Am I wrong to be upset?f

I was adopted as a infant. I am now 56. When I was in my early 20s I located my biological family. I found both parents (married to each other) and 7 siblings. Over the years I have developed bonds with our mom and most of the siblings. I was close to our dad up to his passing. Recently our mother passed away. At her memorial I was told that I wasn’t wanted there. And that one of my sisters wished I hadn’t come. Afterwards they all got together and did a lantern release for our mom. Me and my family were not invited. When I asked my sister about it I was told it was for moms “real” children only. I feel pushed aside and left out. She never invited us to family functions and basically has always been stand offish. I am rather upset and feel unwanted. Am I justified to feel the way I do?

A part of you will always be upset. But….honestly they’re both dead, so nothing can be talked about at this point for her to justify why her other children said that. Just continue living your life without your heartless siblings that have hurt you. I’d keep in touch with the ones who didn’t.