An elderly woman touched my baby in public

So I was at Walmart last night with my babies , and here comes this elder woman all up in my daughters face I was losing it inside but I couldn’t be mean to this woman as she was just in awe with my baby , and when I tell you I wanted to scream on the top of my lungs when she touched my baby girls face but the words just wouldn’t come out , I was literally tearing up . Usually i would straight up say please don’t touch my child but I just couldn’t and now today she and my 3 year old are coughing up a storm ! I’m in tears I could of stopped her but I didn’t


The children could not have gotten that from her. They were already infected, just had not shown symptoms yet. It takes longer than overnight.


If she touched your baby’s face just yesterday and the next day the baby’s sick had absolutely nothing to do with it. Virus and bacterias don’t happen that fast


Well- you were at Wal-Mart I will just guess your kids were likely in the germ filled cart. There were probably many people in the store. I would say with confidence it’s not from the elderly lady. It could be from being around others in general, weather changes, air quality in your home, etc.


This is so sad. Kids are loosing out on so much. I bluntly say Mom get a life.


This is just mama guilt your feeling. Kids get sick whether they’re touched or not, whether they lick the ground or use hand sanitizer 10 times a day. Kids get sick and thats ok.


There is no way they would be coughing from being touched by a stranger only last night, more like something they where exposed to at least 3-5 days ago!!


As we get older we love babies. My kids are all grown. I miss the time they were all small. There are so many pretty babies. At times I do talk to them. Just a hello and bye. My neighbor use to say she miss the sound of kids playing laughter outside. Now maybe it was just a nice memories for this lady. Not like she wz thinking kidnap.

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Easy young one. Babies get sick - you said the your words against her wouldn’t come out - maybe there was a reason- Elders are a blessing- they don’t become Elders overnight, young one. Personally, in my humble opinion, your child was touched by a blessed being. At least that’s the way we look at it in our culture. :v:t4::sunflower::feather:

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You made that sweet old ladies day, likely her year!

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It takes a few days when exposed to an illness, that’s too soon to say it was that woman.
BUT! Your your babies mom. Learn to assertively and respectfully tell people that’s crossing some boundaries. Not only with that, but it’s an effective life skill when you’ve reached a place where you can politely, assertively and calmly draw lines on any boundaries in your life.


Your child could’ve gotten sick from a filthy store carriage life is too short to be that upset about an elderly person smiling and happy to see your baby. I’m really not trying to be mean I just think we expose our children to germs in so many other ways but yet something like an old woman touching the baby and we think they’re gonna die . my daughter is 21 and when she was a baby literally every elderly person stopped to touch her little feet and say hi she never got sick she actually had an awesome immune system.
But in the end it’s your baby. You decide what’s right for them. Next time speak up. That’s all. 

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How are people saying the lady touching them didn’t get them sick but the walmart cart could’ve? They were IN the Walmart cart when the lady touched them lol I just don’t see how they could’ve got sick from one and not the other if it happened at the same time :sweat_smile:

But, never feel bad for putting up boundaries when it comes to your babies, and I agree, they most likely got sick from somewhere else. Not anything overnight. I hope the symptoms clear up soon and your babies feel better fast :heart:


That’s why I babywear, because they’re way less likely to get up in my face to touch the baby.


They didn’t get sick from that lady touching them. Average onset of symptoms after exposure is 3-7 days, but can take longer in some cases. Think about where you were 3-7 days ago, not last night.:woman_shrugging:

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Over reactions for sure momma claim down, the joy you gave that women is priceless it not her fault I promise ya !!!

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Sorry momma! This sucks hopefully your kids feel better soon. We have all been here I’m sure. It’s your right to be upset no one should touch your baby unless you say so.


A polite but firm “please do not touch my child” is a reasonable response to a stranger, regardless of age, reaching out to touch your child.

That said, it’s doubtful that she got your kids sick. Most illnesses require some incubation time before symptoms show up.


They didn’t get sick from her, it would have taken more then 24 hours for them to have symptoms.

