Anyone else have a super helpful spouse?

Anyone else feels bad because their spouse helps too much? He works long hours and then comes home and also jumps right in with the house and the kids. Sometimes, I just want him to come home and relax; it’s my job to take care of everything around the house. But he insists, and then I feel bad for not having everything done when he comes home. He never complains though, and no I am not complaining lol


My spouse does this too and I am not complaning. I have mostly everything done when he comes home, but he still jumps in and helps!

Can not compute!! Is this a typo??? Lol…
Nope, never had that problem. Oh too be sooooo lucky!!! Sigh…


This must be an early April Fools joke.


I have a hubby who is the exactly the same. He prefers to help out and be proactive with our kids schooling etc.
Its not a bad thing hun. Count your blessings. Over the weekend maybe show your appreciation with a massage or movie night :heart:


My husband does this too. Comes home from working 12 hours and will still do things in the house and pick right up with whatever I’m doing. Helps with the kids, does school runs. All depending on his shift at work. But I appreciate him so much more. I am as generous as possible back to him :blush:


Mine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: does manual labor all does, comes home and cooks, does dishes, and trash. Takes the kiddo to school. Always working on updating the house/lawn.

We def bicker and argue at times, but most of the time he is :100:. I make sure to tell him how much I appreciate him as often as possible


You can send him
My way shit. I would love that extra support at the moment. Mine did do the dishes after dinner tho that was a relief 🥲. But he works a lot so I don’t get a lot of help and we both have full time jobs and I am always on call on nights and weekends on top of kiddo

I would love to have that honestly. My man come home ignores me and the kids doesn’t help and claims he does appt for us…


Mine helps me all the time, an I love him for that


When me & my husband got together he told me to stay out of his kitchen he would do all the cooking and cleanup after he would also do laundry ,sweep,vaccum & mop I would help but he would tell me to let him do it my job was to look after the kids.he did this from 2005 until he got sick and wasnt able to do it anymore he died in 2018


100% yes
Hes stepped into my life and my children’s after I left their dad and has supported me through school and with my mental health.
I struggle with lots of traumas and his love and constant support can legitimately be hard to process sometimes tbh :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I never thought it could be like this some days


Sharisa Tirk sounds like our men

I am blessed as well we both work i’m home by 3 my hubby works sun up to sundown and doesn’t stop when he comes home. We cook dinner together almost every night.


I do. He’s a blessing for sure! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mine does the same! And gets mad when I don’t leave anything for him to do. :woozy_face: we both work… but he works 80 hour weeks vs my 45 hour weeks. I can handle the housework. But like I said he gets mad and is like… I could have done that when I got home… smh… you’re working so hard to better our future I got it

My husband is the same way! He works like 12 hours a day outside all day, then comes home and still helps around the house and plays with the kids. Everyday he continues to show me why I fell in love with him when I was 16! We have our arguments but there is definitely know one else I would rather be with.

Shut up… Lol. Be thankful. I work. Husband can’t. And I have to do it all most of the time.

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I’m blessed to have a husband that helps with everything around the house. He is a wonderful father and works hard I couldn’t ask for better.


You are blessed! So long as you don’t take him for granted, you have won the husband hunting trophy.


You are blessed. A lot of women wished they had that! But my man is the same. He helps me no matter what!

Is he available to train my husband? Asking for a friend.


Mine goes above and beyond also. Im chronically ill and he picks up a lit of my slack. Im very grateful for him.

Please count your blessings and love that man up.

Omg I totally read the 1st line wrong. I thought it said totally hateful spouse.

When I had my first I was induced. The nurse that got us settled showed him which cords to unplug so I could go pee before the show began. I wound up having a c section. Nurses thought I’d b laid up for 2 days. I told them 13 hours max (I’m stubborn) they took the cuffs thingies off my legs and removed the Foley at 12 hours. Within 30 minutes I had to pee. He helped me up and down. Was quick to check the baby and change diapers if needed. The L&D nurses literally told him he was taking their job cuz he was taking such good care of baby and mama.

