Am I wrong to be mad at my husband for drinking so late?

I got mad at my husband for drinking until 3:30 am last night. He was supposed to be on baby duty at 6 am when I left for work. We have a four-month-old. I got mad and called off work because I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him in charge. When he drinks, he sleeps a lot, and it’s hard to wake him up. Am I wrong to get mad?

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No you’re not wrong to get mad and if he can’t not drink and fulfill HIS parental duties then I would have a serious talk

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I would be annoyed if I was you. My boyfriend can function well on little sleep so if he was sober when he woke up I would be fine. But I think you’re justified!

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That’s irresponsible on his part & you have every right to be angry. Maybe he knows you’ll take care of the situation (like you did) so he only worries about what he wants to do and not the repercussions. He needs to learn from this mistake though or he will continue to push his boundaries.

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Definitely not wrong to be mad. You would die if anything happened to your baby and you hadn’t done something to stop it. All that matters is your baby.

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Nope. Just one of the many reasons I got a divorce. Wait til he does it when the baby has a 103 fever…he was a lot of help that morning after drinking until 4 a.m. Lol.

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Nah girl you have every right to be mad

Definitely not wrong to be mad. Hell…id be pissed off!!

Get rid of him.Willo only get worse


I’d be madd too!!! He knew wtf he was doing!

No your right to be mad.

Yes you should be mad. He is in no position go take care of a baby at that point. I’d give him the boot to the curb. Seeeeee ya!

This would set me off!

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You’re wrong to put up with it.


I would be upset as well, if you’re going to be responsible for a child especially early in the morning you shouldn’t be drinking until 3 hours before baby duty starts.


No, you’re right. He shouldn’t be doing all that. He knows better but seems to not care!

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No you are not wrong he is

No that totally okay to be mad at. You were depending on him and he knew that. He chose to get drunk anyways

That’s very irresponsible behaviour from him and you have every right to be pissed off and not trust him to take care of your 4 month old! Awful behaviour… Baby comes first :heart:

Not wrong at all he is very irresponsible for doing that.

No you have every right. That was a selfish thing to do putting drinking over watching the baby and not allowing you to get to work worry free.

Good thing you listened to your mommy instincts. Good job


No you’re not… he knows his responsibilities and he chose to stay up all night drinking so yea you got a right to be pissed off… especially since you had to call in because of it

Not wrong at all. I would be livid. Will do the same thing. He is selfish, inconsiderate and irresponsible.

That is very irresponsible and he will think it’s okay to do it again because you took care of things (calling off from work to take care of baby while he sleeps because he was being irresponsible.)

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Nup…tell the ding dong to grow up…pretty inconsiderate

Of course you’re not wrong . That was selfish and irresponsible

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Absolutely sorry mean absolutely NOT

Nope but baby duty means no out drinking. Even if its at 6am, he has no self control.

We need an update! Did he end up passing out? Or helping you?


Nope. I’d be pissed. This sounds like something my husband would do🙄.


You have every right to be mad. That is very irresponsible on his part.

No, he’s being selfish and irresponsible

That’s why I consume cannabis instead. No hangover and able to watch my grandson at any time. My wife and I have raised our kids but our youngest daughter had a baby so we help her as much as we can.


No. I actually delt with the same thing. I ended up divorcing him over his drinking

He should know better . I hope it doesn’t happen often.

You’re absolutely not wrong at all. My ex did this a lot, and that’s one of the many reasons he’s the EX! :rofl:

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Kick his ass to the curb

I would be pissed off. You have every right to be mad. It’s completely irresponsible and you can’t have that with a baby.

Not a good daddy puting booze before your baby

Nope under any circumstances you can trust him left you baby when he is drunk :disappointed::disappointed:selfless and irresponsibly

Your are not wrong to be mad. However, if he cant be sober to care for his child, you must make other arrangements.


Yah, that’s pretty irresponsible. I’d be livid.

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Absolutely not. I used to have this issue when our son was a few months old, his dad wouldn’t be out drinking but be out with friends til 2/3 am and i had to work at 4, i ended up calling in as well because he was barely waking up. Luckily things changed and now we have 2 kids he does a lot for

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I would be furious at him. Good luck

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need to have a very strong talk with him

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Hope you had him take care of the baby while you supervised. If his parents are close by maybe they can watch the baby next time he can’t. You could go to work and they could deal with their son inconveniencing them, you and baby. Sometimes a mother can stress the importance of being a good father better than we can.

Lol If this was me, I’d be pouring a bucket of ice water on his head, while giving him a piece of mind.


Best believe my husband wouldn’t pull no stunt like that again after I was done. If that’s the kind of father he’s gonna be then he can bounce, no skin off my back. We do this parent stuff for real, you ain’t playing when it comes to my kids, don’t care who you are. :woman_shrugging:t2:


If he thinks its okay to be drunk with a 4 month old baby in the house he should rethink his life choices.
He just had to have a beer that badly in that moment?
He couldn’t have waited till another day??
Theres more to it than just not being able to wake up for the baby.
God forbid he has to pick her up and accidentally stumbles and drops her…
Or theres an emergency and she has to be driven to the emergency room.
You dont get drunk when you have kids to take care of.
Especially babies.
Getting drunk is for date nights and weekends when you have babysitters.
Hes far behind on growing up if he doesnt realize that


No way he needs to take responsibility…If he knew he was on baby duty as you had work…He should of been sober not still half cut…Which he would be 3hours later…Its not good you had to take off work…He needs to do his share and support you by being sober awake and ready to share duties…

You are 110% right id be pissed as hell to if he stayed up drinking that late he’s definitely gonna be drunk when he wakes up at 6 if he wakes up at all… he needs a good chit chat


Your shouldn’t have to be putting up with that. He’s affecting you, your job, his parenting, and making you compromise more than you should ever have to. If he’s not on board, throw him away. If you have a man that can’t control his drinking so you can make it to work, so he can be available for scheduled times of need for his child, then you have a man with a drinking problem.


