Anyone else not have alone time since COVID?

I’m going crazy here! I haven’t had alone time since this pandemic started. I’m at work or with my family 24/7. I need “ME” time for like 2-3 days. I need to go away somewhere by myself! I want a day of shopping by myself, I want to be pampered, I want to get my nails done, i want to go to a SPA. I just want silence and peace for 2-3 days.


Me too girl, me too! Hopefully soon! :crossed_fingers:


I haven’t had a day to myself since I had my first child 20 years ago. You’re a mom. It’s just how it is.


I never have alone time, even before COVID. I’m my disabled husband’s 24/7 caretaker, so all my trips out of the house are short and to the point. I’ve never been to a spa, to get my nails done, or got to go shopping alone unless it was for Xmas presents. I wonder what all that is like, but I can’t be out of the house long enough to find out.


Agreed I am going stir crazy!

COVID doesn’t prevent you from doing those things. At least not where I am. It’s mostly just part of being a parent. :woman_shrugging:t4: but COVID doesn’t stop you from making time for yourself.


I’m a single mother of a three year old helping my disabled mother I haven’t had alone time since I was born be grateful for your family cause one day they’ll be gone and you’ll be crying about that


Wait you had alone time before the pandemic?


I feel this so hard. I miss shopping days alone

I just want to take a bath without my kids screaming because for some reason THEY NO LONGER LIKE MY HUSBAND. To be fair, i no longer like him either so cant say i blame them :woman_shrugging:


I just want to say you can ignore the toxic comments.

Being a mom is not your identity and it won’t keep you mentally stable. You still have needs as a human being. Many spas are open again now, if that’s how you decompress. Reach out to someone you trust and tell them what you need.

Wanting alone time doesn’t make you less grateful. Needing a reset doesn’t make you less of a mom.

Being assertive about your needs is scary and can feel selfish, but that’s just because that’s what we’re taught to believe is true. At the end of the day your inner peace will thank you.


I feel this in my soul some days!

I just miss seeing family, miss my kids having sleepovers at their grandparents. They have hardly seen them since last March. We are very family oriented so that is the hardest for me personally. I never did many fun things pre covid anyway :joy:

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I haven’t had any time alone at all either. I have my two children, 1.5 and 5, my husband and my father all in my house! My dad works but my husband’s company has pretty much gone mobile and he works from home. It’s rough. I love these people more than anything but I do very much need a break too. I know this probably doesn’t help but I hope maybe knowing you’re not alone might ease it a little :slightly_smiling_face:

For those that say “too bad, you’re a mom” don’t get it. Just because you’re a mom, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything - I love being a mom, but I also love having a “me” day to go shopping or just have a quiet day alone. You can be a FABULOUS mom and still have a getaway weekend or a day to yourself. Have kids but still remember who you are as a person.


My husbands been deployed for 8 months now so I can relate :joy: I have a 9,6 & 2 year old. And honestly even before deployment I never get alone time.


…and I can’t even go to the bathroom alone. Wtf is “Me time” lmao. Cute idea.


Same 6 kids loudhouse don’t drink bout to go nuts covid is no


My son has been home from school due to a forever lasting cough and I so can’t wait until he can go back to school and I can walk into a quiet house again. I love my son to death but I totally understand your need for alone time. Can a friend or family member help you out for a day?? Self care is very important for Momma’s

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I feel ya! Buncha kids and animals here!
I’m NEVA alone :joy::joy:


Go! Your mental health is super important! Just follow CDC stuff and you should be fine!


I’ve been a singular parent since before my daughter was born. no family around to help. I can understand wanting “me” time more than anyone. just be thankful you will get a chance one day. I get one night a year kid free (for my birthday) and I don’t even get that this year. so while appreciate and understand your complaining, there are so many more women (and men) who deal with lack of me time as a standard, not just because of the pandemic. enjoy the extra time, and do like the singular parents and just play “hide and seek” and hide behind a door for a while, or have a “nap contest” to see who can win at taking the longest nap. just find a way to adapt


Girl u deserve to have your time to reboot. However you would probably go somewhere and bored lol :laughing:


because some of you obviously don’t know,
Parents ALSO have their mental health to take care of and nurture.
So piss odd with your “you’re a parent” crapola.


