Any pregnant mamas test positive for Covid?

Are there any pregnant women on here who have been Covid positive? I’m experiencing some symptoms, and I’ve been tested but haven’t gotten my results yet. I’ve been reading and freaking myself out. I know it affects people differently, but just looking for some peace of mind.

Stop reading stuff & stressing yourself out hun. Its not safe for neither of you to be stressing. I will pray for the best in you both hun. Be blessed & never stressed

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My co worker had covid at 36 weeks. Baby and her are ok now. She had asthma so she had some worse symptoms than most. Baby came totally healthy

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I didn’t have Covid but I had influenza at 37 weeks pregnant. It was a struggle but my body pulled through! Trust your body. Just make sure you are giving your body time to rest. Baby came out healthy as can be. Don’t read into things because everybody experiences it differently!

A friend of mine did, had no symptoms, her family never got it and she "recovered " fine.

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My friend did but refused testing. She gave birth while positive and the baby was fine…

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I did and if was absolutely horrible and ended up delivering 6 weeks early because it made my already complicated pregnancy even more complicated

I did at 7 weeks pregnant

Not pregnant, but I just recovered from covid and for me, it was like a cold. A minor cold. I wouldn’t panic too much because panicking makes it worse (I literally convinced myself I was going to die).

Just rest and lost of fluids and stay off the internet lol

I’ll be 38 weeks on Monday and I was positive on Tuesday. I’ve been okay just extra tired and I have gotten a few of the symptoms. My doctor said baby should be fine. I think just resting is helping she said definitely don’t stress out. I tried to stay up all morning and by like noon I was so exhausted so I think letting your body recover is good.

I have. My symptoms are mild though. Sinus pain, no smell, slight cough.

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I had all symptoms but tested negative. The hubby tested positive after myself. I had headache, then really bad body aches followed by loss of smell and taste. Drank lots of water (1 gallon a day), 1000 mg of acetaminophen (tylenol) 3-4 times a day, and 1000 mg of vitamin c 3-4 times a day for three days. Spoke to doctor yesterday and he said if I were to get covid I too can get the treatment if needed be (if symptoms were severe) so relax momma. I know it’s easier said than done but stressing only gives you anxiety (palpitations, shortness of breath) and it lowers your immune system.

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I test positive I had all symptoms and it was very hard on me

I was covid+ in July, healthy baby was born in Oct. Symptoms was sinus like. Goodluck Mommy

Faith Sugg please post your blog?

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Pregnant during COVID19 Support Group is super helpful

I tested positive when I was 34 weeks pregnant currently 37 weeks and everything seems to be normal I had mild symptoms and was only feeling sick for about 4 days although i still haven’t gotten my sense of smell back yet

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My daughter identical experience as Mercedes Rodriguez.

My sister-in-law tested positive for Covid when the pandemic first started. She was about 4 months pregnant. Her daughter is now 6 weeks old and completely healthy… not sure what research they actually have now… wishing you the best :heart:

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I did but I didn’t feel sick so I didn’t treat it as if I was and im over 30 weeks pregnant and I went for re tested because our dr wont see us for baby apps till im negative and have a letter stating I was negative where I was tested at and it came back incliclusive but I know I’m not sick so im not going to get retested.

I was. First few days were bad. Shaking, couldn’t keep anything in or down. Had to get fluids from the ED. After that I was just wiped for two weeks. Back to normal now without residual effects and baby is healthy. Had covid at 7 weeks.

Try and stay calm unless you get symptoms that warrant concern. Keep in contact with your OB for advice for any sypmtoms. You got this mama!

I have not but my OB said pregnant women usually have milder symptoms because your immune system is already on high alert and ready to fight.

My cousin FiFi Ní Ardail

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Yes I had Covid at 30 weeks pregnant. It didn’t affect the baby and would unlikely affect baby unless born when mother is Covid-19 positive. It was tough having it while heavily pregnant as you are already suffering from the extra body weight…then with the added breathing difficulties with having Covid-19 it really takes it out of you. I lost my taste and smell, had trouble getting my breathe etc but with plenty of rest and fluids it eventually passes. Take paracetamol every 4 hrs xx

Ye I tested positive at 11 weeks pregnant currently 28 weeks and both me and baby are fine :two_hearts:

I was diagnosed with covid at 7 weeks pregnant (I also have underlying issues-asthma and heart disease) and thankfully I only had a mild case. I started with a stuffy nose, then got a fever and body aches for a couple days then a dry cough for about a week with chest heaviness and then was fine. You will be ok mama, stop reading what’s online and take care of you, rest and hydrate.

Mija you will be fine and the baby to rest don’t stress please love you gramma

Tested positive earlier this month at 26 weeks along with my 1 year old. I had a sore throat, sinus congestion, headaches and body aches, and loss my sense of taste and smell, strict fluid diet, lots of orange juice, lemon honey teas, soups, tylenol, and allergy pills. My son only had a runny nose, and what i belive were body aches. Both of us got rid of the symptoms in 3 days, taste and smell came back about a day or two after

Will keep you in our thoughts.