Anyone else have a teen that "forgets" everything?

Does anyone else’s teens say they forgot literally everything? You ask my 17 yr old if she done something… I forgot, you ask her to do something unless you make her do it right then “I forgot,” she “forgets” to fold her clothes that is in her bed, “forgets” to take the dogs out, forgets to eat, forgets to rinse dishes, forgets she ate my ice cream & forgets to tell me she did it. I ask them on my weekly grocery trip what they want to snack on, what they need from the store, I again ask as I am leaving for the store, if they don’t tell me they want it they are supposed to ask before getting it & tell me if they finished it off.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have a teen that "forgets" everything?

They just say it so they don’t have to do anything

Might be a shorter list if you ask who doesn’t have a teen like that lol


I’m 32 but I honestly forget everything. It annoys my husband to no end!

Pfft that’s me right now! My memory SUCKS!

I have a 19 year old. They must be related. :smile: I figure life is short and he’ll get it one day.

Then you need to forget what’s important to her. Works both ways.

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Yep my 14 yo has to be told every step and only 1 at a time. I tell her she needs to give her brain a rest from the computer .my memory is poor but I am 72

That’s teenage disrespect and laziness and it’s disgusting. Praying hard for you!

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I have adhd and still forget everything. So.

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My son and sometimes it makes me considering becoming a WWE star on him :unamused:

Mines almost 22 and it never stopped!!

Sounds like my son! He’s going to be 18 in the beginning of August.

Well we always eat blueberries every day and we seem to have a pretty good memory.,

Could be a sign of clinical depression.

TAke their electronics away and charging cords. They don’t forget to charge them. Make them earn them back. Food make them pay for what they eat in snacks

My 17yr old son does this and he’s on my last nerve with it

Sounds like my 8yr old :laughing::woman_facepalming:

Uhhh that’s all of them :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I have a 12yr old who forgets everything. Personally, I don’t think he does. It’s just not important to him to hear what we’re saying so he doesn’t care. :person_tipping_hand:

Pretty normal behavior. I have a 16, 15, 14, 7, 5, and 2 tear old.


Yes, my daughter also is diagnosed ADHD as well.

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Have 4 kids, all adults now. The I forgot statement is a true statement(talked to my familys doctor) because the brain is still not fully formed yet it results in the memory area. They really forget, it doesn’t last forever it just seems like it lol

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I have ADHD and forget literally everything. I’ve lost my car keys 4 times just today…


My 16 year old and 10 year old are like this but they have ADHD and ADD comes with the territory

Teens are highly focused on emotionality… creating and maintaining social connections… etc… this hijacks the part of the brain that listens, retains info… etc… usually they will improve as get closer to adulthood… but could also have attention deficit or sensory processing delays

Sounds like my 3 and the oldest is 22

Teenage hormone brain :woman_facepalming::brain::joy:

LOL You thought teenagers are supposed to be different than this??

I was this kid. It had to be written down or I legitimately forgot. Mom learned to write down my list each morning.

She’s not forgetting. It’s just not on her radar lol

Teenagers🤦🏻‍♀️ when I ask mine why didn’t you do this or that he always replies with, oh I was just getting ready to. Lol like no TF you were not but ok🤣

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Sounds like myself since I had Covid. Multiple people I know since having Covid suffers with memory problems. Literally if it’s not been in an everyday routine 9 out of 10 I’m forgetting and even then at times. I even forget to give my dogs insulin at times and I’ve been giving her insulin for almost 3 years now

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I don’t think its that they forget, its more like they use that excuse to get out of doing things


My 17 yr old daughter does the same thing!!!

I’ll tell you… when I “forgot” to pay that Comcast bill for WiFi and “forgot” to pay the cell phone bill (disabled the phone through the app) all of a sudden that memory was on point!


Sounds like a typical teenager to me. They all have selective hearing. I have 2 of my own.

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none of you parents have spoken here about consequences. Make them have consequences for their actions or non actions. You are not teaching them responsibility or that there are consequences. There needs to be punishments of some kind for their lack of responsibility. Forget to wash their clothes or a special snack or make them do more chores and make sure they do them.


Teenagers are not from this planet! :joy::joy::joy::joy: Mine are 14, 16, 19 and 20 :sob::grimacing: if they remember anything I think there’s gotta be something wrong

You know some of these are related to ADHD… I don’t know your kid but there’s always a reason behind everything… not saying it’s ADHD or anything else but worth a look too . Executive function lacks


It’s best to write on a chart and put the chart where it would be seen. If that doesn’t work then it’s the “I don’t care” teenage phase.

I used to forget a lot. Mainly because of adhd. I could never remember a conversation I had few mins ago. Never could remember how to get to stores and all till i was in my 20s.