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I’m sorry your babies are sick. I don’t care if people are in awe of my baby, I’ve slapped multiple hands away (I don’t care at all if they’re old or young,‘don’t touch my fucking kids) when people try and touch. I also tell them no touching. You have to advocate for your children no matter how uncomfortable you may be

You have to be direct and firm. RSV is going around.


Child could have gotten sick from anywhere. Don’t stress it, take care of your kid and move one. Next either don’t take your kid or speak up.


When my son’s were small we had plenty come up to us! This lady touched my sons feet while I was shopping and I lost my sh*t! She was very upset after that…but I did not care! Some people use that to distract mom while someone takes the other child! Nope! I made a big seen each time. Don’t EVER feel bad about protecting YOUR BABIES…That’s literally your job. If they get mad oh well. My boys are in their teens and I STILL DONT PLAY ABOUT MINE. Stand Strong Mama’s…


This is why old ladies shouldn’t touch other people’s kids, that poor old lady likely got infected with whatever these kids had, and it could have been prevented… I wonder how many other people the children infected, considering they seem to be coughing up a storm, less than 24 hours hours after they were out and about in Walmart.


Kinda sounds like you froze. You didn’t know how to react. I was like that too when my boy was young. But be aware, elders could have had COVID, or they were already sick. It could take couple of days for any virus to come. Everyone saying watch out for the elder and blah blah on this post. but things can happen to babies as well. It’s not just the elders that we need to watch out for.

It something going around both my grandkids are sick with coughing running noses and fever .I think it change in weather not from lady

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Sounds like they already were sick. Whenever people got too close to my son, I always told them “oh don’t get too close, he just had gastro. I wouldn’t want you to get it.” They always backed off. It comes off nicer. I hated when strangers try to touch babies or pregnant women’s stomachs. It’s weird.


My mom does that all the time too when l take her out shopping. I yell at her all the time. Boundies…she doesn’t get it.

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  1. you can’t assume touching the baby got them sick. You were in Walmart. It’s filthy in there. And tons of people. Germs floating everywhere.
  2. I understand that in todays world it’s said not to touch anyones babies. I know this from sm posts. It didn’t use to be this way. And as an elderly person, she likely doesn’t know this.

Take a step back. They likely got sick from being in Walmart. Not because of some sweet lady that doesn’t understand the new rules. Keep your kids at home all the time if you never want them around germs.

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The cough is going around all over. It’s brutal this year. While I’d not agree she did that the chances it was only her is slim. I’d just say “thank you so much for the compliment and love but since it’s RSV season we are requesting no strangers touch her.” And smile

Mama try to let that go. You are not going to be able to control every little thing they come in contact with. Understand they are going to get sick, no matter how hard you try.

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Meanwhile that old lady is probably in the hospital because your baby infected her :joy::joy:

Seriously tho, your baby was already sick. Appreciate the fact that they garnered so much love and affection.

Nothing wrong if she touched your child/ erns face in a good way not doing any harm to them. There is no reason to scream that was going to be rude.

Ive straight up slapped someones hand away from my child

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They didn’t get sick from that lady, that’s too short of time for them to get it, why didn’t you just tell her and I’m sure she was just in awe of the baby like you said.

Had nothing at all to do with the fact that you were at walmart, out in public, surrounded by people and their sick germs. :see_no_evil:

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ALWAYS PUT YOUR KIDS FIRST !!! ESPECIALLY IN PUBLIC!!! Just put your hand up and say I would appreciate it if you would not touch my kids…

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:rofl: all of you saying that bacteria and viruses can’t just kick in over night make me laugh! Never heard of developing immune systems or immunocomprimised. Yes germs can take you out over night, especially the big nasty ones out there.

We live and we learn. Boundries isn’t being mean or rude when it comes to NO TOUCHING YOUR BABIES especially these days. Don’t feel guilty, mama.

