Anyone have a child who is very bow-legged?

Hi mamas. Do any of y’all have a child that is severely bow-legged? My one yo is, and it’s almost like she can’t walk without stomping really hard. Kind of like she waddles and transfers all of her weight from one foot to the other. Just wondering if it’s normal and she really can’t help it, or she’s just stomping around the house cus she likes to, lol


As a one year old I’d say probably just likes the sound

When they first start walking they all waddle you will miss that slow waddle when she starts running

Pediatric orthopedic visit


My oldest daughter was very bow-legged when she was a toddler she’s 7 now and is not bow-legged anymore but I think it didn’t start correcting itself until she was about 4. My youngest daughter was slightly bow-legged when she was a toddler but it did not last long at all.

My daughter did an i thought it was normal they sent her to shiner hospital to see orthopedic surgeon until she was 12 years old and if she didn’t grow out of it they wanted to put braces on her

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When they did her xray her legs were shaped like a wishbone

My daughter was bad & they told me to give a couple years that most of the time it corrects itself. She just turned 3 & it has gotten so much better!

I was bow legged growing up my parents took me to a ortho dr and I had corrective shoes but when I became school age kids made fun and I would.t wear them I couldn’t stop a pig between my legs if I tried as a teen…later my knees had to be replaced because I couldn’t stand pain amy more

My brother was born bowlegged lived with it till a few years back he had two knee replacements now he has two straight legs he is in his late 60"s

My pediatrician said she’d grow out of it- get a new one if they say this- she went through yrs of pt and x-rays and they wanted to break her hips and reset- she still is pigeon toed

Got take her to a Dr

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Mine was and they grew out of it

My twins were bowed from the knees down. They seen orthopedic doctor and took x-rays. He said they would grow out of it. On females if they are bow legged, they worry if it is from hips down. But still get a professional opinion,always!

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A consultation never hurts.

All 3 of my daughters were when they were toddlers, and they all outgrew it. The dr said it’s common. I would definitely mention it to your dr tho if it’s a concern of yours tho, because every child is different.

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Kids like to stomp, especially when they are first getting good at walking, if they started walking too early while their bones were still soft it can cause bowlegs, but usually they grow out of it. A doctor is the best person to talk to about this. But the stomping is something you will have to deal with until they are adults and out of the house ;).

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Children standing before bones are strong enough to support weight. High top baby shoes help. Talk to your doctor and dont wait. Easier to correct while young.

My daughter was went to see a pediatric orthopedic and she got braces she is now 9 and no more bowed legs

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I knew a boy in grade school that was bowlegged from rickets. In the mid to late 60’s

Put there shoes on the wrong feet

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Talk to her pediatrician

Have a doctor check her out.

Gymnastics helped my daughter

I don’t know about the stomping, but my 10 month old son is bowlegged. My Husband was as a child, but they had leg braces on him at like a year old and he wore them for years. Ended up with knee issues as an older teen and had to have surgeries.

The approach today is that they don’t even consider doing anything until age 4 because there is a good chance it will correct itself.

This can occur from vitamin d deficiency. Would be a good idea to get her tested. My daughter had issues with gait and has done physical therapy off/on to correct it and keep her centered.

My daughter had that due to her walking before her bones wernt fully developed shes 3 now an it has almost grown out, whe still has leg pain every now an then but not as bad as when she was a baby

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My youngest grandson is severely bowlegged. It’s gotten a little better over the last year. He’s severely low calcium and Vit D. Have your Dr check this out

Have legs looked at. Sometimes they can be put in braces to help or surgical intervention.

My adopted daughter walked like that when I first got her. She did a little better once she wore tennis shoes or thick soled shoes. But as she grew her left foot still pointed in to the point that she would trip herself. Took her to the pediatrician and got a referral for a bone and specialist. She was born with a twisted femur. She goes yearly to have it checked out. As she grows it’s straightening itself out. She’s 12 now she also has no arches on her feet, she walks around like she’s slapping or stomping her feet on the ground. They did physical therapy and it didn’t help. She still does it. They gave her medical insoles for her tennis shoes but barefoot it still happens and it’s loud at times.

My son (16) is bow legged and my daughter (4) is pigeon toed. They have both adapted and now you would only notice if you stare at their feet when they walk. 1 year olds don’t have the steadiest of gaits to begin with, and no one would even evaluate my daughter until she was 3 because it can reverse itself with age. Unfortunately, the only solution the orthopedic specialist said would work for my two is a painful surgery. They both have tibial and femoral torsions. The funny thing is, they are both very coordinated now:)

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Get her checked out by an orthopaedic. My son was like that & we just thought he was bow-legged. Turns out he was not. He turned 33 on November 18th so this has been long time ago so I don’t remember the correct terms. The problem was in the joints of his legs (ankles, knees, & hips) & it was due to how I carried him during pregnancy. He did not have to have surgery because I took him to an orthopaedic at 1 year but he did have specialized shoes & a bar to wear at night for a year. He also wore leg braces during this time. Without the intervention, he would have ended up in a wheelchair. The ortho got me in touch with a Shriner who got him Shriners Hospital & they are amazing! If you should have to go thru anything like this, never sleep with them with that bar on, he broke my hip with that bar. Lol


You should definitely have it checked by a doctor just to rule out any underlying issues but as you can see from probably reading just about every one of these messages most children with who are bow legged out grow it. My son was extremely bow legged (he was 24 in long and 10 1/2 lb at birth). The orthopedic specialist we went to see said it was just because they get so cramped in there towards the end that The way they have to sit they get bow-legged. They did have me do some special exercises with him and as time went on he completely outgrew it. So, don’t stress over it but do double check with the doctor.

