Anyone elses child look just like their father?

Anyone else’s daughters look JUST like their daddies? My baby is her daddy’s twin, and honestly, it makes me sad always hearing how she looks nothing like me. I wouldn’t change the hair on her head, but sometimes I wish she looked a little like me. Lol. She is beautiful tho.


All the time when she was little … Guess whos shes looking more like now :flushed:

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Yes my 3 kids look exactly like there dads… poor me. Lol

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The next one will look more like you.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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:raising_hand_woman: yes!! Dakotah is just like her daddy!!

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100% yes! When she popped out I thought to myself I birthed my husbands clone :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

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Yeah babies tend to look like their daddies at a young age. Its nature’s way of proving who the father is.:rofl:


They may change as they grow

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I literally look like my kids nanny Lol my genes suck

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My middle looked like the spitting image of her father, and his father, when she was little. Now she’s 12 and looks just like me, but with his darker complexion and hair. The opposite is true for my oldest. My youngest has a different father, and looks just like him and his mom,

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When my daughter was little everyone said she just like her father. She’s 9 now. For the past few years everyone says she looks like me or my mom. She’s almost identical to my mom. Looks nothing like her father.

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Sometimes a child might look just like one parent when young, but the older they get u see more features of yourself in them.

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My son is his fathers twin, down to the way they sit and sleep. :joy:

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Our daughter came out of the womb looking just like her dad. I see parts of me in her… sometimes, lol. It’s ok though

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This is my daughter. She looks more like him than me, but her attitude came from my family. :blush:

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2 of my kids look like me but I have 1 that if he sits one way looks like he could be my oldest’s twin but if he turns another way looks like my husband and stepson…it’s funny how it works

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Looks exactly like daddy n step siblings but has my light colored eyes

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I have 4 kids, the younger two look exactly like dad my oldest looks like me and my 2nd child looks like my sister.

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Girl…I have 4 daughters and none of them look like me :woman_facepalming:


Girl… You don’t even know. My son really is the spitting image of his dad. And when I say the spitting image I am telling the truth. The only thing he has of mine is my blue eyes. His dad has brown. Our daughters look alot like him but have some of my features. My son has nothing but my blue eyes. Otherwise he his his daddy’s twin.

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They change as they get older

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Yuuup with my middle child

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Mines 8.5 and STILL looks sooo much like her dad…its crazy.

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I’m the spitting image of my dad. But as I got older, people would tell me that they could see my mom’s smile and cheekbones. Trust me, when your daughter gets older, you will see some of your features in her. She may be her dad’s twin but she also came from you!

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That’s an older picture of her, but they’re twins 🥲:unamused::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This is our daughter and her daddy


My daughter is an exact image of me, but my son is an identical image of his dad (my ex husband)

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When was younger I looked like my dad, but as I got older more like my mom (Kaela) My two boys, 1st is my husbands clone and the 2nd looks more like my side with a couple of his features now anyway lol.

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When my daughter was little specially she looked so much like her dad …all three of my kids do. So much so that I have always said j was only the incubator. Now she has a daughter …who everyone says looks so much like me . And that absolutely rocks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My daughter looks exactly like her dad, but with my eyes.

My daughter isn’t here yet, but you can tell in the ultrasound that she’s her dad’s twin! :joy: she looks more like him than his actual twin :joy:

I’m 27 and my dads twin from day one and still am!
My daughter is two and although she looked like me when she was born she is now her daddy’s twin and will most likely stay that way, I love seeing her grumpy faces and knowing exactly where they came from, she even has his fabulous eyebrows which she will be so thankful for someday lol

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My daughter looks exactly like her dad’s sister🤦🏼‍♀️

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My first child he’s almost 13 I’m still salty :woman_shrugging: now I have a 2 year old daughter and people say she’s my twin. Although I know she looks like me and her dad I always get soooo happy to hear it.

Looks change my son looked just like his Dad now you see both of us my Daughter looks like me but a lot of people think she looks like my husband

Even though my son had hardly any hair, you could see he had his dad’s exact distinctive hairline. Didn’t look that much like either of us but looked a LOT like the late paternal grandfather he was named for. We’re all dark blondes with light eyes, he is dark haired with big chocolate brown eyes. My daughter is my mini me. But both my kids are grown.

