed while I was standing there with my hands on her once :woman_shrugging:t2: you are absolutely not a bad mother because of it! Accidents happen and kids get hurt… we kiss booboos and go on about our days.

My kids have fallen off their changing table…

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My son co-slept with me at 4 months old when I left his bio dad and moved in with my mom. He army crawled off the bed in the middle of the night and fell asleep under the bed :flushed::joy: I panicked when I woke up and went through all the what-ifs after finding him. Now it’s just a funny story lol