Any ideas on what's going on with my daughter?

For years my daughter has had some tummy issues off and on.. like sharp pains. Numerous X-rays, catscans and some other procedures have been done. In the last month her tummy pains have been so bad we took her to urgent care. Found nothing. We’ve seen her doc many times in the last month. Still nothing. Her pain gets so bad where she can’t sleep at night. Sometimes knocking the wind out of her. She’s had blood tests done recently and another cat scan monday. Called us yesterday saying again did not find anything. BUT-There is obviously something wrong!!! UGH!!

Her symptoms are:
Very cold
Gets the shakes
Pain in right side in the Abdomen
Tender to press down on the area
Pain can radiate to her back sometimes
Pain level can go from a 6 to a 10 every day.
She throws up.
Pain can knock the wind out of her.
Lost weight
Barely can eat anymore
I don’t know what to do and it is now interfering with her school. She just turned 18. I keep thinking gallbladder but they keep saying it’s normal.
Anyone have had this or know where or what I should do?? I feel so bad for her!!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Any ideas on what's going on with my daughter?

Have her gynecologist check for endometriosis these were my same symptoms! The pain was crippling!! I had to have a hysterectomy this past June! Hope you can get some answers!


Lactose intolerance or food allergy? Has she been allergy tested or tested for celiac? Get her to eat totally gluten free for a week, and then totally lactose free for a week see if either help


Has she had her stomach scoped or ultrasound ?


Id take her to the er, they have all testing there, start again there and see where they direct you too.

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Push for an MRI. That’s how they found out my gallbladder was bad


If she hasn’t seen GI or GYN I would have work ups with them. Has she seen anyone for autoimmune disease like mentioned above Celiac or Crohns?

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Did they do ultrasound of her gallbladder?


Gallbladder! Get that checked! I dealt with crippling gallbladder issues for years because they kept turning me away saying it was frikin indigestion. Her symptoms sound exactly like mine!


Is she ever on her period when this happens? Sounds exactly how my period symptoms sound and I have endometriosis. I used to pass out from the pain around that age.

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I agree gallbladder!! I had many of those same symptoms and I had to get mine removed. My issue was that I had gallstones that got lodged in the bile tube.

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Could be pylori H it’s a antibiotic resistant bacteria that’s in your stomach and can cause these symptoms. Had to have my daughter scoped and have a Biopsy done. They had run several tests and had her on several medications for months before we finally found out after the biopsy. They should be able to test for it with a stool sample I believe. Cause they had to do follow up testing to see if it was gone and if it wasn’t they would have to do a second round of antibiotics to clear it up.

So many things come to mind with those symptoms. I see many mentioned already. So I want to ask,
has appendicitis been ruled out?

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I’d definitely have them do a scope if possible. I had similar symptoms when I was a teenager, and was finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, but only after a scope was done.

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This happened to me. It was H. Pylori. Pretty rare, but I couldn’t even drink water without puking. Lasted for months. It’s like…E. Coli in your stomach, and comes from eating food that has been in contact with feces. So for instance, she could have gone to a restaurant, and the cook took a shit and never washed their hands. I was in and out of the ER soooo many times and everyone thought I was on drugs, but all screens were clean. They had to hook me up to an IV all the time just so I could get nourishment. Once they found out what it was, they gave me antibiotics and it was gone in like 2 weeks.

I had pain right side under my rib cage. It is my gallbladder and liver. I was in sooooooo much pain. All the doctor could tell me to do was avoid sugar, exercise and eat vegetables and lean meats. A nurse friend said try more fiber and water. When I hurt, I make sure to supplement fiber and water. I take capsules. Less messy and I drink bottles of water. This helps me gauge how much I’m drinking. Can’t get bound up.

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Have a breath test for h-pylori…I was in the hospital alot and almost had a surgery to take my gal bladder because they thought that was the issue

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Sounds like my husband he has diverticulitis (pollips). High fibre diet and watching a few other things has fixed him


Go to a hospital & request endoscopy, MRI & ultrasounds. Tell them ur not leaving until they figure out what the issue is


sounds like acid reflux

Sounds like EVERY symptom I had when I had gallstones. When they finally removed my gallbladder, it exploded when it hit the open air.

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My sister had a similar situation and it ended up being a dairy issue. My sister didn’t start having the issue until she was probably about 6 years old.

Also have them check for parasites.


Possibly endometriosis

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Just went thru this with my 36yr old daughter and they still dont no what’s the problem. EnvyMe KendraTee

Pancritis ??? Maybe something to do with pacreas?

Possibly endo or adenomyosis. I went to hospital a few times as a teen thinking it was pancreatitis. They never found anything wrong until I had my daughter and they realised I have an enlarged uterus that’s basically one giant cyst.

Has she had a head injury that you know of? The guy and brain are very connected in that aspect. I only know this because my son has a tbi with stomach issues ever since we have done every test you can imagine endoscopy was the first thing nothing. It’s a gut brain issue :sob:

Have them do a papaya scan on her my daughter did that for a long time and found out her gall bladder was not functioning right

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It could be a lot of things. For me that happened and I needed my appendix taken out. Al the tests showed my appendix was fine but the doctor took it out anyway and told me after that it was so inflamed it could have ruptured but the tests never showed inflammation.

