Anyone else keep the gender of baby a surprise?

What are some types of things you do when the gender of the baby is a surprise? People keep asking if we are doing a baby shower, but we decided to do a welcome home party instead, but people are asking us what we need/want and to send registry lists, but we are unsure what to ask for because we don’t know the gender… anyone else done a surprise gender before?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else keep the gender of baby a surprise?

Gender neutral items

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My boyfriend and I don’t know the sex of our little bundle and had a baby shower we just asked for gender neutral things.

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Yellows greens soft peach type of colors … diapers and wipes

Do the shower bf the baby gets here bc a party once the kiddo gets here is way more stressful, IMO. Stick with gender neutral gear and clothes- there are a ton of options out there these days. That’s what we did for our kiddo since wanted to find out the sex.

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I’ve seen parents that choose this option usually ask for gender neutral colors for car seats, strollers (gray or black) & for clothing they usually gift gender neutral onesies (white, yellow, green). You can always ask for diapers too, that’s pretty straight forward. Once you announce the gender you can get more specific on the types of items you want for your child and the nursery. Hope this helps, congrats on your newest addition! :heart:

We did! I asked for diapers, wipes, lotions/baby wash/necessity items and gender neutral (grays/mint colored) towels, rags, blankets. I did not want anyone to buy clothes beforehand. You usually have baby in sleepers and onesies at the beginning anyways and those are easy to just get yourself.

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Pacifiers, swaddle blankets, onesies, color neutral outfits, if it ends up being a girl you can always put a pink hat on any neutral clothes like grey brown tan black yellow blue…diapers…free and clear laundry detergent…baby wipes and wash cloths… Lots of stuff you can ask for :wink:

I always wanted it to be a surprise, but I had no willpower. Lol. Its awesome you’re doing it. I think the welcome home party is a great idea.

Neutral colors - yellows, greens, tan, blues etc.
With my last we didn’t find out until birth and we had a decent amount of clothes. We did a meet and greet after he was born. Diapers, wipes, bottles, bath stuff, high chair, seat things and bounces/jumpers are pretty neutral items.

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Well all babies can use diapers, wipes, bottles, neutral/solid color onesies, blankets, bath items, stuffies. There are plenty of things to register for!

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That’s all they use to be have a gender neutral theme, it will match whatever you want. Every baby needs the same basic things.

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Bottles, teething gel or tablets, a white baby bath, cloth diapers for burp rags, diapers, a white diaper pail, shampoo, baby bath, lotion, white socks, white onesies, snap button white t shirts, white, cream, green, yellow or peach receiving blankets, swaddle blankets, any color play pen, binkies, car seat in any color, stroller in any color, stuffies in gender nuetral colors, a Bumbo seat in any color, a bouncer any color

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Gender neutral items for clothing, towels or blankets (yellows, greens, greys, whites, browns), bottles (if you’re planning on doing bottles), soothers, diapers, wipes.
We didn’t know the gender of our babe and the things we received were amazing.

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Until you know, just ask for the basics: diapers, wipes, binkies, bottles, spit up cloths, etc. That can all be “gender neutral.”

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I knew gender before hand with my first but registered for gender neutral items so they could be reused since it was always the plan to have more than one. I did grey for big items, primary colors for toys, blankets, etc. We also did books instead of cards & a diaper raffle. It worked out great because I have a girl & a boy now & the only thing I needed for my second was clothes.

I personally would just ask for gift cards instead of clothes and basic baby items like diapers, wipes, bath towels, soaps. things like that. You can always use the gift cards to buy clothes later on!

Diapers sizes 3 and 4 mostly those are the sizes my daughter was in mostly. She’s been in size 6 for awhile now

I’m having a c section Thursday. Baby has been shy. Not shown the goods. If it’s a boy we got 2 boys age 1 & 2. If a girl my sister and a good friend got girls under 1. Hand me downs r fine by us lol. They grow so fast. Diapers r gender neutral until pullups. We’ve just said gender neutral this time around and ppl r anxious to know, of course. But baby is healthy and that’s all that matters.

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I’d do a baby shower with gender neutral colors and have people get you gender neutral items. Having a baby is stressful. I didn’t leave my house until my son was three months old.

Regardless of the gender, you’ll need diapers, wipes, bath items/hygiene stuff, bottles, stroller, high chair, carseat, bouncers, etc. As far as onesies, outfits and blankets, just ask for neutral colors/patterns.

I did and surprise i had twins boys

I like welcome home parties…

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else keep the gender of baby a surprise?

Nappy bin. Baby bouncer baby play gym. Toys.

I had a bumblebee baby shower with my first, never found out the gender. I asked for gender neutral colors, diapers and wipes!!! Really aside from gender specific clothes, most baby items come in neutral colors. But I loved being surprised when I had her :heart:

My wife and I never knew and asked not to get gifts till babies were born. Did not want gifts in case something went wrong. Thank fully all we’re healthy. :heart::heart:

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Never did we know the gender of our babies and we had showers back then they didn’t do all these tests. Lol it was alwase a surprise if God wanted u to know he would have. Put a window there lol

There are a lot of gender neutral baby items out there. My suggestion is to make a registery with neutral items then at least you will have some things. Once the baby comes then people can purchase a boy or girl item

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Tell them diapers , bottles if your using them, breast pump, if not bottles, neutral color onesies , sleepers, crib bedding , bath items, rattles,blankets just things to get started

When people said what color do I buy if you won’t tell the gender, I said green, yellow, red. We just didn’t want to know until the baby was born.

Go neutral color, wipes, diapers, swing, bouncy seat, stroller , majority of ideas come in beige & whites

My cousin is currently almost 41 weeks pregnant and they’re keeping it a surprise. I don’t think they did anything differently though, probably just got stuff in neutral colors and what not :woman_shrugging:t2: ya’ll are stronger than me though, they do the blood tests at like 10 weeks and I’m like “WHAT ARE THE GENITALS?!” But yeah, you’ll always need diapers/wipes and that sort of thing.

How about starting the baby a savings account and they can money into there. ???

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else keep the gender of baby a surprise?

Its wonderful. Ask them to get you things you NEED like diapers, wipes, bottles, blankets, burp rags ect ect ect. You’ll need a car seat, somewhere for baby to rest as well. Theres still plenty to buy. Or they can gift you a gift card you can use to purchase clothing after the suprise! ( you won’t regret leaving the gender a suprise)


I would put gender neutral things on there and things you’ll need to stock up on like diapers bottles wipes triplepaste but paste its a life saver also have a variety of diapers and wipes because your baby could be allergic to certain diapers

Do what everyone did before gender reveals and knowing the gender was a thing.
Gender neutral clothes and bedding, nappies and toys.

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We did with our LG x just got the essentials cot, pram, blankets , toys neutral clothes etc said if people wanted to wait til baby was here to get things that was okay x she the first baby in a while. On both sides on the family so was spoilt

Yes kept a surprise and loved the fact everything I got was neutral colours. I hate the cliche of pink for girls and blue for boys.

The actual stuff you really need will work regardless of gender. (Thermometer, bassinet, nappy bin, bathtub, etc)

With my first i didnt find out i loved it than on the actually day of my baby shower it turned in too meet our baby because she was 4 weeks early. For our baby shower i brought plates with boy or girl its funny peoples theories on what they think. But if you just want to have meet baby party than ask for things you need like natural baby clothing bibs, nappies, wipes, bath, baby bath products.
It does throw people when you dont want to know the gender of baby as its so common to find out but honestly enjoy the guessing

Just ask for what you need to raise a baby! The registry should have the same items as any other baby, just without everything being baby pink or baby blue

You could do a name reveal or guess the name party. You can hold any type of event you want! Sex reveals were only popularised in 2008; you can host whatever type of event you desire for yourself & baby :grin:

We are not finding out the gender of our baby and I have created a Amazon registry! Our baby is due Nov. 17 so I figured as Christmas gifts he/she would receive clothes! Check out my Amazon Baby Registry!

Do gender neutral baby stuff

All 3 of mine 17, 5 and due anytime now. N what do u think they did years ago before ultrasound even, also even ultrasound can be wrong I know 4 ppl personally that went n bout all the stuff for one sex n boom baby was born the other. There’s always Blac, gray, white, greens, yellows anything pastel really and all babies need the basic things n if they want a sex specific thing they can wait til u have the baby