Anyone else spot but not have a miscarriage?

Any other women have spotting early on week 6-7 and not miscarry? I’m so worried that the spotting I’ve had will be a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

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I had spotting and my little dude is 8 months old next week

I spotted around then and it was implantation bleeding, very normal. If it’s paired with severe cramping, call the doctors :heart: Sending prayers!!!

If you’re concerned, please seek medical attention.


I had spotting at that time and even some period-like bleeding. Mine was nothing doctors were concerned with. However, if you’re worried about it, please make an appointment with your OBGYN

Call your dr. Mine got me in at 6w3d for an ultrasound, sadly there was no heartbeat and blood work proved my levels were declining.

I spotted one time when I was like 37 weeks. I’m now trying to cuddle a very wiggly 13 month old lol. Check with your doctor though

I had spotting early in all 3 of my pregnancy.

I spotted around 7 weeks with all 3 of my pregnancies. All 3 times, I did go to get checked out even though there was no clots or cramping. Never hurts to get checked!

My mom straight bled her whole pregnancy with my sister. It’s why she didn’t know until 7 months in she was pregnant.

But ask your doc :slightly_smiling_face: sometimes they will understand the concern and have you come in to check on baby :slightly_smiling_face:

I bled for a whole weekend when I was 8 weeks… needless to say I’m now 32 weeks with a healthy little boy who is measuring at 37 weeks lol

My cousin did shes 27 weeks now

I did! I bled a few times in the beginning. I bled around 4 weeks, 6 and 7 weeks. They sent me for blood work and my hcg came back super high so they ordered an ultrasound and my little guy was just fine :slight_smile: almost 16 weeks now! I would call your ob and let them know!
Good luck❤

I had spotting around 7 weeks and was fine, but definitely call your doctor they’ll most likely get you in that same day

I had brown spotting around either 8 or 11 weeks with my first & had bright red bleeding at 12 weeks with this pregnancy. Both are healthy💜 if you’re worried talked to your doctor & they can probably schedule an ultrasound

I have spotted but I was 15 weeks. I’m now 20 weeks and baby is perfect! I would call your ob and let them know!! Remember mama that spotting can be sometimes completely normal!

I spotted with my second shes a healthy wild 4 yr old savage :metal:t3:

I bleed very heavily with my 2nd pregnancy. Was in hospital 10 times that yr. Ended up having a stitch put in to keep the uterus closed until she was born by c section and weighed nearly 9lbs

I spotted with 3 of the 4 early on in pregnancy. I thought I had my period turns out it was implantation bleeding. Doesnt hurt to get it checked out

I did a few different times, it’s scary, but everything turned out great.

I did with both pregnancies.

I had 1st trimester spotting for both my pregnancies which I was told was normal as long as it isn’t a lot of blood like a period by my ob but I would call your doctor and have them determine if they want to see you. Best wishes :heart:

Yes! I did only I wouldn’t even call it spotting it was bright red blood and very evident but never filled a pad or anything. It started right at the 5-6 week mark and continued through 13weeks. It was terrifying, I was always scared to go to the bathroom and wipe and check myself and I’ve never prayed so hard in my life. I was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage and just hearing those words were gut wrenching but I am happy to report that I have a beautiful 16mo old baby girl now! Good luck momma so many thoughts and prayers are being sent your way!! :pray:t2: :heart:

I spotted the first 1. 2nd one I bleed for 20 weeks heavy. Had 3 miscarriages. Go to your dr you need to be checked !

I had heavy bleeding with my first and was passing blood clots with my second both really healthy have faith God is with you I pray that you have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby

I miscarried then I had spotting with my first live at 7-8 weeks went on to be a horrible birth then miscarried again… 2nd live pregnancy was perfect and a very smooth planned c-section, definitely go get checked but it is very common :purple_heart:

My ectopic pregnancy showed itself with a lot more than spotting. You should be in the clear. Contact your dr just to be sure and best of luck! :blush:

Yesh I spotted around 6 weeks went to the hospital and they done tests it was a uti xx I have a healthy 8 year old xx hope everything works out for u xx :heart:

