Anyone ever received their Childs father's tax return?

Does anyone on here get their child’s father’s tax returns? If so, how long do they usually take to get back? I received a letter in April. I will be receiving my son’s father’s tax returns for this year, but it’s now July. I was wondering if anyone on here has recently gone through any of this?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone ever received their Childs father's tax return?

I did once. It took 6 months.

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Did you ever get a child support card ? I had his tax return sitting on the card I hadn’t even activated. It was there for 3 months before I even checked and found the money just sitting.


This year is also super slow for taxes in general so it might still be a little while.


Here in Ohio they hold tax refunds for 6 months then release it

Takes 6m or so- usually will come back in sept or oct unless other parent goes to foc and signs to release it

I get it every year because he’s so far behind on payments. But mine comes fast… one year it didn’t but that’s because he didn’t file. It’s possible he hasn’t filed.

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I’m in Arkansas… they normally hold mine for 6 months from when they filed…

We just got our taxes 2 weeks ago after filing in march. They took my husbands arrears for child support to his ex and we got the rest. We called DOR to ask them if they revieved the payment yet so we could find out if all his arrears were gone an the lady told us it takes a while before they actually get the payment an then it takes like 6 months for the mom to get it.

Depends if he is married or not

There is a 6 month waiting period. I used to work at child support services. If he filed jointly due to a marriage then they wait if they want their portion. That’s if they file injured spouse with IRS. Regular tax returns took longer than usual this year due to stimulus processing. 3 months longer than past years in my case.

That was the only way I ever received my child support, if I received anything.
It always took until September.
6 months, always!!

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If he files an injured spouse form you’ll get it quicker but the irs is a mess this year I’m still waiting for my taxes

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How do you get it? Smh. My ex owes me $30k in child support and she’s now 12 in August and I’ve never seen his tax return

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You’ll get it around October

So basically the father has 60 days or so to prove that he doesn’t owe that money to you. But if he does owe back child support it will go to you. Once that 60 days has passed they can start processing that refund to you but usual turn around is 6 months like others have mentioned.

Good for you! Following the post

I did once… but didn’t get it til September. The child support office said it was because they had to hold it because he was married and his wife could have fought the garnishment if she was relying on their joint return to survive

I get his wayyy before I get mine. But depends on when/if he files. And everything is slow this year too

If you receive assistance from the state the state gets it not you

In Utah it’s six-months after the office of recovery services receives the money before they can release it to you.

I never bothered with child support. Just figured it out . To much of a hassle to get it, and I’m not into making another’s life hell all because they owe some money.


6 months unless you get medi cal or food stamps that case state gets it not you at least my state

Ohio can take 6 months

It was always two months for me to get it so it might be coming any day now I’m i. Georgia

Depends when he filed. I got my ex’s 3 years in a row. But I got mine in may. Only because he filed early.

Yes. I hear it varies by state but here in NC it was 3 months before I got it.

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Usually its 180 days from notice date

I’m in Texas and get my sons fathers tax return every year. It takes at least 6 months. His 2019 refund didn’t post to my account until February 2021.

I usually get mine within two weeks of him filing… but he does them online. Thankfully he just tells me when it’s coming though.

In Texas, it takes up to 180 days. Sometimes longer. It doesn’t fall on the chs office, it falls on the irs to distribute those funds. One year it took up to a whole year for me to get it

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I just got his this month but he is 10000+ in debt

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I’m in Michigan, I usually get his tax return in February or March. We both tend to file early though too. :woman_shrugging:t2:

In Alabama the father has to go sign a release form to finalize it before they send it out.

You can call your child support office and they can tell you when you should receive it. It’ll say the IRS is holding it until a certain date, usually October for some reason. They can give you more information on it.

I have it set as private collection so my ex can provide for our child when she’s in his care. If I need anything, I can ask him and he’ll help out but I don’t expect money, I expect him to be a father and be present in her life though.

It just doesn’t sit right with me, women having children for child support


Depending on when he filed

In Canada when he files it within 2weeks to a month. But he’s being shady now and not doing his taxes right now lol use to get it every April or may the latest

I’m in Michigan, I get mine, but this year due to covid they put an end to it. My lawyer said next year I’ll get his taxes back

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One year I didn’t get his tax return until 2 weeks before Christmas so they can take a long time to release it

It takes 3 to 6 months to get it

Usually takes about 6 months

Mine from 2 years ago took almost a year

It really varys… depends on whe. The irs gets it and they release to child support. I just got my kids dads a few wks ago i dont know when he filed. But my kids now 21 and hes like wayyyy in debt so ill probably be gettinf it for another 8 yrs plus the 50 a month they take from hia check.

Im in California and once he files - when he receives his portion I receive what he owes :sunglasses:

It takes months to almost a year or so in some states.

If his father files joint they hold it for 6 months

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My daughter’s dad had to sign an early release for me to get it or they hold it for 6 months.

One year I didn’t get it until November.