The same and my daughter is 13 very frustrating but if u ask her have u checked social media oh that she never forgets ! Smh

She could be depressed… you sound like an asshole.

my kids alllll the time

:sweat_smile: so glad it’s not only my kids

I was and am still like this and have adhd so maybe look into getting them evaluated. Can’t always assume they are just lazy or needs discipline. Adhd has made life so much harder for me


Sounds like headinass syndrome, quite common starts at about 11 and lasts till they have to pay and take care of themselves, sometimes not even then .


My 14&18 are like that. They forget everything, so I tell them imma forget to pay the internet, imma forget to cook food, imma forget to buy toilet paper. They don’t forget , that’s the excuse they use because they’re lazy. You’re gonna have to learn to forget​:rofl::rofl:


My 17 year old son does that as well. And yep it’s just an excuse for why he didn’t do it.

They forgot because they didn’t want to do it, they need to have some responsibility, when my mama and daddy told me and my siblings to do something we knew we better get it done or else our behind got torn up…


Maybe have her evaluated? I’m extremely forgetful and part of it is because of brain fog from vitamin deficiency and the other half is from untreated depression. I know our gut reaction is to be annoyed with these kinds of behavior, but, MOST people aren’t willingly lazy or forgetful… there’s usually a bigger struggle.


She doesn’t forget, it’s an excuse not to do it.
Use it back at her, when there’s something she wants you to do… don’t do it then say you forgot… good way to teach how her actions effect others.


Yes and he is like that as an adult also.

I was awful forgetful as a kid and teen. Turns out I had thyroid issues that weren’t found till I was in my 20’s, but that was the cause of my brain fog and forgetfulness.

Try iron suppliments

My 6yo does this and I’m already on his butt correcting him. Oh and he “accidentally” does a lot of things too. We’re working on it. It’s not okay. Forgetting is okay. Accidents are okay. But we’re not having him grow up in the habit of making excuses for being lazy or careless.

So my way was “If you can’t remember then I can’t remember either for you to go out”

She’s not forgetting. It’s just that the things you’re asking her to do are not priorities to her. I have a teenage daughter. Teens can be miserable lol. A few weeks ago she told me it was “too hard” to get her cereal bowl clean but this is the same kid that decided she wanted a job at 14, got one by herself. Then I told her when she felt ready to take her permit test (had studied) to let me know and I would set her up and pay for it. Well it was online because of Covid and we had this conversation the day before her 15th birthday. The next day she told me she took the test at midnight when she officially turned 15 and passed and paid for it herself. Then she went through the highschool and worked it out to take college classes next year I’m addition to highschool classes (something that’s offered locally). She set it up and passed the placement exam and had it all organized. She did all of this by herself, but cleaning a damn bowl? Impossible. Every week one of her chores is the bathroom (she gets to pick her chores and this is the chore she always picks) and her first job was housekeeping, we always use the same cleaners and store them in the same exact spot. But she always asks me what cleaner to use and where we keep it.
It’s just selective memory and selective knowledge. I bet if you ask your kid who their favorite band is, who their best friend has a crush on or what the drama is at school they’d be able to tell you. But if it’s not something that interests them they’re not going to take the time to think about it.
If you believe it’s more than selective forgetfulness then absolutely bring her to her primary care doctor. Or you could even bring her just to make sure it’s nothing serious- vitamin deficiencies can cause forgetfulness or not getting enough sleep can as well. But If she can remember stuff she wants to remember but not remember stuff you want her to remember then it’s probably just a case of teenage-itis.

Give her the same answer when she wants something from you.
They hate a taste of their own medicine lol

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She is getting away with it so she uses the excuse.Turn the tables on her. Forget to get or do the things she asks you. She is not 12 but 17 yrs old. Maybe by you getting forgetful HER MEMORY will get a lot clearer! Lol


If she does her homework and is passing school then its just an excuse…
But if she has the problem with school too she needs uron supplements
Ask tge school first how she is doing…if she has brain fog…if not…
Its just plain laziness and alot of teens use that excuse
But it doesnt work lije that in our household
All you have to say is oops i forgot to pay the internet
When she has a shower turn the hot water off say oops forgot to pay the water bill
Say oops i forgot to buy laundry soap of course you have to hide it
Lots of fun things you can do to repay the lazy teen
Judt have to be smarter at it then them

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Take away tv time block the Wi-Fi and I’m sure they’ll stop forgetting . Make them go walk to the store and get their own snacks if they don’t tell you

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Say to her there’s $50 for you on the table I’ll bet you $100 she won’t forget to grab it :joy::rofl:


I did that as a teen and legit forgot it


I have learned that forgetting is because of the lack of consequence. See how quick she remembers if you snatch her phone or shut off the wifi. Works for my 17, 14 and 7 yr old lol.

