Anyone else have back issues from pregnancy?

Before I had my first daughter I hurt my back and ended up with 3 lumbar herniated disc's. After I gave birth to her I lost feeling in my thigh above my knee. About half my thigh is numb and when I bump it the pain is horrible. My doctor said it would go away eventually but never did. Before I had my second daughter I ended up hurting my back again. I ended up with horrible nerve damage and my leg got worse. I got pregnant a couple years later with my second child and after it was time for the epidural to wear off it took hours before I could feel my right leg again. I started getting such bad anxiety because I thought it was going to stay like that.. To this day I still have horrible pains in my leg. I've been to all sorts of doctors and nothing has worked. They just keep telling me to go to PT. I'm just here to ask if this has happened to anyone or something similar? What did you do to help the situation?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have back issues from pregnancy?

I have had something similar and ended up taking the PT. When you do so much and it doesnt work/help they ordered an MRI and i now get back shots and on pain meds to help because it got worse and i was scared when i lost function in a leg i would fall with the baby

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Have you tried steroid injection in your back? Leg pain is probably due to a pinch never in your back from the bad disk.

I would try chiropractor


I eventually had to have back surgery because the pain in my leg was so intense. I now have permanent nerve damage in that leg because I waited too long to get the surgery!

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My injuries are different, but pregnancy and birth really screwed up my body too. For 4 years after my son was born I ignored the constant pain until I just couldn’t function with it anymore. I went to a physical therapist who concluded that my pelvis and SI joints were pretty much demolished. Even my pelvic floor was wrecked and some of my organs weren’t in the correct place. Like holy crap, nobody told me having a baby would break me :woozy_face: After a few months of PT that was expensive and painful, I still recommend doing it! My pain levels are dramatically lower now and my range of movement is much better too. I will always have side effects from my pregnancy and birth but at least now they are much less intrusive upon my quality of life.

I went to a chiropractor when I was pregnant. And again after. Best thing ever

The thigh pain is pretty common as pregnancy advances. It may persist off and on after delivery. My doctor told me to take B complex vitamins to treat it, and that worked for me. Also, weight loss helps.

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So have you gone to Pt because it really does work if you have the right o d

My pregnancy with my son twisted the lower vertebrae in my spine because he just stayed on one side all the time. I’m just diagnosed with chronic pain and they throw stuff at the fan but not k much has helped. I’m sorry :frowning: it sucks.

I went to the chiropractor twice a week, PT twice a week and went for massages once or twice a month for 2 or 3 months (grateful for health insurance :grimacing::grimacing:) and that helped my pain levels a lot. I don’t have constant numbing, but sporadic numbing in my hands and the creepy crawlys on my toes on my right foot. Doesn’t happen as often unless I over do it at the gym or moving something too heavy, anything that would hurt my back. Before, I could hurt my back simply bending the wrong way too quickly, it takes much more to really hurt myself. I do think the PT helped a bit.

I had two hip replacements after my children. One day i was in the shower and my hip dislocated. Theres nothing you can do but call 911. They take you to the er …put you to sleep and pop it back in. This happened 15 times in one year. Then i got my first replacement. 3 months later it dislocated again and i had my second. Its been 4 months now…so far so good. But before the dislocations my left leg would feel like it was asleep. Took 6 months for it to wake back up. I basically just dragged my leg everywhere. Knowing what i know now that was the start of my issues

There are neurologists who study nerve damage during and after pregnancy. I suggest you demand a referral or find a chiro who can help.

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My mid lower back hurts all the time. Sometimes goes into my hip and down my legs. They stabbed that epidural needle in me and I jumped so idk if it’s that or…all I know is I wanted a kid, the kid surprised me but I got him, and now I got back pain and bad teeth. Worth it? Yeah…still sucks tho

Ive also had the injections and they do take the edge off

My back was soooooo messed up from multiple car accidents also my uterus is tilted back so all 4 pregnancies the babies were laying on my sciatic nerve which made my rt leg numb with shooting pains that lasted well after pregnancy I’ve been to many docs have had many back procedures injections pain meds pt messages yoga everything the docs offered nothing helped I also have arthritis so I thought some things were not options…the chiropractor changed my life for real not even exaggerating I still have some pain and some lose of sensation in my rt leg but not nearly as bad as what I’ve been dealing with for almost 20 yrs …find a good chrio that take xrays before they even touch you as well as an extensive history the chrio scared the crap out of me at first I thought the cracking and poping would hurt given all my pain but it didn’t at all and the relief was instant I cried I couldnt believe it!!!

Physical therapy, massage therapy and a chiropractor. Do NOT wait or play around bc numbness is nerve issues. You can play around and end up seriously injured or paralyzed.
Sadly, I wouldn’t advise anymore children until you’ve had X-rays and an MRI to ensure you’re healed.

I cracked my tailbone 8 years when I gave birth to my first but the only lasting effect from that was not being able to sit on the floor too long or I’d be walking about like John Wayne :joy:. Now I’m 32 weeks pregnant with my second and my tailbone absolutely kills all the time, I did a deep cleep of the two bedrooms and living room on Saturday and couldn’t walk until Monday night.

I have 3 herniated lumbar discs, permanent nerve damage down my left leg and foot, had a disc partly shaved off 2 yrs before I had my first son, then blew out another disc a year after he was born. I also have been a licensed massage therapist for 14 years. PT and massage therapy saved me. It’s a slow and painful road, but it works.

U need gabapentine
Dr. Can prescribe it to you.
You should’ve been on it before delivering baby and afterwards. It’s for nerve pain. There are herbs that help relieve nerve pain as well.
2 c-sections and severe nerve pain in incision area and low back nerve pain period to giving birth as well. I was on 8 pills every 6 hrs by the time I gave birth… slowly tapered off and by 4 months pp. I was completely off. Baby was fine after birth.
No other pain meds will work. I’m sorry ur going through this.

Did you go to PT like the doctor recommended?