Because it is different from his job, it may be relaxing to him.

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He probably knows that he should help clean up the house as well. It is about love and respect. I am lucky in that regard as well. My husband helps me around the house.

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I just blew my oj out my nose. I wish.


I wish. So lucky. Can barely get mine to take down the trash. Toss it in back of his truck so he has no choice. Lol

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It is awsome to have a partner who understands And respects all you do.
It is not your job to make sure everything is clean and perfect! That is unattainable goal for anyone.
You do not owe profection for him suporting the family.
He is not helping because you can’t do it, he’s helping because he is a good teammate and Partner. He lives there, eats there, dirtys clothes, he should be pitching in.
Also some people just like to stay busy.


My partner helps so much too it’s a blessing

Make sure u never let him go those kind are far and few between I have a son in law like that


Enjoy! That’s Great. I have an Awesome Husband to.

I’m blessed in this department as well! Count all your blessings. Not many men are like this. But don’t feel bad. It’s his home too just as much as it is yours. Team work makes the dream work!


I often feel that I don’t do near enough for my husband because he does so much for us. He always says “ you do what you can with the time you have” I mean I’m super happy he does all the things I just feel like I should do the same amount.

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My hubs. Wonderful and indefatigable man. Annoys the hell out of me.

Also share this blessing and feeling like he does too much sometimes lol and you can never really talk about it with anyone cause everyone else usually has the opposite problem… hahaha no real complaints here either… just remember to ask if there is anything you can do for him from time to time or encourage him to do something for himself

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Thats how I am, my kids dad is a stay at home dad, we have 4 kids (11,8,1 and newborn) I work full time. We do every other night on who attends to the younger two over night. He is always telling me to quit helping but I cant help it I’m a mum and I love being with my kids every second I can and the same goes for him. Its because he loves you and his family with you, not many people are lucky to have someone like that in there life, cherish it as long as you can.

Let him know your appreciation.You are lucky. I am not that lucky but I have two sons and I am always telling my sons to help their wife, and they do help.

Yes, but I don’t feel guilty at all it his house and he should do his part!

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You are literally living the dream.


he does his share when home he works 2nd shift hel help the next day

My husband is this way. He sacrifices everything for us. I know exactly how you feel.

Uhhh girl consider yourself blessed!! Less have this then do

I have a boyfriend like that. Comes home after a long day and instantly takes care of our daughter. He does chores before I can do them all the time lol. I just give him extra back rubs and make sure he takes care of himself too, because he forgets.

stop bragging about it lmao jk
no my bf helps out around too even if we both work or between jobs. I am so happy about it

Honestly mine does this too. He does alot of house work. always comes right in and helps when I’m folding clothes. Wakes up and helps with the baby. He’s great. He also works 8am-530pm

Well…enjoy it lmao
My man is pretty sweet this way

I wish ,hubby doesn’t help me with poop

Humble brag :laughing:
But yes, my husband is the same way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::yum:

Don’t feel guilty. He obviously enjoys helping to take care of his family. He probably understands that you work hard to keep the house in order and doesn’t mind pitching in. Consider yourself lucky. Just make sure he knows how much you appreciate him. :wink:




If being a SAHM/SAHW is your job of choice, then get your job done while you should. When he gets home, it’s still fair to split the workload that remains as long as your work at home is equivalent to his work out of the home. Is your work valued at half of his wage, or are you being “overpaid”?

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My SO hardly ever helps out, even when I ask.but when he does I still feel bad he is having to do it, even tho he doesn’t have too.

You are blessed! Find ways to show him how much you appreciate him!

Make him a warm bath and give him a massage every once in a while. Don’t discourage him from helping specially if he does it without being told. You are blessed.