Alone time is much needed at least once a month (or once a week) I do “ME” time at least twice a month I go get my nails done and just relax. That’s the one thing I do for myself does NOT make me any less of a mother for wanting a break from being MOM mentally it’s needed. I haven’t had me time since OCTOBER and it’s driving me insane lol but I also had Christmas and a birthday to plan for so I put a pause in pampering myself to save for Christmas/birthday for my daughter


Same. I have 4 and a bonus son that is here on the weekends. I envy my hubby that works some days. Just want to have an adult conversation that doesn’t revolve around the kids, or what the plan is, or how his work day went. Sigh. One day maybe I’ll have that again.


I have 4 kids and was pregnant during the pandemic…I also work full time. I havent had alone or me time in years lol. I always say I wish I was a dad

Yeah since the pandemic started I gave birth to my baby, my husband started working from home (his office being our bedroom) and kids doing distance learning. So yeah my ME time is nonexistent and I dont know when I will ever get a t back.

Yes I can comprehend with the way you are feeling. Being in NZ though seems to have been easier than what you are going through but for me was definitely hard. Even now though, I am still scared to go anywhere so my hubby goes out with our boys to give me space. Hope things improve for you :soon:

Me and my husband will literally take turns. I will go get my nails done one week then the following week he will go out. It’s no big deal everyone needs a break.

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Oh girl I’ve done last weekend, and it was the best choice ever! I enjoyed every minute of it. I work in the healthcare field and it was much needed, I felt so relieved.

Well I live alone and facing surgery on my dislocated my left wrist!:sweat::sweat:

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I feel this in my soul. I havent had more than 2 hours to myself since my daughter was born, so almost 2 years now.

I felt this way when covid first started with online school with my son and then my daughter running around in the background crying for snacks. Then on top of that working from home too! So I decided to get a massage or facial every month or so to pamper myself. :woman_shrugging:t3: you have to take time for yourself.


When things will go back to normal you will have your time alone ,stop complaining , everybody is in the same boat


Right there with you

I am alone only my husband and I. He doesn’t talk all he does is watch TV . I am going crazy . I am depressed . All I do is clean, clean and cook. Two things that I hate is been alone and been in the dark.


Then do it? Make time for yourself.

I 100% feel this! Work, school, kid, husband… So exhausted :tired_face:

How would you like to be 80 yrs old, live alone, communicate with children by zoom, and have your big adventure going to the occasional medical appt. and to grocery store? Trust me peace and silence aren’t all that great. Guess we all would like at least a little of what someone else is complaining about. Hugs are high on my list!


Oh I get it I was a married single mom from many, many years. Then my husband decided he wanted to be a stay home dad. Guess who doesn’t get “me” time? Guess who’s going back to work?!

His idea of “me” time for him is doing things without the kids or leaving the house without the kids. His idea of “me” time for me is taking 1 of them into town for dr appt…


Find a cheap motel for a weekend. Bring all the comfort things and just relax, bonus if they have a big tub.

I have been screaming this for months now. But if I actually did it, my husband would not have a clue what to think! I’m closeeee though.

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I see my kids 24 /7 and mean 24. Because I work at there school iam home with them .but at the moment schooling is at home and I’m not working. Well I work 1 day a week with my position packing food for families .luckily there dad still works .I have my moments where I literally step outside and scream .we live in apt building that’s falling apt as well got,no money to get out of here I’m not working hes only one working .and even before all this I needed a me time. My me time is in the shower when kids in bed there dad works 2nd shift for 8 hrs and sometimes a 12 hour one which is part 1st and 2nd. I dont go anywhere unless have too.

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Locked up with 3 boys and my hubby, I have started going to the beach on Sunday mornings. I stop for coffee and go listen to music rain or shine, for my alone time, it has made such a huge difference!!


I’m sorry, but y’all need to learn to set boundaries (obvious exceptions for single moms with smaller kids). But those of you with a partner or help at home…COMMUNICATE YOUR NEEDS!!! I was actually losing my ish this year, full mental breakdown style. After a tear filled talk with the hubs about how I needed help, he has been amazing! I don’t understand why we as women think we need to be martyrs for our households? There is a whole other adult human who helped create this chaos. Just talk to them and tell them that you need an hour to your dang self!!! Go walk, get groceries alone, grab a solo lunch in a park, just drive around, but your mental health is so much more important than that load of laundry that needs folding!!! And if they won’t give you time, just walk out the door, grab your keys, and come back later. What is your partner gonna do?! Leave the kids alone?! They say the best way to test a relationship is through troubled times. Get to testing ladies!!!