I spotted throughout my whole last pregnancy. Some days my spotting was heavier than others and previous to this last one, I had suffered a miscarriage at 13 weeks so I was afraid of miscarrying again. Luckily my baby was okay but born premature at 36 weeks weighing 9lbs. He’s a healthy beautiful 2 year old toddler now :blue_heart:

I spotted at 10 weeks, and my son was fine. He’s 4 now
Definitkey get checked out though

With my 3rd pregnancy (I had 2 miscarriages before him) I spotted very early (5-7 weeks) the Dr told me it’s called a threatened miscarriage which means it’s possible but it’s not definite. My son with be 10 on Christmas. Sending you prayers and best wishes.

I’ve had 3 MC’s and 1 successful(twin) pregnancy. All my MC’s I spotted around that time and eventually had a large bleed. My pregnancy I had spotting throughout the first trimester. Also had a large bleed around 11 weeks which was determined to be a subchorionic hemetoma. Very normal so just try to not panic.

I’ve also had a miscarriage and I’m recently 14 weeks pregnant. I spotted almost the entire first 8 weeks! Scared me to death, sometimes it would be a lot too and my Dr said that can be normal unless it’s bright red and a lot. I have a polyp in my uterus causing this issue.

I did. I had a subchorionic hemorrhage at 12 weeks. My son is almost 2. Please contact your OB about bleeding.

I spotted during week 6-7…actually not spotted it was a heavy bleed like heavier than a period…was placed on bed rest and progesterone (placenta previa). All turned out great…
For my 2nd pregnancy i spotted around that time but had a miscarriage

Yes with my 1st daughter off and on

It wasnt that early… I had two miscarriages. Took 4 years to conceive my oldest and then 2 years later I conceived my son. At 12 weeks I started GUSHING blood. I was bleeding for 2 weeks, but everything checked out and he was born perfectly healthy.

My daughter just delivered her baby a couple weeks ago. She spotted and even bled the whole pregnancy. Just keep in contact with your dr. It could be something it could be nothing. Her bleeding was bad enough she is still going for iron infusions.

With my son I had full blown periods as in my first missed period I was pretty much almost done the first trimester and with my daughter we found out early early (like 3 or 4 weeks) on and I had light spotting for a week right when my period was due

I spotted the day after sex at like week 5. Doc said it was probably nothing. He’s a huge healthy 18 month old baby now, so… doc was right.

I spotted for the first seven months of my pregnancy with my daughter. She was born full term in perfect health. I do understand your fear of a miscarriage. I also had one of those. Not much you can do if this is the case. Good luck to you.

I had a period at 6 weeks and now have a 19month old. Call the dr to check could be nothing serious.

I spotted off and on throughout my 1st trimester of my 3rd pregnancy. Thought I was having light periods. Then other stuff was happening so I went in for an appointment and i was half way thru my 2nd trimester wtf

Yes I did at 6 weeks. I wasn’t sure wether to go to the doctor or not, but my friend recommended that I go for peace of mind. I would definitely say seek medical attention

I can’t say for sure but my bleeding turned out to be brought on by my right kidney being blocked by the baby. I had go to a urologist, he told me to have an abortion, I said no. I had surgery and was in pain until the baby was born. With all of this goin on and my baby was fine I think you have a good chance but you need to see your doctor, I didn’t have any indication of the problem just the bleeding, get it checked out.

Call your doctor! Most will want to monitor your HCG levels to see if there is a possibly problem with your pregnancy!

All my pregnancies. 3 living children. Ask your OB to check your HCG levels & do an internal u/s.

I was terrified. I’ve miscarried a total of four times, three before I had my daughter. when I was pregnant with her I had two “periods” in the first six weeks. just be sure to monitor the amount of blood and the color. darker blood is older and could be a result of your uterus starting to expand and prepare. bright red blood (especially with clots) is the scary stuff and you should get checked right away. your ob could check your blood HCG levels to monitor you and be sure you’re not miscarrying. best of luck!

I did but it was implantation bleeding completely normal im now due to have her within the week by csection.

I did…and he just turned 19 :heart:

I spotted and gushed with my daughter. I carried her to term. I had 4 miscarriages previously. I also had spotting at 6 months with my son and carried him to term. The best thing to do is get checked to make sure no tubal pregnancy or any other issues. Try not to stress and drink plenty of fluids.

Not to scare you but i did and was ectopic. :pray:

I did for 3 weeks straight in my 1st trimester. He is now a happy 4 yr old!

I had an ectopic and bleed alot. Have a miscarriage and bleed alot. A spotted due to a blood clot and had a healthy birth

I did at around 10 weeks and he was full term and is 24 now!

I did,and he’s made me a grandma twice over❤️

I had horrible bleeding at 13 weeks. I hadn’t had any spotting prior and it started while I was sitting down- super weird. I told my husband we couldn’t worry because we had an ultrasound already scheduled the next day and if it were a miscarriage it just wasn’t meant to be. We now have a happy healthy 20 month old.

This is very common. Especially if you’ve had intercourse recently or just for no reason at all. It can be nothing or it can be something. If you’re worried call your doctor and get them to check on the baby

With my first I spotted until 13 weeks and everything was alright. Ask your doctor and I’m sure they’d let you come in for peace of mind. :yellow_heart:

I bled on and off with all 3 of my kids. I had a sub chronic hemorrhage with 2 of them. When I had my miscarriages my bleeding went from light to super heavy then full blown period like bleeding

With my son I bleed for 3 months on and off. Turns out there was a blood clot over the sack and that’s what caused the bleeding. I had to take it easy/bed rest and a low dose blood thinner to help desolve it. He did come early by 8 weeks and 2 days but had no complications. He is about to be 6 years old. Just rest and don’t try to do to much. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned. God will watch over you. Prayers for a blessed pregnancy.

I bleed every day for a month with a hemorrhage it didnt cause any complications and I have a healthy 3yo. Before freaking yourself out with the internet talk to your doctor. Mine ordered an ultrasound at like 6weeks just to confirm and ease my mind.

With my 2nd child at about 4 months along i started spotting went to the ER and found out there was a small rip in the sack I was put on bed rest and carried to full term until I went into labor on my own with 0 complications. Rest rest rest

I got my period twice a month every month throughout my entire pregnancy and my munchkin was perfectly fine… THANK GOD! he’s now about to be a year.

I had spotting at 7 weeks and went to the hospital, they did swaps and a scan I got told to rest and take it easy for a few days because it was a warning sign of a threatened miscarriage but he’s now 19 month

I did. but went to full term no other issues.

I spotted for a few days around week 5. They said it could have still been implatation bleeding. Wishing you the best mama :yellow_heart:

Yes. I was 16 weeks and bled pretty heavily for a few hours. Bleeding stopped. Never found a reason why it started. Delivered my very healthy daughter at 39 weeks.

I had a light pink spot around week 7 that worried me but that could be implantation. I’m now a healthy 11+4 and I saw heartbeat yesterday. Try to get off your feet and relax !

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Yes with both pregnancies and I have 2 beautiful babies. But please be on the safe side and go in, I did. It is always best to be seen when pregnant.

I did spot after sex. Turns out I Had placenta previa. It resolved.

yes. It was a lot too.

I had a really bad bleed with clots at 6 weeks went hospital no explanation… I’m now 27 weeks…

I did, he’s 19 now :ok_hand:t2:

I did and was able to carry twins to 38 weeks 6 days

I bled alot around 12 weeks with my 4th pregnancy (the same timeframe I miscarried with my first pregnancy). I thought for sure I would miscarry again, but he will be 10 in a few short months!

Yes it is possible to be spotting and not lose the baby majority of the time you do end up losing the baby it’s actually rare if you have spotting and don’t lose the baby I’ve had eight miscarriages and I bled through the most of my two pregnancies that I had with my two children that lived

I did with my 4th child. Spotting started about 7-8 weeks and lasted off and on almost whole pregnancy. Carried him to term. Gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy! He’s almost 10 now!

I did my whole pregnancy

I spotted twice during my first pregnancy and nothing was wrong with my son

Don’t worry get checked up, try to be stress free.

I had some spotting it’s common early on