Thats medal rewarding shot right there (not) i work 2 jobs go home and do all the above if I’m working he does it … there’s no (i) in team

You won the lotto lol

If he likes it it’s because that’s his comfort zone. I bet he’s naturally thin. Some people hate to relax and always want to be on the move. I wish I were that person. Like a type A. I’m a type A internally, but externally I get up at 4:30am to run my 5 miles just so I can stay not that fat, and then I’m exhausted all day. Those people are just thin and happy and full of energy with like no effort or thought. I hate them so much. :sob: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes. When mine is home from work (works out of town so hes been home for months straight) he steps up and helps with kids. Goes with me to take oldest to school, goes to store and park with us. And has never complained to watch them when I have an appt or sonething going on. He is an amazing father.

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Girl you are more than blessed!! Appreciate that man and all he does!! Not every man is like that those are so so hard to find

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Yuppers!! My husband works two jobs (not as super stressful as mine) but he comes home, tidies up, gets the laundry going (I fold & put away) he’ll cook (I’ll do dishes) he does all the outside work, but I take care of the kids (bathes, brushing teeth small things) and he’s more financially there than “doing things with them” which they don’t really pay much attention to anyways, but I feel like I should be doing more.

Not complaining :joy: sounds like it

Find ways to show him you appreciate his help. Baby daddy and I are divorced because he did not want to help at all. That lead to a list of problems. I have a new boyfriend and he helps me so much! He is fixing stuff on my house that I didnt even ask him to do. I’m so greatful for him working and caring for his kids, me, my baby and anything I need help with. :heart::heart: plus giving me the time to do my school stuff because I’m in college full time.

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That’s my husband too! He’s so beyond helpful. I stay home with our 3 kids (all under 4 :sweat_smile:) and when he gets home he is either taking care of the kids while I make dinner, or he’s making dinner, or cleaning or something.

I think it’s weird how normalized it is for a woman to do everything in the home, all the shopping, raise the kids, go to all appointments etc while a man works.

Doesn’t seem like an even team and my husband has always felt the same.

My hubby is exactly the same. Especially weekends, let’s me sleep in and cleans while I do. Then cooks for me so I can have weekends off even though he works (most days physical work) he says that I am the mother of his children and I work even harder during the week looking after the kids, the house, the yard, the dog, cooking so I deserve a break. My hero

My husband works on a towboat. Gone 20 days home 10. When he is home, I don’t have to do anything. He says “you deal with everything all alone for 20 days, this is my way of helping you”

My hubby with his boys always there for them then and now that they are grown men . Now hes all for the grandkids. :hugs:

Seriously so awesome

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My husband is amazing!

Hang on to that boy. He was taught well

That’s like my fiance lol he’s amazing I don’t know what I’d do without him he’s perfect.

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Do complain girl you have a unicorn haha

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Can you clone him? Please?

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Send him to my house :wink: jk


Yeeesss and it makes me feel horrible!! Love him though :heart::heart:

My hubby has retired and taken over even more of the household stuff.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: how dare he be a member of the household

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My husband always goes above and beyond for us!

Yes! I have a ripped tendon in my foot and in a boot and bedrest. He has definitely picked up the slack and absolutely rocking it. But I feel horrible

That’s how it should be, don’t feel bad.

I think you’re a very lucky person to have someone there for you and willing to help even after working! Be grateful as much as you can be because majority of people don’t have that!


Damn. A helpful man is as elusive as a Pegasus.

Yup. My husband works 60+ between two jobs and comes home does bath time, will clean up the kitchen and living room, fold the laundry I didnt get too.He regularly tells me to relax and he will take care of things when he gets home . I told him the other day he spoils me to much.

We both work and everything is 50/50 I don’t even have to ask and neither does he. It’s an amazing thing when you do it all together. Also it helps show my kids a healthy relationship

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Yessss Meeeee! He is a busy body. I can’t keep up with him. I’m lucky he likes a clean house. I won’t complain.

Oh my thank him. Give him a big hug and kiss . Love the guy

Same! my husband works non stop, never complains about it … but neither do I. We’re a team for sure :sunglasses:

Your a blessed woman. Just embrace it!

Don’t feel bad or lucky, that’s the way it should be. It’s a partnership and shouldn’t be one sided just because one has a ‘paid’ job and the other doesn’t.