Any mom's have bank accounts for their little ones?

Any recommendations on what bank to get them at ? Also anyone else save money for their kids using any other methods would love to hear them. I’m located in California.


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We do. We use a credit union. Collect all out change through the month and deposit on the first.

A Credit Union.
You can open a savings acct.
I really do suggest buying bonds for them.
They’re half the price of the total, so $100 bond is $50.
Put them in a safety deposit box at the same bank.
*Look into crypto accts for them as well. $5 a month and leave it alone. They’ll be ready by 18 with all 3.


I opened a kids Wells Fargo account for my oldest when she was little. I had good intentions but not much got deposited. She’s almost 18 & uses the same account now for her job😁

We have a 529 for our son

My dad started an account for my youngest for his first birthday, at a local credit union. Every holiday/bday I generally will put half the money he gets in the account, and the other half he’s allowed to spend


I have a saving for my daughter with a credit union, when she turns 12 she can have a debit card, and then at 18 she can have full account! We transfer money every paycheck, birthday, holiday, or just because so she’ll be set for college if that’s what she chooses! I decided when I was pregnant with that I didn’t want her to HAVE to work full time and go to school full time.

Chase first checking for kids 6 to 17. They get their own bank card they can also set up savings goals and I can set up an allowance that automatic transfers to their account where I can set up chores that I want them to do and when they are done I can check them off and money will transfer


I have a CD for my son which you can add money on every anniversary. So In the meantime have a separate act that’s where we save $ . But I’ve heard of the 529 and will be opening that

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Lol my parents got me one when I was maybe 6 every time you added money it would double half of the amount you deposited. I’m not sure if they have still but best bet is to just go and ask yourself, it’s not a one fits all type of thing you need to see what you think is most convenient for you and your children

Mine each have Green light accounts. It’s a debit card for kids. Whenever family members send money (birthdays, Christmas, etc) it goes directly into their accounts that they can’t touch. The program is pretty neat because you can set up chores, savings goals, and monitor chores. If my kids don’t do their chores they don’t get paid that week.

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My husband set up 529 accounts for all the grandkids and purchases Disney stocks for their birthdays.


Get a 529 account. It’s builds interest fast!

Check out the 529. It is used mainly for higher education. Make sure the one you get can be used in other states. They are worth it.

I have money invested in stocks for my kids!

We did 529 through USAA. So far we are good.

Credit union and we use greenlight

We use Greenlight for my 8 year old & we plan on opening one for my youngest when she is old enough to do chores!

We started our 2 children accounts when they were 1 month old, every pay period of ours they get a deposit, & we have invested the $ in a college fund for them

I use Stash. It’s an app that has savings accounts connected with trading stocks so you can literally watch their account grow as you put small deposits in from each check. I have one for my daughter and I :two_hearts:

My mom and sister set up a Go Henry card for my niece who’s 8 and she has to do chores to earn the money that gets put on there. I actually started a bank account for my kids with $500 a piece in them at Altamaha Federal Credit Union. They’ve used the money mainly on toys and clothes and shoes they wanted but some of it has also gone to needs like medicines, diapers/wipes, etc. It’s really helpful to have put back for them and I add to it whenever I can. My kids are 5 and 3

All 4 of mine have 529s. I have savings accounts(mainly for bday money like checks) and my oldest two have green light

I just opened a Jr savings account at my bank for her. I can access through my online account and transfer money straight into it. I don’t really have a certain amount I put up. I put what I can up. One week may be $5 the next maybe $50. Just depends on how much is left after paying bills. I’m also lucky she has amazing grandparents. Her Pa saves all his ones for the week and gives it to her. We put that in a piggy bank and cash it in when it’s full. At the rate we are going she will be able to buy a brand new car when she’s 16 :joy: not that I will let her.

Once she turns 18 it will turn into a regular savings account. But I will still have access until we both go up there to sign me off. I’m 26 and my mom is still on mine :joy: and it builds interest.

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Me!! :wave:t3: we have a savings account for our 2 year old

Ummm given the way our government is going I think saving money under your mattress is your best option.


Be careful with getting 529 accounts it could hurt your child from getting financial aid for college. Just FYI

My bank has a thing called the Kirby club for kids. We put money into an account for them

Why would any smart person post on this site where they have MONEY?? People, wake UP!! Do not blame anyone but yourself if your money is gone. Geeze Louise!! Why not give your account number while you are at it??? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


We have a savings account for my child. We were in a car accident and he got a check for 8k so he wanted to save it for college
We just used the same back we have acounts at

I don’t know where you live but I bank with state employees credit union and they have bank accounts for kids. They get a debit card . And a prize every month and they have a “ATM machine “ for the kids where they can put any change or dollars in it and it loads on to their card and I can also switch money from my account to theirs right from my phone so


I have a savings account for my daughter

I personally would not do a 529 account. That is an account that can only be used for college/trade school. If it’s used for anything else they will have to pay income taxes on it and a 10% penalty. And will hurt their chances of financial aid.