I got a portion of his tax return til his back child support was paid off…he would file right away and I wouldn’t get anything from anywhere between may (the earliest) to Oct (the latest)


They’ve been intercepting my daughters dads taxes the past 2 or so years now. Last year I got the letter in March/April and received it the end of June and same for this year too.

I did once. I got it in September that year

State and marital status are a factor. Before my ex got remarried, it was a few weeks, after it is guaranteed 6 months. This is standard in Texas.

Hope you know you won’t get money on taxes

It might take longer because they are backed up with everyone’s taxes

I’m still waiting on mine as well but last year they intercepted it, he waited till the last minute in April to file so I got it early June.

Normally if I’m getting his return I’ll get it sometime in August

Still waiting on the tax return from my ex too. It can take anywhere from June to October to get them each year for us.

I always get my baby’s dad’s tax return in April. One month after he files. In Ohio. I also got all his stimulus payments.

The IRS is delayed in getting Federal Returns out because of all those Stimulus Checks. There’s still 20 million people that havent received their refund.

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I usually get my bds in October/ November

I usually get his about The middle of September :woman_shrugging:

When I got my ex’s return, it took until the end of august. They had to hold on to it for so long before they were allowed to send it to me because he filed married filing joint. I’m still waiting for my taxes to be processed though and I filed at the end of January, so I wouldn’t count on it anytime soon.

When I got that years ago it was like August Sept when I received it

If he’s remarried they hold for 6 months to give spouse time to file for their portion of the taxes to not be withheld my husbands baby mamma has gotten ours the last few years but doesn’t normally GET them til October November but on our end it’ll say she got them in March

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Ok just seen that there 35 million unprocessed returns left.

I got my hubby tax return once been separated at that time 2 years wot I hated was constant remarks how I got his tax return I said the kids have missed out since u decided not to pay just before I got it he said make sure the kids get it wot you spending the money on do they really need that I said it’s none of your bussiness plus wot I spend on the kids goes to kids wot ever they are both special needs so I had to pay out lots

Child support took his once. Once they take it they hold it 6 months just in case he or his spouse (if married) files a complaint.

I was told that In 2009 and haven’t seen it yet !

Usually they hold fir 180 days so that way they knkw fir fact u get it

The most important part is if he even filed. I received his taxes in April. Because he filed for the first time in years lol wasn’t shit but always appreciated! MN child support site says 60 days

When my ex husband was alive it was anywhere from end of June to end of August

It’s usually August.

I received mine in October!! He filed in February. Took forever!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone ever received their Childs father's tax return?

Child support is weird. My ex used to get his taxes taken and given to his kids mom but they would intercept it then she wouldn’t get it for weeks if not months after they took hold of it. Same went with the support payments.

It depends. I get my kids dads tax return, I think he files in February but I normally do not recieve it until April or May.

Tax returns are all screwed up this year. Some of my friends with normal tax returns still haven’t gotten theirs back

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Heck. Depends. I did for a short while. But I wouldn’t get it until July to September. And with IRS being so far behind it might take longer

It really depends on when and where the father files… I usually receive mine in late summer or early fall.

I was told i should get my daughters for abck child support but havent seen or heard anything else.

It depends. My husband works construction and during the winter months he would get laid off so we would end up a little behind on child support (before we had sole custody) each year that happened they would automatically take our tax return. But since he was married and I was working i could have filed an injured spouse form (I believe thats what it was called) and it wouldn’t take the full amount of our tax return. But I believe it was usually around July or August that it actually went through.

We are in Texas and it took us about 6 months to receive it.

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It takes up to six months for CS to release the hold on it once they receive it

In the state of Texas they will hold it up to a 180 days I have gotten my sons dad’s income tax before and I got notified in February and didn’t get it until August

If the ex is remarried the spouse can file for an injured spouse form and you might not ever see it.

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We got ours aug/sept

Did your son’s father actually file his fax return? We never owe so my husband files during the end of the year…money comes in time.for Christmas shopping.

Im still waitong on our own tax returns.

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:laughing: the state keeps everything they take and I still don’t get ish

Why are you getting his tax return? :thinking:


I just get a regular tax refund. Filed in February or March and still no return

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I never got a letter but ended up getting my kids dad taxes last august. Not sure when he filed. So it could take a while.

I still haven’t received my own personal tax refund. I was told refunds are backed up because of all the changes due to pandemic.

I get my ex husbands every year because he’s very behind on his support. He filed in February and I got it this past week. If your ex marries someone it can take up to 6 months to receive them to give the spouse time to file injured spouse so they can keep some of their taxes.

I did many years ago but had a 6 month hold on it to make sure it was correct.

The IRS is behind too from stimulus and Covid things.

Depends honestly. My bfs taxes were taken and it took anywhere from 3-6 months before they were dispersed to the mother. We live in fl

You must be in the states, I have never heard about anyone getting someone else’s tax return before! :thinking:

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