He’s an irresponsible alcoholic, yes you should be angry

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He needs to be an adult

You did the right thing. Most women would be upset to think alcohol came before responsibilities. What was his reaction to you taking the day off work? X

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Why you wrong for knowing what is right and your child should be surrounded by protective parents

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He would be in a body bag if he pulled that shit

I’d have knocked him after his 3rd drink. :woman_shrugging: I don’t play when it comes to babies. He needs to grow up.


Nope you are right !!!

No you are no way in the wrong. That’s honestly just being a shitty dad. He needs to grow up or an AA meeting if this is normal for him

You’re not wrong! I would be mad!

Wtf? You can’t drink all night then take care of an infant at 6am. That’s bullshit.

No you every right to be mad

He needs to grow up!


You are definitely not wrong

My fiance is the same way with my 1 year old and have a new baby due December :upside_down_face:

That is one thing I will not handle

Ya, I would be upset Forsure, especially since he knows he has to watch his child. I would have still had him watch the baby even if I stayed home and I would hv done other things around house Or anything I needed to do.

You need back up. He has shown his colors.

Stupid man not much of a Dad😡

i would be so mad. if he had nothing to do in the morning then fine but if you have a 4 month old to look after, get your shit together and be responsible

No you are not wrong. Gurl put your crown on and let him know and see who hes dealing with. Dont be afraid to act a fool and shake him up a lil sometimes they really fucking need it. Explain to him that he knew he had responsibilities and that he needs to grow up or get lost because you cant afford to take off work to sit around and baby sit his ass plus your baby. Hell no, mock him tell him he must not be quite the man he needs to be, to be the alpha of the family.

No! I feel you on this!

Not okay at all. He is always a parent. Not fair to you that you could not live the kids with their father because hes irresponsible.


Have him put himself in ur shoes!! He would’ve been furious just as you have every right to be!! He needs to get his priorities right!


Nope. I’d be mad too! And I can promise you he wouldn’t get the chance to sleep all day either. IDC if I had to bang pots and pans by his head he’d learn today!

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No, I would be pissed. No way in hell would I leave my baby his/her dad who was drinking a mere hours before. The baby should be more important to him than the drink.


Be mad that he let you down because you were depending on him. Tell him that he let you down and caused you to miss work. Then tell him you forgive him and saying nothing more about it (even though you will want to discuss it ad nauseam). It will blow his mind that as upset as you are you forgive him and you aren’t nagging. He won’t expect it.

No. I’d be downright outraged. That’s just downright laziness and selfishness. Why would you even go drinking when you know you have responsibilities. Sounds like his priorities are not in the right place.


Absolutely not he has to be responsible too. It took two to make the baby, should have two responsible parents.

Umm he has a child and family… He should slow the hell down on the drinking! He needs to be responsible and go to work, and to help take care of his child!!

Sounds like you have gotten a very irresponsible husband .

I would be livid and throwing down a fight once he’s sober!

I’d be mad to . I have called off work in past because my kids dad did same .

Hell no. I’d be pissed too! Time to be responsible when he has responsibilities

No just find a good place for your child to stay

Having a couple of drinks is one thing but when you have to be up with a baby you don’t drink a lot

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Noo I would been mad too

No not if he can’t stay awake, stupid butthole.

You need to calm down and have a serious chat with him. That is playing with your family income it has effect on you all including baby. He needs to know you wont stand for this selfish immature behaviour. Its hard enough juggling a baby without him acting like child #2 . Whatever you allow to happen WILL continue to happen !!


You are very right to be mad. I would be livid. He’s putting your infant’s safety at risk and that is 100% unacceptable. He’s also potentially costing you your job if you continue to have to call out of work due to his behavior. He either needs to change this behavior immediately or you need to take that baby and leave him. He is providing a bad example for your baby and not being a good spouse.


Be pissed. He should know hes an adult and his priorities are all screwed up. I legit would rather do it all om my own then have someone like that around. He’d get the boot til he wanted to act right and be responsible.


Nope. I’m a single mom so I could drink and be ready to watch babies that soon but I also know my limit so it depends on the individual but if I were in that situation and he wasn’t ok to watch the baby, especially knowing you had to go to work I’d be pretty mad

No that is wrong of him to do. If he wouldn’t have woken up the baby would have suffered for who knows how long. Everyone condoning this probably has a drinking problem.

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From a psychological standpoint by you calling out of work and allowing him to do whatever for the day just gives him incentive to continue the behavior. If you have to call off work because your spouse isn’t being a responsible adult then he needs to leave the house while your there. What this does is helps him become accountable instead of you enabling him.


I think there are other questions in this before you get mad…Why’d he drink till that late knowing he had bubs to look after? Alcohol can be the biggest mask of lots of internal crap.
Would he go to his normal daily job after a night litke this ? He may think it is acceptable. Not saying either of these are justifiable by any stretch - but good for thought to find a resolution.
Wish you luck as its a very difficult situation for you all …

I hope this isn’t frequent. If it is you need to reevaluate your situation. If you have to act like a single mother you might as well be one without the headache of a man child. I have video monitors with an app on my phone. I would advise getting them.


I’d be pissed off. And send him out to work since he made you have to miss work. And he’d watch the baby for a while after he was no longer tipsy/drunk.

No you are not wrong. I pray God takes that spirit out of him. :100::latin_cross::pray: