Anyone elses kid skip breakfast every day?

Anyone else’s kid not eat breakfast before school? My 3year old hates being woken up for school and also refuses breakfast. He gets a morning snack at school then gets lunch when he gets home at 11.

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My almost 6 year old daughter almost never eats breakfast… she’s a very picky eater to begin with so she tends to skip breakfast, will eat a bit of lunch and some of her dinner. I worry she’s not eating enough though

My almost three year old is the same…for her the snack serves as breakfast. I usually put something extra in her lunchbox (and let the teachers know) just in case she is still hungry. I also encourage her to let us know when she’s feeling hungry. If your son doesn’t seemed bothered or irritable at school in the a.m. I wouldn’t stress too much. Maybe if you haven’t already, explain the routine to the teacher so they can watch out for signs of hunger…assuming they will feed him if he’s hungry regardless of schedule.

My 14 year old twins and 7 year old don’t. Doesn’t matter what I have for them they won’t eat. School starts at 8 they go to lunch at 1030 get out of school at 305

I’m old but I was the same way, my Mama made me chocolate instant breakfast, I still do it!! It’s not great but there is some nutrition in it!

One of my sons likes breakfast as soon as he gets up, my other son and daughter want it later or not at all

My son has never liked eating breakfast and he’s almost 15 now. So yes

Yes my kids don’t normally eat breakfast bf school. My daughter eats at school but my boys don’t like to. They get a snack in the morning.

My daughter was like that, she’s 7 now and eats breakfast at daycare and another one at school, on the weekends she eats a very small breakfast

Yes my lil ones don’t eat much breakfast

Mine hates breakfast and she’s 3 I typically fast and don’t eat breakfast.

I have to force her to even eat nuggets for breakfast

Neither of my kids (almost 3 and 12.5) care to eat breakfast. I’ve never been a breakfast eater either though, it always made me nauseous. I don’t and have never pushed it, my toddler eats usually just a piece of fruit in the mornings and then a snack a little later.

I’m 34 and I’ve never liked to eat breakfast. It actually makes my stomach hurt sometimes. I have to wait a couple hours after waking up.

Neither of my kids eat breakfast. They don’t typically want anything to eat until after they’ve been up for a couple of hours.