Anyone elses baby dislike baby cereal?

Anyone else baby just hate cereal? Now this might change as she gets older but she has no interest. Ive tried the baby cereal when we first started foods no interest, and today i tried rolled oats with some flavour and she had to no interest. She will eat anything else i put in front of her but wont touch the cereal

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone elses baby dislike baby cereal?

Add mashed bananas or flavor like a little apple sauce…. Can use the other baby food to substitute might help! awe I miss the baby stages with my 11 year old and 4 year old.

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How old… baby cereal is to be mixed in a bottle with formula, try rice cereal in a bottle.


My older kids hated baby cereal so we did blitzed oats instead. My youngest hated rice cereal and Oatmeal so we didn’t push it on him.

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Mix it with apple juice. That’s what we did for our littles. We also did the baby oatmeal (they liked that much better)

Google Baby Led Weaning and do that! Best decision I’ve ever made with my second baby. No yucky baby slop food.

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Baby probably doesn’t like the texture. My daughter hated oatmeal but would eat rice in her baby food.

My 2.5 year old refused cereal and rice. My 7 year old refused rice.

Add yogurt. My kid will eat anything with yogurt

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It’s likely a texture issue. However, baby cereal in any form isn’t needed so you can always just skip over it and jump straight into purees or look into baby led weaning. I did both with my now 2.5 year old for texture learning purposes, but we mostly stuck with BLW, it’s easier and gives them more control over the food learning process. :slight_smile:

My daughter never liked baby cereal. Any other baby foods, yogurt, and dry cheerios when she got her teeth…but she was never really happy with just the baby cereal

Well it is pretty gross😆