I have had some of these issues. They took my gallbladder that was not the issue though. I still have right side rib pain radiates around my right side into my back. I have found that gluten is my problem. Breads mainly. I can have a little but if I have too much my side and back are killing me. Back off of cookies cakes breads ect for a while and see if it works. Drs can’t find anything.
Good luck

Have had same issues my gallbladder was over active took awhile for them to figure it out. I still have pain because of chronic kidney stones fatty liver and a cyst on my right kidney. Make the doctors figure it out and take care of it

My daughter went through this and after a few different Drs and a lot of tests showed nothing I threw a fit with the Dr and made them refer her to a Gastroenterologist… Best decision ever hers was an infection that normal tests wouldn’t pick up… They did an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and found it… Hope this helps

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It could be a digestive issue, like an intolerance of some sort. Or it could be a severe case of reflex. Or both.

Gallstones? I was told my gallbladder was normal, nothing was ever found and I had a huge stone. Keep pushing and getting tests maybe one that shows those images. Make sure no kidney stones either :sweat:

Has she been to a OBGYN for an ultrasound? Or maybe it’s gastrointestinal?


This happened to me too and happened to be my gallbladder

Have they done a hida scan on her gallbladder yet I went thru this and they finally did a hida scan and found out my gallbladder was barely working.

Also I found out I have endometriosis that would be something to look into.

Wish I had an answer for you but I have the EXACT same thing and pain… I’ve been to the doctor/er/urgent care 5,000,000,000 x and they can’t find anything pain is at a 10 everyday :pleading_face:

Also get thyroid checked * sometime it causes these issues

My daughter has those symptoms anytime she eats cheese anything dairy.Try to stop any dairy products for one week or more and see how she feels

I had similar symptoms begin at 13 due to gastric ulcer at 23 it perforated. Symptoms persisted and at 26 gallbladder and stomach ruptured had to have gallbladder removed and half of stomach. Try to get an endoscopy.

You guys need to speak to a Gastroenterologist, sounds like gallbladder but it could also be liver issues

Constipation issues ? Did they check thyroid . Does she eat alit of dairy or gluten I would remove dairy and see what happens

Definitely sounds like galbladder. .don’t dismiss it it put my dad a grown man to his knees … I was 7 months pregnant when I started having mine last year I hurt worse then labor sometimes I couldn’t breath which would cause panic attacks the pain feels like a baseball bat to the back and kind of radiate around the rib cage and tbh yes hurts the stomach but not compared to my back pain I had with it … the attacks come on suddenly within minutes zero to 100 could last 20 min to 3 hours at its longest most intense i had . I had no other symptoms but my pee would turn like pumpkin orange right after an attack which is a common thing with galbladder…

She needs to demand a “HYDA” * that’s probably spelled wrong a hyda scan to test to the function on the galbladder… she’s the right age to be at risk the risk goes up if she’s been on birth control pills if she’s overweight all can make her a prime candidate for the galbladder

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Stomach ulcer? I had that pain and it was enough to make me want to cry and it was as bad as contractions.

Maybe run some allergy test if there’s anything she can’t digest she will have pain… or else check for endometriosis at a gyne… sending lots of love

gallstones , most definitely sounds like gallstones I had my gallbladder removed last year the pain come on out of nowhere especially the pain right round the back , I tried to ignore it but when I started vomiting I went to the er and they found I had blood in the urine and sent me for an ultrasound straight away found the stone and the stone was stuck in the neck of the gallbladder. The next day I had surgery . I am in Australia . An attack come on cause I ate potato bake anything with high fat content can cause the attack . Worst pain everrr

Abdominal migraines?

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Request to see specialist and try have gallbladder removed i had that and feel way better mine was only slug not stones so to them still ok but clearly not

Get them to do more tests, sounds like gallbladder, I was like this when I was 20, had all tests done, all came back clear, one night ended up being rushed into hospital as was in severe pain and couldn’t move with out being sick, couldn’t stand, sit, ly down or walk, turns out my gallbladder was jam packed with stones and the verge of bursting, had I of been left any longer I could of died. Not saying its the same, but I would keep asking for scans and check ups to be on the safe side

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Have they checked her for ovarian torsion (a twisted ovary)?

I also agree about checking for a dairy and egg intolerance. Eliminating all dairy and eggs eliminated all of the sharp, stabbing abdominal pain that I had been experiencing for months.

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Look for kidney stones. Mine always radiates to my stomach.

Ovarian cysts, endometriosis, IBS, gallbladder, kidney/bladder. The list could go on. I would start with a referral to an OBGYN.


I’ve had a very similar experience in high school, so those symptoms. Tests would come back normal. Doctors thought I was faking until they finally actually saw me double over in pain during an appointment. Referred me to a general surgeon. He had no answers either but was willing to do exploratory surgery due to my symptoms. Turns out, my appendix was inflamed and pushed towards my back due to an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. They drained over 2 cups of fluids off the cyst and removed my appendix. Everything was normal after that.

