Any other breastfeeding moms have a low sex drive?

Have any of your breastfeeding mamas experienced low libido? By low, I mean nonexistent. During my whole pregnancy, I completely lost my sex drive. In the first trimester, the hormones kicked in, and I couldn’t be touched in any manner; even a hug or kiss was a no for me. During my second trimester and third trimester, I had absolutely no interest and had sex maybe three times total. Now my daughter is nine months old, and I still have no sex drive! I breastfeed full time, and I have read that this could be the cause. I’m too the point where I don’t even want to be touched. When my boyfriend does try, I just get irrationally angry, and I know that this probably puts a bit of a strain on our relationship, but it’s not something that’s really within my control at this point. I just assumed pregnancy and than dealing with a new baby was my issue but now I’m not so sure. I plan on bringing it up to our doctor at the next appointment, but I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this. If so, what did you do? Did it come back after you stopped breastfeeding?


I felt weird having my breasts touched at first but actually had no ill effects on my sex drive. It’s probably more worries about body shape, getting pregnant again as well as being exhausted! As you move onto more solids and less bf, you’ll hopefully get more energy back.

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Sounds like your hormones could be out of balance.

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I experienced this. My hormones were totally out of whack. Combo of breastfeeding and birth control. Definitely recommend talking to your doctor. I ended up having to go off birth control

When I became pregnant with my son I didn’t want to be touched what so ever. After I had him I was the same. I would only give it to my kids dad maybe once a month if he was lucky. When I became pregnant with my daughter it was still gone and would get beyond p***ed if he wanted it. Even after I had her I didn’t want to be touched. I got my sex drive back after my daughter was 2. Not sure why I lost it. Definitely talk with your doctor and see if there is anything you can do.

Not breastfeeding but no mood for the sex :sleepy: I can understand it maybe weird but to know have that pleasure is depressing as well