If I’m ever in that situation, how I view any altercation or a scenario where there may be “conflict” no matter how small, ALWAYS be kind first. I see nothing good coming from someone being rude from the get-go. So if that elderly lady tried touching my baby girl’s face or got too close for my comfort, I would politely say “please try not to touch her face, I am so paranoid about germs” or, a little fib and say “she just got over a cold” or whatever you think, and if for some reason they pass that boundary then you can be more firm and say “I don’t want you touching my child, I asked nicely the first time but I’m responsible for her and I need you to respect that”

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There is no way your baby could have started with symptoms today from last night, especially with cold like symptoms

your child likely passed there cold to the lady who will be xick in a few days

U not saying if the poor old lady cough over ur children :thinking:

Incubation period is usually 24 to 72 hours for a common cold symptoms.

You people who say the mom is in the wrong for asking people not to touch your baby’s face, you are toxic. Just because a mom puts up boundaries to protect her kid, that’s her right. I spent 9 days in the hospital with my 2 month old with rsv. It’s our job as mothers to protect our kids. No reason random people have any buisness coming up touching our kids face. He had no immune system and at 2 months is not the time to expose them to all of that.


It usually takes 2 or more days after being exposed to get sick

Tis the season for colds.

Other than something like a hemorrhagic disease, incubation periods are longer than this. Skin is the first barrier so unless this woman put her hands in their mouths or noses or coughed/sneezed onto them she isn’t the problem.


Your kids didn’t get sick the next day from thr lady if this only happened the night before.

Just tell people to please stay at a distance cause sickness is at an all time high rn and you’d prefer if strangers didn’t have their hands all over your child

It’s YOUR child, you have the right to say how you feel, yeah it’s an old lady but that doesn’t justify it to be okay.

Just speak up, I use to be like you as well now I don’t care who it is I’ll tell someone especially about my child.


YOUR mom It’s YOUR responsibility to protect YOUR children … elderly or not you have every right to tell some one to back off

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If you are that afraid maybe get a sitter while you do your shopping. Kids need to be exposed to everyday germs to build up their immune systems

My kids all went to a jump park and the next day were sick as well. Yes, there are illnesses you can contract and be sick from in a very short time frame. Especially if you stay home ALL the time with your kids. You know and feel it in your heart where they became sick from. But mama bear let me tell you. It’s healthy for your kids to fight off viruses and illnesses. It will make their bodies stronger.

Sounds like they were already infected with a bug. Poor old woman might be getting sick in a few days now too.


Your children wouldn’t be sick from her if they’re coughing up a storm right now. They’re sick from a previous exposure, as it takes a few days for a virus to get inside the body and take root enough to show symptoms (and even if not -days-, it won’t be over night lol). So as much as you want to blame that situation, you can’t.

Elderly, and just some people overall, think they can do whatever. You’re going to have to learn to speak up about a situation if you don’t want something to happen.

Thy will not be sick the nxt day from a lady touching its not an over night thing :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Do you think the woman had the only germs in WalMart?

Theres some exaggerating going on here . No way she made your kids sick .


The kids Probably already sick even at their daycare most things are a 5-10 day incubation period and they all drop slowly for a few days and then come back.

I am sure you keep your kids clean and a little bit of germs is ok the kids have. The kids have to learn to fight things and build their immune.


I get why you are upset, but the babies already had the virus before that very very likely.

That’s not how germs work but on the bright side she warded off any evil spirits. In most Spanish cultures and others, it’s believed that touching the baby create a “barrier” to protect them against evil.

Next time get your stuff picked up, this way it’s brought to you and you won’t have anyone wanting to touch your child :woman_shrugging:

I hope the old lady is ok. Your baby already was exposed. Jeez people are nuts

Just part of childhood and building up their immune systems.

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I have signs that say PLEASE DON’T TOUCH ME on everything from my car seats to jackets


So you didn’t scream at her that instant ,but sharing same here now ??

That’s not how colds, flus or viruses work. They were Already infected before this lady ever came along. Take 3-7 days and sometimes 10 before showing symptoms after coming in contact. Regardless hope your babies heal quickly.

What a bunch of helicopter mothers. All the elderly woman did was probably touch the child gently on the cheek. Your children get sick from just existing. All you ridiculous naysayers need to get a real life.

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Most viruses have a couple of days incubation period so they wouldn’t have gotten it from her but someone maybe the day befor

Um ok so say what you want to say. Those kids were sick already. Sure hope the elderly lady don’t get sick from that interaction.