Each kid would change and grow to look more like one, then the other parent. I swear the more time you spend with them the more they look like you. The big question is, whose PERSONALITY does your child take after? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can always get/make your kid clothes to match yours; then you look alike.

My son is his dad’s mini and I have to hear it allllllll the time lol it doesn’t bother me though

Smh my baby son is my exact twin. And he knows it and uses it to his advantage. Hes 11 now.

At least no one can question your baby’s paternity lol. My daughter was identical to my hubby when she was born up until she turned 3 or so. And now she looks more like me than him.

My son is my husband’s twin for sure! I’m reminded of that ALL the time. When we go somewhere that’s the first thing people say “wow he looks EXACTLY like his daddy”. But he’s absolutely adorable so I don’t mind! :woman_shrugging::joy:

My little one was her dads double when she was smaller … she’s 5 now and like a mini clone of me :rofl::woman_shrugging:t4: xxx

Yes. This is my middle and her father :roll_eyes: side note* i have dark drown hair and very dark brown eyes. She is actually blonde. Not red lol

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All my kids are there dad’s doubles my youngest girl has my brown hair an eyes an my olive skin but all look like there dad’s all have my nose to lol

What do you guys think? Everyone tells me she is his twin

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My mom would have said, “she looks like her father between the eyes, and her mother between her thighs.”


My oldest looks like his dad, my youngest looks like me.
I have 3 nieces, 2 look like their dad and the middle like her mom.

I have a boy and a girl, everyone said including me that he is my husbands twin. Then comes the girl, and its she looks just like her brother! Lol but shes changing a bit as she grows

Yeah, We do all the work( the pregnancy)and the dad gets all the looks😅

My daughter looks like she came out of her dads, sisters vagina :joy:

Yes, this was my daughter when she was born- looked just like daddy, but as she gets older I can see a lot of me in her.

Son is a spitting image of his dad and daughter looks like me but certain facial expressions cause her to look just like their dad and I :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

I’m the same way. I have green eyes. An all 4 of my kids got the there dad brown eyes. An only one of my children look like me. All the rest is there father looks an I hear it all the time how there’s no way he can deny his children. There the spitting image of him at different ages.

My daughter looked just like her dad when she was born. Over time she completely changed her looks and looks exactly like me now.

My first is literally a clone of me, and my second is her Daddys twin. Kinda wish they both looked like me though :sweat_smile: but Im just greedy haha! X

Yup both of my boys are identical to their dad, we are having our 3rd in August and I’ve already given up on having a mini me :rofl:

My daughter did when she was a baby. As she has gotten older she has started to look more like me.

I’m in the same boat. Got sick with a stomach bug, and then went into labor. Labored at home for 3 days and had a completely unmedicated birth…just for her to come out looking like her daddy. But it does kind of suck when everyone says how they see only his kids or him in her because she also has two siblings from me and I’m also her mom, but they aren’t shy about saying “Well she looks nothing like you. I don’t see you in her.”

Yes my youngest looked like his dad from the day he was born but in minture form. He’s now 28 and still looks like his dad. My eldest son looked like his dad when his dad was a kid and he was a kid

My babygirl looks just like her daddy, I’ve been asked if I was her babysitter before :roll_eyes::joy: she looks nothing like me lol. She acts like me sometimes though, but she acts more like her dad too. But I love them both to pieces, and she is absolutly perfect, and gorgeous in every way. I’m 26 weeks pregnant right now and I bet this little princess looks just like him too. :joy:

My daughter looks more like my husband than she does me… biologically she’s not his :thinking::thinking:

Nope my daughter is the double of me we look like twins when I was her age its freaky :joy:

Just wait until she gets older - then there will be trouble.

I read somewhere that the reason babies look like their dads goes back to Neanderthal times and dads would be more likely to stay/claim child if it looked like him.

She might as she gets older!

My middle is a clone of their father (right down to his fingerprint works to open my husband’s phone). I joke that I had nothing to do with him, I just carried him for 8 months, but then he flips out on his sister and I see where I came in.

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Babies usually look like the dad when they are born. It’s a biological way to try to get the dad to stick around, he will grow more of an instant attachment to them if they look like him.
I’m not trying to say guys are jerks and leave. This goes back to cavemen.


