Anyone else lose hair after the depo shot?

I didn’t know where to post this I have no friends to really ask these questions to. Anyways I am 26 I was on the depo shot for 4 years. My hair is in HORRIBLE SHAPE it is falling out and looks rough… I just got off the shot what can I do to help my hair? Every time I brush it I lose tons of hair…

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else lose hair after the depo shot?

I never had hair loss but only did it as long as insurance would pay for it which was 2 yrs. I had every other awful side affect from it though, I absolutely do not recommend this shot for anyone.


Everytime I was on DEPO I lost hair!!! Partially why I stopped it. It would come out in HANDFULS!

I lost hair after Covid

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I invested in Keranique…hair vitamins and solution…

Taylor Nicolle Myers

Lost hair, gained weight, made skin bad. Was supposed to help pcos which according to my new doctor that was a lie.

I took DEPO shots for 22 years I didn’t have hair loss just gained weight and lose weight and gain it right back I had no period at all I always got it in my hip and ever three months a week before shot was due my hip would hurt I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner for my hair


I lost alittle bit of hair when I was on it but then I got pregnant on it then after the birth of my daughter got my tub tide I was very fertile lol

Honestly, get your hormones checked. 25/26 can see changes that cause various things.
You can take Pre Natal vitamins instead of a multi-vitamin.

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I have been losing my hair. I now take d3, prenatal, and iron. Its helping

check your vit d level

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I had 3 surgeries in less than 2 years, and lost ALOT of hair. I started using Monat products…and my hair is back, healthier than it ever has been and is thicker than before surgeries. Check it out sometime.

DEPO HAS A GENERAL SURGEONS BLACK BOX WARNING!!! Not that your doctor told you, but you’re not supposed to be on depo for more than two years, because it causes you to lose your bone density which makes you more susceptible to broken bones.


Yep between pregnancies and being on this depo for most of my life my hair is horrid and thin. I used to have very thick and long.
This is the longest I’ve been off depo and my hair is growing back very slowly but it’s so damaged and gross. No matter how many times I put treatment in it it won’t get better :disappointed:
And I’m still losing just clumps of hair.

You should have your TSH levels checked just to rule out any Thyroid problems. That can make you loose hair also.


My daughter in law did. It was horrible the amount of hair she lost.

2 Flintstone vitamins equal a prenatal pill try that

Depo is the worst. Plz find a different BC. It’s has so many shitty side effects.

It’s not a bad idea to follow up with an Endocrinologist and have your hormones levels such as cortisol checked. I only know about this because I have Cushings. Mine was not caused by the shot but got sicker with birth control.

List hair and gained 40lbs in just a month

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Have your thyroid gland checked. Low hormone causes hair loss. The thyroid controls hormones.

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Tara Rodeffer this sounds like you in lot of the comments honey girl

Have your doctor check your thyroid and also for hashimoto. It causes hair loss.

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Biotin. Helped stop it dropping out after both my pregnancies. I take 1000mg a day. I was in depo fine for 10 years, I tried again after my second but it was terrible so I stopped.

Yes I did … in huge gobs like a chemo patient. It changed my hair forever. I was 22 at the time, I’m 40 now and still have really thin hair.

Yes I had hair loss and I kept bleeding for months and months which caused even more problems with my pH. Also had a weird rash show up in random places all over my body. This took place all within 6 months. Worst 6 months of my life. Would’ve rather gotten pregnant lol

Get your blood checked then go from there .

Hair Skin Nail u can buy at Walmart or Dollar store…good shampoo and conditioner is a must.

I’ve been on depo shot every 10 weeks for 16 years and I have had no ill side effects, no weight gain, actually lost 10 stone, hair is in fab condition, get your bloods done incase something else, take care, xxx

There are depo provera groups where you can ask questions. I was on depo from 2007-2011, 18-22 and gained 120lbs. My normal cycle was totally MIA from 2007-2017. I started keto October 24th 2017 and within 2 weeks my cycle came back & was regular (31 days) by June 2019 and I’ve lost all that depo weight. I’m 5’0 I didn’t have any issues with hormones until depo then I was diagnosed with PCOS insulin resistance and estrogen dominance and I broke my left leg almost 3 years after stopping depo. I had all over bone pain (especially my left hip) that was always overlooked by planned parenthood and they never once mentioned the importance of vitamin d and calcium while taking it. I started intermittent fasting January 1st 2020 at 222 and have been walking since starting keto (2017 at 272.6) along with using my elliptical crosstrainer, resistance bands and 5lb dumbbells.

Coat your scalp in coconut oil… it will increase growth.

Hair skin and nails vitamin daily will help. Stress can make you loose hair quickly as well. I’d speak to your primary about having some screenings done to ensure its not another issue

Hairloss AND a tumor in my breast that had to be removed due to the DEPO shot.

Don’t take the depo shot!!!

Endometriosis from depo and weak bones

I imagine your hormones are out of wack now that you’re not taking the Depo shot anymore and hormones can play a HUGE role in hair health. I’d either talk to a doctor or do some research on your own of what to do to balance hormones.

Depo is horrible. After taking 4 shots over two years when I was 16, my period was MIA for the whole two years I was taking it, then for six years after. Got the shot when I was 16, didn’t get a period until just after turning 24. And it laster for MONTHS. Stopped birth control for a year, got on the pull and now I’m regular but have PCOS and a lot of pain in my lady parts.

Have your thyroid checked.

Yesss and could not stop bleeding. I would have a period for 3 or more weeks, stop for a few days and start again. Forever changed my hair.

What shampoo and conditioner do you use as well? This is a side effect of depo but the damage is done so I’m trying to offer other advice to help

Don’t brush it as often, brush from the bottom while holding the middle

If you’ve had COVID that causes extreme hair loss as well. Certainly not saying you have, but if you have, that may be the cause… it was for me. I lost 3/4 of my hair!