Sounds like my 10 year old when he doesn’t want to do anything that’s chores :woman_facepalming:t2:

Literally every teenager

Have her tested to rule out anything… possibly ADHD … It’s better to be safe than sorry…. Maybe she’s going through something emotionally… I understand your frustration but have her seen by a doctor to make sure it’s not something she may need some help with


I also have myself and husband who forget literally everything. We need lists, calenders, Alexa, notes, etc just to remember (P.S.: We still forget :joy:).

I did the later thing

Husbands do it too :rofl:


It’s a teenager thing. As far as stuff you need them to do, make them do it right away… especially pet care. For snacks from the grocery store, shove the list and a pen under their noses and make them put an entry on the list. If you plan to get something for yourself, get extra. Put a paper on the fridge door and fasten a pencil to the top of the fridge. Make it a rule that if anybody finishes off a snack food, they have to write it down on the paper. That way you know it’s gone and can put it on your list. They’ll forget to do it at first, but when they get dragged back to the fridge to list it when you find it gone a couple of times, they’ll start to remember. They just have stuff on their minds. Who’s dating whom, who broke up. Does so and so like them? Is someone mad at them? What about school? Do they have a problem with their classes? Maybe they’re sweating a grade. You never know with teenagers. And if you ask, you might get an answer and you might not. My son preferred to talk most of his stuff out with his friends before he told me. My daughter was very talkative and told me more than I ever wanted to know… I knew her business most of the time, and that of her friends’. That’s kids!

Yup standard teen too much fluff in their head haha

She has ADHD but refuses meds, claims they make her feel horrible, she has stolen a cell phone out of my room for the 2nd time because it was taken away for sending inappropriate pics for the 3rd or 4th time she gets consequences they just don’t seem to phase her. I am legit at my wits end with this kid

Yup sounds like my son

Yes… normal. I forgot everything as a teen and am now an extremely accomplished responsible adult

Maybe she has ADD or ADHD?


I have a 9 yr old that tried that on me…it dont fly.

They’re not forgetting. Probably just lazy. (Not saying this as an insult, but I too was lazy as a teen and always “forgot” lol.)

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M0re Info.

Forget to serve them…
In kids defense they are as you raised them to be

Yes I think it’s a teen thing. The only time they remember is when it’s something they want to do

Sounds like any kid. They forget because chores and responsible tasks are not at the top of their priority list. I’ve taught my son to be a bit better by letting him learn it on his own. He “forgets” he needs to wash his stinky PE clothes. He’ll try to say he won’t be able to do PE. I said like hell you can’t. You’re just gonna smell worse than the other kids. Bring them home and wash them after school. Or he “forgets” he finished off the ranch and there’s none for his meal. I’ve told him well, had you told me earlier when I was going to the store, you’d probably have ranch right now. Eat it with ketchup (not his favorite dipping sauce btw). Sometimes you just gotta step back and let them learn why they shouldn’t “forget”. Especially teens.


:joy: bless your heart yes I had four…now I forget everything :roll_eyes:

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i think that not just your teen but any teens will do this forget - when they truly want something they’ll remember to do what was asked of them,other than that they will just forget - as it sits it seems its a thing for them

If mine done that,I’d forget to make supper,Their lunches,Take them to there games after school,soon fix their forgetting

Sounds like my 14 yr old grandson
Hunni you can’t beat them
All I can suggest
Is try to hide stuff you don’t want them to have

Welcome to the teenage years.

Have you tried putting a list and a pen or pencil on the front of your refrigerator? They add what they finish off or what they want. It worked well with my family. A list also helped me plan meals.

She doesn’t forget how to be lazy.


I haven’t reached the teenage years with my kiddos yet lol but this reminds me of my husband. I have a dry erase board on the fridge with reminders for him daily😂. Other wise he “ forgets “


Have her repeat what you ask her to do. Then you will know that you told her.


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My, almost, 14 year old son “forgets” the things he doesn’t want to do. He “forgot” to empty the dishwasher. He “forgot” to let the dogs out. He “forgot” to take the trash out.

He didn’t “forget” to play his video games. He didn’t “forget” to go play football with his friends. He didn’t “forget” to ask his parents for a new video game.

They’re teenagers. They’re lazy, mean little people!

I have 4 kids with adhd so yeah……


absolutely mine did - now in his 40s and a successful scientist, lecturer and world renowned speaker - dont worry just yet its a phase


Honestly this could be an “object permanence” issue which is a common symptom that presents in women/girls with adhd, depression, anxiety, etc. I can set things on the end table that’s literally 2 inches away from my front door so that I remember to grab it on the way out and STILL forget it. I can tell myself over and over again “don’t forget X” and still immediately forget. I forget to eat and drink often. I have food in a cupboard in my kitchen that I often forget about. Food/drinks in the back of the fridge, forgotten. Obviously these aren’t the only examples but the struggle is real. :confused:


Yea no , do not allow them to use that as an excuse. I would tell my kids strait out , no you did not forget , you chose not to remember