Son looks exactly like his dad (its actually crazy how much they look alike) and our daughter looks like me :heart:

My husband’s baby picture and a picture of our son at around the same age. It’s a tiny bit crushing when you carry them and birth them and they look nothing like you

My oldest daughter is a spitting image of me but with green eyes instead of blue. Comparing pictures of me and her at the same age, we could be twins. I wouldn’t worry about it. These things just happen sometimes

My 13 yr old daughter looks nothing like me. She is a spitting image of her Dad. But boy oh boy does she act just like me. Lol

I have 2 daughters with different dad’s. They both look like thier dad. My son looks like his dad too, but I see some of me in him.

Yupp my first two are their daddy’s twin (boy&girl) kinda made me sad then my third came and she is my twin :heart:

All my littles started out looking like their respective father’s but as they grew up more and more of my looks started showing through. My daughter is now my spitting image including all the attitude that comes with it

I’m just hoping to have a daughter! :purple_heart:

Are you kidding---- All 4 of my children , plus half of the grandkids look like their dad and grandpa.

I have my mini. My daughter looks just like me BUT our second child, nope! Looks just like daddy, but I do love it!

Both my kids look like their dad, my daughter is him just a girl version and yeah i wish they looked more like me too but i wouldnt change a single thing if i could because they are beautiful th3 way they are

My son does and did, but as he’s getting older more of me is beginning to show. There is hope!

My four children look alot like both of us. They are a complete mixture! As they get older you start to see more of one than the other

Our oldest son looks a lot like me, my side of the families qualities. Our youngest son, came out a clone of his dad, but now as he ages, he is looking like me!

Everytime anyone said anything about my son it was about how he looked like my husband. I was surprised by how much it annoyed me. It’s all anyone can talk about.

Yes, both my boys look like their father. When they were little and as adults. I always said I was just the one incubator.

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My gran daughter came out looking just like her dad, she is 3 now and really starting to look like her mom…things could change

Both of my kids look just like me.

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Try breast feeding a kid that looks identical to YOUR OWN DAD :laughing:


My daughter is her dads double right down to expressions :joy: I didn’t get a look in but she is gorgeous so can’t complain lol

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Both my youngest look EXACTLY like their Dad (he’s the first baby) and they both look dead on each other. So I definitely know what you mean lol.

Yes BOTH my kids look like daddy. My son just has my light features. And my daughter looks NOTHING like me just her dads twin lol.

Only one of my kids look like me, they all look like their dad

They do change as they grow. My lb was exactly like his dad when he was born but now he is 7 he has some of me!

You can say that again.

First born daughter looks identical to dad. Baby pictures and all. Everyone jokes that they thought a female look alike of my husband would be scary but that she’s adorable af even tho she’s my husband mini. It doesn’t bother me at all. She’s 5 now and still is definitely his twin. My second daughter looks like me but if you put her next to my oldest they look like twins. You can only see it if she’s not next to her sister. Honestly I would just be happy that they have that bond. My sister had a daughter 8m ago and she looks like my brother in laws mini. She’s identical to her dad. It’s actually very common for kids to look like the dad as babys… It’s nature’s way of giving the dad a bond to the baby since they don’t carry the baby. I know more people whos daughter looked just like dad as a baby then they did the mom. Like I said very common! My daughter who looks like my husband has my personality 100% my youngest looks like my side more and more everyday. I wouldn’t let what people are saying effects you, especially since the baby can senses that when it happens. It happened all the time when she was little and still dose with random people but I always just laugh and say “Yup the spindel gen is definitely strong, you wouldn’t need a DNA test to see if she’s his that’s for sure.”

The first time I saw my only daughter I said “What the hell she looks just like you” :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:. I am good with her looking like her daddy, I love him and love her so I’m cool with it haha

My daughter looks so much like her dad she unlocks the iPhone :sweat_smile:


My son & daughter both look just like me.

Yeah my daughter is her daddy twin in everything including being a narcissist

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My eldest looked just like her Dad when she was born, now she looks like me. Daughters surprise you

Yes and it drives me crazy. I did all the work carrying her :joy::joy::joy:

Two out of three of my daughter look nothing like me they look like their dad an his family my middle one looks like my sisters

I feel the same exact way.

First born is her dads twin with my hair colour. 2nd looks like me with his hair colour :laughing::laughing: