Anyone else have this Nexpalnon issue?

I have had a nexplanon implant for 9 months..8 out of those 9 months I had my period, twice a month..this month is nothing. I have not had sex. I don't leave my house unless I have to go to work.Anyone else experience this

I had nexplanon put in last August 2020 since then ive only gotten my period once and that was last month. Ive been having multiple issues. Just make sure you Express your concerns to your doctor

I had nexplanon for a little over two years. The first year, I had a period about a week after inserting it, but then no period for a couple of months. When I did get it finally, it was regular for maybe two months. After this however I regularly would bounce from having a period every other week, to once every 2-3 weeks, to no period for 1-2 months. I also had weird periods. Rather than a normal flow, it would every other time be brown/black, and so thick that it looked like coffee grounds. When it was like this it actually was so thick it really wouldn’t come out unless I used tampons, and even then I still would regularly have to stick fingers in and scoop it out. Otherwise I would just keep spotting till the next time I got a full period. Once I get it all out though, I almost immediately will be off my period. Occasionally it would go back to pink spotting, and then end a day or two later. I got it removed because obviously the thick coffee ground looking stuff is gross, I was sick of dealing with that… but I also was having problems in my relationship. I got nexplanon so we could have sex regularly without worry, but I had periods so crazy that we were regularly not able
to do anything(we don’t like bloody sex) and it got to the point I’d rather be on the pill and know exactly when I’ll have a period than to deal with all that. I told my doctor all of this and they said all of it was Normal except for the thick coffee ground looking menstruation but they weren’t concerned about it. Your period timings seem pretty close to mine, and my doctor assured they are completely normal.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have this Nexpalnon issue?

You need to speak to your doctor as they should be able to prescribe you the pill to control your periods


I did and got off immediately

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I go 5 months with out it and can bleed up to a whole month.

Having same problem with my period didnt have it for a month and im work on week 3 of period im wait for my doc appointment to get the pill hoping it will help

I did the same and got off of it because of this problem and have had issues with my period ever since and that was 13 years ago. Good luck .

Yep I bleed more then I don’t and it’s been over a year I’m having it removed

My birth control since I had little man. He’s 3 now it’s getting ready to need to be replaced in March. But in this whole time. I’ve had my period probably 5-6 times at the most. I get my period in random months. But it’s like a long period without having it I go like anywhere from 4 months without it. Every body reacts differently. If your concerned talk to your dr

Everyone is different with the nexplanon, some get their menstrual and some don’t. But if it is doing that then definitely contact your doctor

Ive got the implant fitted and my periods have stopped

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I had it for a year, the first 2 months I bleed for 2 whole months then didn’t have a periode after.

My daughter had to get it removed and that was a big part her problem as well. From what we learned, it’s a very common issue. Also want to mention that they’ve had problems with them breaking during removal as well. I wouldn’t recommend it after our ordeal

I had it in for almost a year and had a constant period. Like every day minus maybe one or two days out of the month I was bleeding. I got it taken out as soon as I could afford to have it removed

I had the same thing. I ended up having to have it taken out, my doctor said it would fix its self but I didn’t want to wait it out because well, periods suck anyways and having one twice a month sucks. I’m now on the ring and it has fixed my period and has made them shorter!

My body rejected it. Like, shit organs down rejected. Eyes & nails turned yellow. My arm bleed at the incision sight. I had a constant period. It was awful!

I finally just got mine removed after 2 years of having it. constant periods & emotional rollercoaster, wasn’t worth it after all. I just wanted my sanity back


Yes I had my period twice a month with it. It was horrible.

Speak to your doctor, but I’ve had a few over a long time and none have been the same. Sometimes nothing, sometimes regular and sometimes random.

mine was on & off, I had mine for 2 1/2yrs. I had a period for one month then skipped a month, that’s how it usually was for me. But when I did have my period, it was longer then what it was without birth control. It was usually 4days then after nexplanon it was 10-15 days long

Same for me! For a whole year, the total time that I wasn’t bleeding was only 2wks (again, that’s total). I became anemic and my hair was falling out too. Got it removed, but since it moved and was stuck the removal took waaaay longer and they kept making the incision slightly bigger to get it out. Still have the scar, never again!!!

I have not. Ive had it for 13 months and only had two periods that lasted about a week. Im sorry youre having a bad experience with it!

I will nver get it again cuz its hard when its out

I had mine in for 6 months, bled every single day for 6 months. My Dr told me I wasn’t being patient, I told him I wasn’t leaving his surgery till he took it out. 20 minutes later it was out, never again.

This is the 3rd time I’ve had the nexpalnon and the be never had issues nor bleeding, however my sister had it and was total opposite! It affects everyone differently! I’d call your dr and try something else!

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I got mine a month after giving birth and I didn’t have a period for over 3 years with it in.


They lost it in my arm. Still has yet to be found. It’s been 5 years.


Yes I have had that problem I’m having that problem now after I had my daughter I got the nexpalnon in again and I have a question for anyone that has given birth and has it in if you message me please?

If you’re not having sex why be on birth control? It’s just extra stuff your body doesn’t need.

The first time I had it I had my period every 3 months, with occasional but extremely rare spotting in between. This time it’s been all over the place and I start spotting hard out of nowhere. I’m getting it removed a year early because even when I spot, my mood tanks and I’m overly exhausted.

I had it in for 8 months, only time I didn’t bleed was 2 weeks out of those 8 months. I gained 35lbs the first week, 10 extra during the duration. My hair fell out, my skin broke out, I had no desire for sex…I couldn’t sleep, I was constantly hormonal…I was always feeling ill. That thing tried to murder me for 8 solid months

I had it for 3 years and not once did i get a period. Birth control works different for everyone


When you get the implant the doctor should have told you that it’s most likely going to slow down your period. I’ve had mine for 5 years and I’ve had my period maybe 4 times

The 1st time I had Nexplanon, I loved it. No issues. When I got that one out and a new one put in, it was hell. I bled for 3 months. Mood swings. No sex drive. Severe cramping. I had it removed.

Yep get it out they are horrible

Yes it was terrible!! Bleeding or spotting more than not, broke my face out, made me real dry and very irritable. I get a weird sensation in my arm sometimes where it implanted and it’s been 6 years. I didn’t have insurance and they wanted to charge $350 to take it out because it wasn’t medically necessary in their opinion to take it out. The only thing that agrees with me in the pill Sprintec

I’ve had it for 11 years now— I’ve had some crazy random periods and other things too. All I’m sure is a result from having it. But I do have fewer periods with it. So one random period for a few weeks once/twice a year is totally worth it!

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This is a possible side effect. I didn’t have a period for over 10 years on the shot and then I switched to nexplanon and again, no period for 10 years. 3 weeks after having the nexplanon taken out, I decided to permanently be sterilized after asking for 10+ years, a dr. Finally gave me the green light. I had my tubes removed, but I still get horrible periods, heavy flow, horrible cramps, but only lasts 3 days.

Yup. Mine slowly tapered off. Started off normal, then every other month, and eventually got to once a year. (I used nexplanon for 7 years btw).

If you’re concerned, it’s always best to have the doctor check things out. But everyones experience will be slightly different!

I had my nexpalnon for 13 months and the beginning I didn’t have any periods and the last two months I had my period every other week. The last month I was on my period for over two weeks and my doctor removed it immediately

I got it removed within two months, it broke me out, bled the whole time, hurt like a b**ch. Took my doctor 20 minutes to get it out, not worth it. Had to get a stitch and I now have a scar that still feels like I have it in.

I’m going on 4 years with mine and my periods have been up and down the whole time never regular.sometimes they last for a few days other times a couple weeks.other times I don’t have one for months.

I bled for an entire year straight, wanted to kill myself, and begged them to remove it, which they wouldn’t do right away and I literally had to beg.

I haven’t had my period since having it, but I have gained 6kg -7kg with it also can’t seem to loose any weight while having it in, and my face has been puffy since having it too,
Also my mood is always all over the place :unamused: I’m thinking of getting it removed but I don’t know what other form of contraceptive to get,? Won’t they all have the same side effects (feeling shit) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I hear that can be very common with that birth control and it can really throw off having regular periods. Thats why i chose a different form of bc after talking to my obgyn.