Just started a UTMA for my daughter.

I have a savings account for both my daughters. I put money into each account when I get paid. They are 5 and 1. They won’t get the money until they are 18. I don’t even know if I will tell them about it until then. I just made an account at the bank i use.

I save change. Cash it in when the container is full and lock it in the safe. I also collect old bills and coins for my kids. They will be worth way more to them later than what I can get now. I chose not to put money in accounts for now. When they get older and get jobs I’ll give them the cash to open their accounts.

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My son has a savings account, and I put all his birthday, Christmas and etc. money in there for him for when he’s older & responsible.

Greenlight. It’s an app for kids debit cards. Show you their spending and let them earn money for doing chores or what ever and helps them learn how to save their money look into it

I moved away from Ca but maintain a bank account at ACU(arrowhead credit union) I prefer credit unions to banks. They are super friendly and would probably have an account that would work for you

I always bought cds for my daughters. Higher yield than regular savings account.

I have an IUL for my son and I. It’s a life insurance policy that also has a cash value. So it accumulates overtime, then when he is ready, I can transfer it to him and he will take over the payments. He will be insured as well as have a savings built up and can take it out, tax free. Also, stocks of course.

Following- to read through when I have time:) we have a 529 plan for our toddler but would love to see what everyone else does!

I have a savings account for my son so I put everything in there from birthday Christmas every time I get paid I put money in as well

I opened a savings account with my credit union for each of my kids just after they were born

I have a 529 account and a regular savings

Go to the same back as you use and open a bank account for them in their name. My kids do chores every day or almost every day and they get paid for it and they put in some place safe. I also have 2 big cheese ball containers and save money that way and if I’m at work when one of my kids hangs out with their friend(s) they could take some money from there but to text me to let me know.

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Credit unions. SDCCU is great.

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Find a local credit union and set them up a child account. Put a small amount in it every month.

529 accounts to be used for college.

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I have a young savers (no longer available but my son was grandfathered in) at TD Bank. I put $ for birthday, new school year, braces tightening, report cards and big school field trips (overnights).

I opened an account in my sons name. He was 1. Being a close to Christmas baby I gave people the option of buying one gift and then if they would like to add a couple of dollars to his account.


High Yield Saving Account via Marcus, Ally, Alliant, etc

i use golden 1 credit union for mine!

Yeah. My kids have always had their own accounts since they were babies. Any money they get for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions go in there, and I’ll occasionally put some in just for the heck of it.

We have a credit union savings account for my 7 year old. We opened it when he was 4 and he would save all of the coins me, his dad, and other people gave him. He’s saved 250+ bucks of change.

My bank offers a holiday account that earns like a ridiculous amount of interest from January- October. November you get access to all that money. I wanna just keep taking that money out and putting it back in every year until my kids are 18. It’s the best way to earn the most amount of interest

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Following as I also have been looking for a good savings bank for my son

I use the same credit union I use for my kids.

Look at UTMA accounts for minors. We opened ours at TD Bank.

I got higher interest kid’s accounts for mine. I called around for the best deal. It goes to regular interest when they turn 18.

We bank through Chase and my 7 year old has one! We can control where when n how he spends/saves his money! Also teaching him how to use a debit card!

My kid has one opened with our credit union and then a robinhood acct.

I was able to open a student/teen account at Chase bank that is under my profile so I can transfer money to her and set limits on what or where her card can be used.

I use the same bank I am with. My kids won’t have access to it till they are 21.

I have a young savers account for my son. Interest rates are not what they used to be.

All three of mine have their own savings accounts with first step cds. We can deposit anytime to the cds and they earn 1%.

My daughter has a savings account, investment account (we match what she deposits for investing in the stock market) and a college account.

Both our kids have savings at our credit union. I have a weekly auto transfer into their accts and when their piggy banks are full we take it in and deposit as well.

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We had kid accounts for them, but make sure if you don’t want them to get into it when they are like 15/16 cuz we didn’t realize and thought they couldn’t until they were 18 but there was a spot that you had to mark.

We put 100. In for birthday 100. for Christmas and 20. Every month. He’s only 6 and a nice little start.