Am I the only one who likes the toddler stage more then newborn stage?

Lol like the newborn stage was an absolute nightmare for me and now that she’s a toddler everything is so mellow and peaceful. Toddler stage is definitely easier imo.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I the only one who likes the toddler stage more then newborn stage?

Mellow? Peaceful? We’re talking about toddlers right? If cocomelon changes episode my 2yo will lay on the floor shreiking for 10 seconds until it restarts… She is also now curious about her poop :unamused::joy:
Wouldnt change her for the world but :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Nope! My toddler has really grown into his personality and has a better understanding of the world around him. This is such a fun age.

It’s not as scary. Newborns can’t use their words and shit so it’s scary and they are so fragile and I worry about Sids

Yes!!! Although lately some big feelings have been coming out and they are going little harder to handle but toddlers are so cool :sunglasses: so much character man!

I’d take a toddler any day. You’re not alone!

Yessss definitely! I co slept with my oldest and when he got to toddler stage, he slept easily through the night and was also very independent so I could get housework done :blush:

No! Give me all the newborns


I love the toddler stage. They can communicate, and even when they can’t, you have more of an idea of what they want. So much better than trying to guess why they’re crying, then doing everything and they still cry :sob: They do get into stuff, but you’re not worried about them dying in their sleep. Plus the hugs :heart::heart::heart:


Depends on the kid. My first was pretty good all the time, hardly an issues still to now at 24,
2nd was crazy. 3rd wasnt too bad, demanding as a baby, hasn’t changed much now. 4th was different cause ASD. 5TH IS A NEW LEVEL FROM BIRTH TO 14… hectic as and will always be… turned me off babies all together…


I like newborn stage at first like the first two weeks lol then it gets old really fast I hate feeding every two to three hours and waking up thru out the night it’s exhausting plus kinda boring before they start giggling and making noises I mean I love my baby but I definitely like them more at least 6 months plus lol

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I absolutely do not want another baby since my girls are 4yrs old and 5yrs old. I absolutely hated the baby gear. Carrying a car seat. Bottles. Changing diapers. Hubby is on the fence of a baby but I simply don’t. We shall see. But he wants a boy we have 2 girls

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Teenage years are the worst lol

Nope, I’ll take 20 newborns over 1 toddler.


I’ll take newborns with my current toddler i can’t get nothing done. He is either into everything or being very clingy or falling down or have a tantrum or or or…my soon to be 8 year old has been a terror since he was a toddler( he is adhd and ODD).

I like the toddler stage because they can tell you what they want where they are hurting but on the flip side my toddler pitches fits lol

Toddler is wonderful, age 2 is a breeze. I dont think terribles 2’s is a thing but threes :flushed::grimacing: 3 and 4 are tough.

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Depends on the kid. But I love the newborn phase… I got lucky with my kids & they were good sleepers from the start. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Toddler stage is so much better. I’m not a fan of the baby stage at all. My life is so much easier now that my twins are 9 months and crawling. I cant wait until they’re my daughters age


You think newborns are rough? Try teenagers :roll_eyes:

My favourite is when they are just learning to crawl.
My toddler is getting into everything and figuring out all the child locks, finding a way to reach things that are high up, and I haven’t found a good sippy cup/ water bottle for him.

I think it all depends on the baby. My 2nd was pretty easy as a baby, now at 2 he’s a no limit soldier :sweat_smile:

My toddler has already tried to stick the puppy in the microwave.

Edited to add puppy is fine. Microwave stays locked when not in use.

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Hahaha hahah send help. My 2 year old is an absolute sweet girl at times, but she’s been skipping her naps, and that turns her into a terror. Also she grabs literally EVERYTHING. She also likes to slap, kick, and pull hair

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I guess it all depends on the child. I have twins and I thought the newborn stage was hard but looking back it was a breeze. Now they are 3 and it is TOUGH! Lol

I like the teenage stage the best so I too am an outlier.

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3 years old is absolute favorite.


My 5 year old was a breeze now he’s mouthy and goes against me in every single way. My second boy is 5 months old and it has been so rough! I can’t wait for him to do more!

Newborn stage definitely, it’s all downhill after that :joy:

my newborns were sleepy little buds now they are little hellions

Completely agree. I just couldn’t deal with being up and down in the night and constantly being paranoid she’d stop breathing :sweat_smile:

Yes you are! :sweat_smile::joy: jk I’m going crazy with 2 toddler’s running around the house lol I love it but Holy, they keep us young :heart::rofl:

LOL can we just confirm what age exactly your child is? Because at 1.5 i thought she was great now at 2 she’s alot more difficult on a daily basis.

Newborn all day over my year and a half old. Lol.


For me its the exact opposite my kids were amazing babies but once they hit 2 they went crazy lol

With my son, he was an absolute ANGEL from the time he was a newborn to age like 3 1/2 to 4. Then he became a awful toddler and still is at age 5… My daughter was a colicky baby till she was about 5 months. Absolute hell. Then she became a sweet happy baby till about 9 months. From there till now at 19 months, she’s a sweet happy baby but shes also a spitfire! Shes got some serious attitude lol.

I always liked that very small stage in between when my infant started sleeping through the night and when my toddler started talking and walking. Spent a year teaching each of my kids to talk and walk and now all I want is for them to sit down and be quiet. :joy:

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I feel the exact same. Every bit has gotten easier so far and my son will be 4 at the end of the month. I’m sure that means teenage years will be awful though lmao

Nope. I love the toddler stage. Was never a fan of the baby stage. Call me crazy, but the teenage phase is my favorite

I love the adult stage.

Newborn stage was so easy, toddler stage has okay except the tantrums :rofl:

I got more sleep when they were a newborn than I do now

Every child is different. My first was an angel as a baby, as soon as he could walk (1st birthday), he could climb and was in to everything, opening windows, throwing toys out, he was such hard work during the toddler stage it was exhausting (he hasn’t gotten any easier). My second was more miserable as a baby but then laid back as a toddler, she didn’t climb things, she was more calm and cautious. Now my 3rd is 18months, she’s been walking since 10 months, she’s the devil I swear. She climbs on the table, onto big brother top bunk of the bunk bed (can not turn my back for a second) opens windows, turns theknobs on cooker (turned off at the wall) , opens the oven door, learnt how to open the child safety on cupboard doors and drags all the plates and cups out all over the floor. Turns the computer on, changes channels on the TV, has learnt to move toys to stand on and open doors, we even flipped them upside down and she’s worked it out. Throws everything in the bin (we lost some shoes and are pretty sure she’s to blame once finding a different pair in the bin). She’s obsessed with the fire and trys to get that open too :grimacing::grimacing: anything we block it off with (fire guards etc) she just moves out of the way, she watched us put it in and didn’t take her 2 seconds to work it out… she’s a nightmare. I miss her baby stage it was much much easier. I need eyes everywhere, she is far from mellow, and I’m lucky if she naps for 15 minutes a day…