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Gall stones! 100%!!!

Sounds like her gallbladder maybe she has gallstones

It can take that long to diagnose coeliac disease. Unless they do a specific test it won’t show up. It could also be anxiety related disorder. Mine has a parsnip allergy and gets these symptoms when they eat parsnips.

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Gallbladder!! I had to get mine out suffered the exact same!

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Possibly grumbling appendix :woman_shrugging:

Does she smoke weed?
Look up cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

It definitely sound like gallstones! Those are prettty much the same symptoms I had. Smh i went to about 5 different doctors before they figured it out

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Food allergy? My son used to lay on the floor holding his belly. After many many tests and years with no diagnosis — he was allergy tested and allergic to apples , peanuts and tomatoes.

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Check for kidney stone that is the symtoms for that once you starts vomiting and tummy aces

Have they done a HIDA scan to rule out her gallbladder being the source? It checks the function of gallbladder… if your gallbladder is function to high/low it can cause similar issues

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She could need to be gluten free try it for a week

Get Dr to check her spleen to see how well she is absorbing the nutrients in her food. My son had issues for years(I’m talking 18) . I hope you get some answers soon for you and your little girl. Hugs to you both :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Gallbladder… was told many times nothing was wrong and then one day a doc finally did some kind of radiation test and it was my gallbladder.

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I know this sounds bad but i went through this same thing snd found out I had eosinophilic gastritis and colitis only way to diagnose is a gi scope/ colonoscopy its pretty simple pre Op but saved my life

It sounds like an appendicitis the severe pain, vomiting and loss of appetite let them do more test to be sure.

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Could be appendicitis

I had this was a huge kidney stone x

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Bowel obstruction mabey

I would start an elimination diet and go from there. Maybe try a different doctor also. Don’t stop till someone finally listens and does all the proper tests

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I’ve had my gallbladder out. It took me going to A&E about 5 different times until it finally showed up that something was wrong in my bloods. Keep being persistent

Irritable bowel syndrome maybe

My son had a undiagnosed UTI witch infected his liver and made him that unwell- he was put in hospital because of his pain high temp and vomiting but at first they kept saying nothing was wrong and almost sent him home until a paediatric nurse came in and suggested another test that was different and that diagnosed him… so scary when even the best of the best don’t know what’s wrong or how to help your loved ones. If left any longer it could of been fatal as he started to go septic :broken_heart:

My friend’s kid had this exact same issue. The doctor couldnt find a cause. When she took ivermectin, the pain was gone. She can eat foods she had bad reactions to before. Maybe talk to her doc about it? It would make sense considering a lot of us have parasites and they’re never tested.

Is it not trapped wind it can be very painful

Maybe endometriosis and or PCOS


Pancreatitus, sounds like same exact symptoms I had!

Sounds like gallbladder

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I was exactly the same and it was my gallbladder ended up having it taken out xxx

Stress. Sounds strange but stress presents itself in many different ways.

Have you guys ruled out gas yet? When I was pregnant I had a really bad gas pain one day so bad that it wrapped around to my back and I thought it was a contraction, it was in one area and I didn’t feel any type of contractions and once I laid down and started to rub it it started to feel better and then I relieved some gas. I remember the pain being so bad that I couldn’t move and any slight movement made the pain excruciatingly bad. Just a few days later after this happened my daughter who’s six seem to have been experiencing the same thing I rubbed her tummy and also had her lay with knees to chest. Eventually she started relieving some gas and we were ready to go back to bed.

Okay so I dont know how to spell it but I have the same issue and it sounds like I hernia, I have one and especially at night it causes issues

Maybe H Phylori ? Sounds similar

Have all of her organs checked thoroughly…has she seen a specialist? Also have her blood checked. Something is being overlooked. Or maybe it’s only seen when flared up. Keep a journal of everything she does, eats, and drinks. Even medication. It’s definitely something…I hope thing get better soon

My daughter just gotten diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and she had been having stomach issues.

Appendix have it checked my son went through something like this age 12 and after a while they finally checked appendix and had to have emergency surgery to have ur moved …

Has she been to a neurologist about abdominal migraines?

I’m saying gallbladder these were my same symptoms I had before I had mine removed

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Celiac disease?

I just had my gallbladder removed cause of gallstones and I had all of those symptoms! It was the most painful attacks so I feel her pain​:pleading_face: Please tell them to check for it. I hope y’all can figure it out soon so your girl can feel better​:pray:t2::heart:

Have they done a stool sample could be a parasite or bacterial infection in the bowel

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Not sure but I had most of those symptoms and it was fibroids

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Don’t know what she’s dealing with but I feel for her. Suggestion: try a gallbladder diet and start with a spoon of RAW honey daily. It may or may not work but it certainly can’t hurt.

I had something like this when I was 5. They ended up doing exploratory surgery and found a had a tube that was crimped by a vein. I don’t know much about it but those were my symptoms

I had all these symptoms but is wasn’t my gallbladder I ended up having on stage colitis (2 forms) my problems started at about 15 I’m 28 now

Ask for a hida scan this will show if her gallbladder is functioning