Or maybe just stop getting foreign things placed in ur body

Same thing for me. I tried every method of birth control and giant said fuck it and got my tubes tied. I got tired of having my period ever 2 weeks for a week straight.

Yes had it removed still heavy periods so had tubes removed and ablation done in may now it’s very light for 2-3 days

I just got mine out because of this

Had no issues with my first one but the second one I had all kind of issues.

I had it for 7 month’s and I literally bleed for a month straight stop for one day then bleed another month straight for the whole 7 month’s I finally went to get it removed and it was already stuck in scar tissue it took 45 mins to get mine out i was so upset bc it worked the best for me aside from the constant bleeding

I’ve had mine for 6 months and I haven’t had any periods at all and no crazy side effects :woman_shrugging:

Once I got it, I went a year without having mine. Now I have it monthly. Sometimes it skips a month or two. Gives me a heart attack every time :joy:

Yes, going on 5 years and no period of over a year

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have this Nexpalnon issue?

I haven’t had any problems. I only spotted for a short period of time in the beginning and nothing after. Check with your doctor or gynecologist

I didn’t experience any bleeding but my sex drive and parts were affected negatively

Part of the reason for my Nexplanon was heavy / frequent periods. After several months it helped. I just got my 1st “update” and I am having a monthly again but it’s very light. Always bleeding after sex -boo (but that’s been FOREVER ago. Lol) …. But I’m thinking if I didn’t have the issue before that it wouldn’t be here now. It IS MUCH BETTER than having to leave work to go home and change tho…. I don’t miss that….

I’ve got this it does mess with your period unfortunately I’m still waiting to have mine removed and replaced it expired last year

Pfff with nexplanon, expect anything…
I know it’s different for everyone.
In my experience I had my period every 6 months and each one lasted 4 weeks at least…

I had 2- the first one qas fine. My second one did the exact same thing. I had to have it removed

I had to have mine removed I never stopped bleeding

I had mine removed as it was giving me severe migranes but it also had my periods off and on for a year

That is better luck than I have had. I bleed for months at a time from it. Hugh weight gains. I have had it for just over 5 years. They told me the bleed for months is normal and not to worry. I have done it most the whole time of having it. Some small times I would go months with none but more so lots of bleeding. The two things I asked for in a birth control was no extra bleeding and no weight gain. Yeah both are biggest side effects.

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I got it in 2019 just after my son was born, this is the 3rd one I’ve had in and never had problems before until now, I couldn’t feel it in my arm and had scan after scan for doctors to eventually find it down near my elbow, because it was inserted too deep I now have to go to a specialist on Bolton to get it removed😳xx

I’ve had mine for about 2 years and I’ve gotten my period maybe twice since I’ve had it. I gained ALOT of weight but it’s better then having my period every month and getting preggo for me lol

This and Depo are the 2 forms of BC that we don’t recommend to patients unless all else has been tried first due to the amount of side effects and the failure rates. Your body is trying to tell you it doesn’t like it, so I’d recommend chatting with your physician and deciding on something else. :woman_health_worker:


When I first got mine I was on my period for about 7 months Nd then out of no where it stopped… I went 2 years without a period. This year I had to replace it I asked the doctor if that was going to happen again she said she couldn’t tell me as everyone is different… But now I’ve been on my period for almost a month now. Doctor had said they can give birth control pills to help with the periods.

Tried to cut it out myself after 3 weeks. It made me crazy


I got it for my daughter and she has had major weight gain and very random periods. Like 3 in a row then nothing all year, its weird.

I had mine removed after 6 months. Constantly spotting, terrible acne and raging mood swings. Just didnt suit my body unfortunately

Why is this product still on the market? Does the research not show that it’s garbage? I don’t understand why people are still trying it :confused:


Could just be stress… or just symptoms. I have an IUD and I haven’t had a period in almost 4 yrs.


Yes! Get it removed immediately!! I had the same issue!!

I had that implant for 2 1/2 years. Worst mistake of my life.