Yeah I’m with my kids 24/7. I desperately need a break every now and then. Rarely happens. 5 kids from 9 years old to 1 years old.

Nope! Its so difficult to find the time

This is why I take long walks with my headphones in.

Yes!!! Ugh! I’ve completely lost myself. I no longer have a purpose in life. I hate it all; but because I’m a mom I must keep going for the family.


Just go get away need to take care of yourself good luck

I just need to get laid!! It’s been idk how long. Usually I could give you an exact time stamp but it’s been too long for me to remember. This morning my hubby said it’s been like 9 years (our youngest is 6 so…) I just want 10 minutes of “adult” time

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I feel your pain. I work from home so I never get away. My only me-time is staying up late which makes me even more tired the next day. Can’t wait until my daughter can go back to school.


I feel you, i definitely need to get away for a couple of days just by myself but so hard to find the time.

Grocery shopping has become an adventure :persevere:

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You dont know how lucky you are. Some of us have only had our minds for company.


I know how u feel there can’t get away, wish for a day to myself too

I lock myself in the bathroom for hours.


People cant read minds. If you need that tell your partner and they’ll try and get you a break if you need.

Yes and I had a baby Jan 2020. Stay at home mom, homeschool mom and Chronically ill. But i rather keep my family safe then get a day of free time. Its hard but there are better days coming.

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I feel this so hard I work full time at home at the moment and it’s either work or the family. Breaks are spent doing laundry and house work to get caught up and I eat while I work

If the little and my husband goes down for a nap together on the weekends I send him a text went grocery shopping n run out the house the last few weeks but n hour n a hot cup of coffee is very welcome. Not to mention our aldi is in the mall so I grab lunch n bring it home for them to be nice.
But on Saturdays like today when he’s called into work or out which is most I will just do a grocery pickup cuz my 16 month old is a handful so I don’t take her shopping

I get that I am now a mom n it’s full time but we also realized if I don’t fill my cup no one else will. I already told my husband once a month I’m taking a me day while my little is in daycare going forward. When the monster in law was watching her I didn’t take any extra days cuz it’s extra money and I didn’t trust her. With her being where she is now it’s the same price all week. So as long as she’s dropped off around 8 and picked up by 5:30 no issues

I would love the house to myself for just a few hours. It hasn’t happened since March of 2020. I love my family but I too am in need of silence! :blue_heart:

I’ve been saying this for 5 years, since my oldest son was born! Be grateful u get that me time when covid isn’t happening cuz many people NEVER get that.

It doesn’t matter if she’s a single mom or married every mother deserves me time. For the people shaming her for saying so y’all need to get over yourself and stop mom shaming. Women and mother’s in general should lift each other up . Grow up geez. To the original poster I hope you get your me time soon❣️

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Ya, I can definitely relate

Take a drive to no where. Get some home spa/bath, candles, and a favorite drink. Tell your family you love them but not to disturb you, especially if another adult/kid over 16 is there too.

I literally can’t wait until they let us work back at the office instead of making us work from home. I need out of this house. Lol

You need to find time to have a me day or your going to lose your mind.

Always take time for yourself. The ones complaining should also stop and think about the people that are all alone or the ones in an abusive relationship. You might realize you’re more blessed than stressed. Take time for yourself, but be grateful too.

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I never had alone time before the pandemic…soooooo and as for the people saying speak to your partner about having time for yourself, aha!

I felt like this even before covid :see_no_evil::rofl:x

I use work to get away when things get really rough at home.

Sorry but I’ve been a single mum for years and there is no “me time” only me time I get is when I lock the bathroom door n hold the handle up just so I can shove a chocolate bar in my mouth without having to share it with a small human! Get over it you’re a parent they come first! I’d love a break but within an hour I’d be bored as shit!


That’s your fault :woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t let the “quarantine” stop me. I haven’t been sick, no reason for me to sit my ass on my bed 24/7. If I want to do something, I go out and do it. I have a babysitter that takes my kids one night a week so I can do whatever I want then, and once or twice throughout the week. If you feel unsafe and sit at home, that’s your fault. Find a way to get your alone time outside in your back yard or some shit. Or just do it, cause you ain’t getting get finned for getting your nails done, or going shopping.

You should have stayed childless and single…