Not enough incubation time, you’re reaching.

Where were they 3 days ago, because that’s about the minimum.

Pretty sure any ‘sickness’ from that meeting wont show up that quickly.

Nothing like building the immune system!

The old lady had nothing to do with the kids coughing today

More than likely your children were gonne get sick regardless if the old lady touched them. Honestly her hands are probably cleaner than yours.

Better throw the whole kid away and start fresh :joy:

You don’t want your kids to get sick, keep them in a bubble , better yet stay home with them , they probably got something that was airborne. , Not by being touched by an old lady ,kids get sick sometimes it happens

Nothing has a gestational period of over night sorry you are over reacting you baby already had this illness

Why do people think they can just go touching other people? Especially kids?

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If you think Walmart is bad; wait till they start kindergarten :joy: oh and don’t stress- when masks were required to go anywhere my 5 year old and another random kid swapped masks because they thought each other’s mask was cooler than theirs. Kids are going to get sick, especially in the winter. Take a deep breath, turn in the humidifier and let them build up a little bit of an immune system. We kept our kids inside for almost 2 years and sanitized everything almost virtually exposing them to nothing. They are sicker faster than before because their little bodies have to almost completely rebuild their immune systems. You are a good mama; the old lady didn’t get them sick and they will be okay.


So what you’re saying is your baby probably made that old lady sick now?

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Ok baby didn’t get sick from her but how this is acceptable that somebody just walk towards your kid/kids and do whatever they want???
Jesus I would tell her to piss off,don’t need my kids to be touched by strangers in the store🥴

I wouldn’t feel guilty bc they were probably on their way to getting sick.
But I’m the other hands idc who you are/how old you are, don’t touch peoples babies w out consent especially the face.

Guess what do not hake any children anywhere it’s dangerous and especially a baby please watch the news put covers over the faces

No way it would show up that fast.

Comments passed the vibe check :sparkling_heart: there is still hope for humanity

Takes longer than a day for them to catch anything from the lady but I get your concern with COVID and RSV out there !

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Lol. If u are so worried don’t take yor family in Walmart. Wear masks, get vaccinated and thank God someone is admiring your family.

Its not even possible that them kids got sick from her touching just one child. I mean cmon

I’m sure it’s from the lady that touched her not simply because you took your children to the filthiest store on earth.

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Accusing this poor old lady likes she’s an infected zombie or something. Chill out…

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I hope your kids germs don’t kill that old lady and you need to get over yourself.


You’re kids probably got the lady sick :woman_shrugging:

They definitely did not get it from her

Bacteria and viruses take longer than over night to show symptoms! Good lord, they were already sick! She has ZERO to do with it! More germs in Walmart than that lady had I’m sure! Hell, they might have gotten her sick!
Don’t stress…kids get sick! It will be ok!

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Old or not I saw something. Older people should know better.

They were already fermenting the sickness before that lady got in their face. It takes a few days for symptoms to start.

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Lol “little old ladies” don’t really have boundaries. They still think it’s OK to do things like that because they could with no issues “in their day” - shared baths, shared breast milk, exposure to the cold and illnesses for higher immune function, etc and they rubbed potatoes on the temples to cure disease - I can totally relate as it’s happened to me with my kids years ago but, unfortunately, it’s your job as the mama to set boundaries, not the strangers not realizing they even exist. You don’t necessarily have to be mean about it but, if or when there’s a next time - “sorry, she’s really sensitive to touch” - or, if your child is already verbal, teach the child as well that it’s not OK and have people ask her permission to be touched. If she’s just a baby/infant, put a sign on your carseat when out in public

Honestly your kids were already incubating the viral or bacterial infection they are showing symptoms of today, there’s no way they got it from the old woman at Walmart yesterday. Also, most public places are disgusting. The kids building an immune system isn’t a bad thing.

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I say no one should touch your child, old or young!

Have you seen the movie Thinner by Stephen king? Maybe just maybe that lady was a gypsy witch and infected them over night?

They had to have already had an infection to be sick.


Ok nah, their illness didn’t come from the contact with the little old lady lol Also get a backbone and stand up for your kids

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