I had the same.issue with my first one. But eventually my period regulated itself. Unfortunately it’s the only form of birth control that has worked for me. So I stuck with it on my second one now and didn’t have the issue this time.

Your provider should have explained this could be a side effect. We had a high rate of removals when I worked in OBGYN, so the doc stopped recommending it before exhausting other options. I’d chat with you doc and see what your other options are.

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Nexplanon was horrible for me. My period never became regular. Like it completely took control of my body while I was in the backseat. Not to mention the horrendous moods.

I did it was the worst BC because of that. I ended up getting my tubes removed and that bc and I’ve been normal since

Yup. I was almost constantly bleeding. I had to have it removed at around month 8

Is it also normal that I haven’t had a period since i got it in my arm 2 years ago?

Yes! I used for almost 2 years and it was a nightmare I have my period forever!!! I removed because it was causing me a lot issues but it was the bleeding that was very painful and uncomfortable! That’s not normal !

I had maybe a handful of periods on nexplanon and I was on it for 5 years.
It messes with cycles differently for each person

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I’m on my second one an I love mine. I had a hard time when I got my first one just getting my body back on track. Everyone is different though. If you are really concerned and not loving it like you’d want id call my doctor an set to get it removed. I’ll be removing my second one in November then I’m gonna take a break from birth control for a while.

I just had my 3rd nexplanon put into my arm. Bleed roughly ever other month and i personally enjoy having it. Havent had issues

The only problem I have with it is the mood change…. I have my period every month or every two months

Very common bleeding profile for women with the nexplanon

Mine has always stopped my period’s which is good but now Mine is currently giving me alot of issues so looking to take it out and have injection

Shaelyn Manning read this

I dont get any periods this time… Last time I had it before this I had them regular…

I’ve got the depo and not had a single period since i had it. Also didn’t have a period with the iud

I had this in a few years ago, it made me really emotional and it was very uncomfortable in my arm. When I went back to clinic I had to have it removed there and then as mine had snapped an came out looking like a lollypop stick someone had chewed on! My nurse told me it could of happened as I’ve slept. I do sleep sometimes with my arm under the pillow! Was soo glad to have it removed. I didn’t bleed at all with mine in had it for about 7 months. Once it was removed I was a bit up the wall with my cycle but calmed down after 2/3months! Would never get it again. Good luck with yours! :sparkling_heart:

I feel like the nexplanon is the only form of contraception that works for me 🤷 I have a normal 3 day period every month, no weight gain, no crazy spells or anything like that. Other contraception doesn’t work well for me. The pill, I forget to take, I hate condoms, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to have sex with one of those female condoms, and tbh I don’t know any other ones :joy: I’ve had two, one when I was 17 that lasted till I was 20, same as this time no bad periods ect, I had my son, and a month later I had my new nexplanon put in in 2019. I still have it in now, due to be taken out next year may. I hope you find something that works for you girls :two_hearts:

yes. I want to get mine out so bad, I always have my period, I stay in my room & go nowhere, I flip out for no reason & I get sharp pains where my nexplanon is & it’s been almost 2 years…

My daughter had it for 3 yrs. Unfortunately, this is a side effect

I had nexplanon twice in a row (6years plus and extra for Covid) and I bled every 3-4months for about 1-2 months at a time.

I am really extra fertile though (multiple miscarriages on the implant) so I thought it was just me.
However, I am now on a new implant (forget it’s name sorry) and have now hit my 8th month without even a bit of spotting.

Going from long heavy periods, that have literally had me driving home with two jumpers tied round my waist because I had a red River hit me without warning - to this period-less worry-less time of life … LIFE CHANGING!

I think there’s only two types of implant, so I would recommend changing to the other one.

I’ve been on contraception since I was 15 because I went 5months period free, thinking I was the Virgin Mary was scary as hell :joy:

Get it removed!!..there has been many bad reviews for over 25 years. My friend had huge weight gain and bleeding for months…she passed out from too much blood loss, doc gave her iron pills smh

I had to have it removed I swear I was going crazy grinding my teeth horrible mood swings snapping at every single thing :rofl: I would not recommend! :woman_shrugging:t2: