Am I wasting my time?

I’m going to keep it as short as possible. Me and my SO been together for 7+ years. We’re both on our mid 30’s. So in the beginning of 2019 I broke up with him. I didn’t see any type of commitment and our relationship was more like roommates. No sex, no affirmations etc, (from him) but I’m always the one initiating EVERYTHING. Even outings and trips. He knows I been wanting to get married and have a family since we started dating. So when I broke up with him. He couldn’t take the fact that this time I was not “getting over it” of my constant wants and needs like the 1st time (and no I didn’t pressure marriage) it was other issues and trust. So after being broken up for 4 months he notice I was moving this time. so one day I was getting home from going out and he gave me the ring and said he wants to work it out, he cried he’s heart out and we got back together. Everything was peach and roses. So we set up destination wedding date fall 2021. BUT due Covid in 2020 we couldn’t buy tickets or he couldn’t get he’s passport due to the agency was not issuing them. They open up I believe October 2020 I told him to start applying for he’s passport. 2021 still no passport. He hasn’t mention ANYTHING about the wedding or we haven’t set a date since we moved it for 2022. In 2021 I reminded him 5 times about he’s passport. For him money is always the issue or something always comes up (we’re not financially hurting/ we both work and get paid ok) Well it’s 2022 and no passport and now he has he’s he’s daughters sweet 15 (which the planning started) and we are planning to get a bigger home by the end of this year. Well this week he said something that hurt me and made me think a lot, he doesn’t want to really commit. My sister just had a baby. And a relative said to me while my fiancé was there. “OMG I can’t believe your sister already had a baby. And before you. You need to get on it!” I told her I’m waiting on my fiancé. I been ready. And my fiancé said: “It’s easy for them they have “financial help” from their in laws” I was like how do you know they get help? We don’t know that. They’re retired doesn’t mean they help them with bills. I told him before if he doesn’t see marriage in he’s future it’s ok. But don’t hold me back.

Idk I’m I over reacting? I’m I wasting my time?