A family friend years ago had braces on their son at night for a little while, then the doctor switched him to cowboy boots and switched them to the wrong feet every other day for another few months. It worked for him!

My son was born with club feet… he’s gone through 4 leg castings and one surgery plus the shoes with the bar across it… we are back to doing another leg casting and a surgery to cut his tendons… there are plenty of things an orthopedic specialist can do to correct her legs and it doesn’t even hurt them and they adapt well to getting casts on… the only thing that sucks is people think your baby’s legs are broken most of the time :tired_face:

My son was bow legged when he started walking. He grew out of it though without intervention. I did talk to his doctor about it though.


Nah! My daughter got her buster brown orthopedic show with the bar at two/there yrs old. She insisted on putting them on before going to sleep even for a midday nap. All straight now :+1:t5:

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I have no experience with this, just taking a guess here Maybe she could do PT, I would talk to her pediatrician.


Get her some good baby walking shoes.
Would think her Dr would say something if they thought anything was wrong.
Bring it up at next appointment.
It’s possible she could like the sound of her own feet.

Specifically ask her pediatrician as soon as possible. If they say it is no big deal, ask politely for a referral to a pediatric ortopedic specialist “just to ease your mind” if her Dr is being snotty about it. See a pediatric ortho.


Take her immediately to a youth orthopedic dr. My daughter was opposite, they have amazing results with inhibiting growth plates!!!

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They’re should be a way to correct this. But if you wait too long her bones won’t be as malleable

Don’t ask Facebook. Take her to your pediatrician and get expert advice. This is really important. :two_hearts:


So my cousins daughter was bow legged and they put her walking shoes on the wrong feet and had her walk like that for maybe about 6 months and it straightened her legs right out. And it was painless.


Yes my older one it was due to be a big baby almost 10 pds and his position on my. belly the Orthopedic Dr told me to wait until 18 months to see if it got better it didn’t he used special boots for almost a year and his legs are perfectly straight now he is an avid runner

Asking the internet full of dr Googles is always the best route to go!

  1. Babies are born with bowed legs that is normal.
  2. Toddling looks like lifting their legs high and stepping down hard.
  3. They suggest well baby checks every couple months for a reason. So you can ask these exact questions to your dr.

So what you described could 100% be perfectly normal. What you described could also 100% be something that needs intervention. Call/message your child’s dr. Send the dr some pics and videos. The dr will be able to tell you if it’s normal or needs more attention. Don’t ask a bunch of random strangers that will give you all the same results from nothing to eminent death much like asking google…in which their only degree is dr. Google.

My child had it but I got a program early intervention and they worked with him and showed me stuff I could do with him and it worked with my son after a while now he is an adult and it’s fine

May I suggest you get her a evaluation at a shriners hospital for children. They will evaluate her and if she needs therapy or a device they will provide it free of charge. My son is a shriners kid. They provided therapy and devices when he was little and doc visits free of charge.

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My uncle was bowlegged. Many years ago, the medical advise was to have him ride a tricycle. He would have to stretch his legs to pedal and that repeated movement would help his legs straighten out. He was in the armed services so it must have worked. There may be great medical treatments for your little one.

My son 44 now was liking a walking o went to orthopedic dr very costly hade braces special shoes and a brace between his knees wore them foe 15 mos pain being a baby and changing diapers but good now no trouble

Our Twins were both bow legged and the pediatrician told us to not let them sit with their legs under them like a W. We would tell them sit right and they would put their legs straight in front of them. They are both fine, 32 years old and 6’5".

2 of my children had this issue and the diagnosis was “internal tibia torsion”. They were special shoes with a brace. Their legs straightened by the time they were 2 years old

My cousin was severely bow legged. He had surgery to repair it

Our Son 's feet used to turn in, and he would trip over his own feet. He had to wear braces at night for a while.

How long has she been walking? It’s normal, so to speak, and should correct itself the longer she is walking. My son was bootlegged until 2 and he just turned 3, straight as an arrow. I also took my son to an orthopedic and would recommend the same.

How old? My daughter was bow legged when she first learned to walk but she’s good now.

Wearing shoes on the wrong feet worked for my grandson that and not letting him sit in the W POSITION when sitting on the floor

Yes and the Dr told me to get her a trickle and we did and soon her legs were good, Also don’t wrap her legs around your waist when you carry her.

Sounds like hip dysplasia. Have her MD evaluate

Ask your doctor about it. Sometimes you can get shoes that will help.

Go to Shrines Hospital in Philadelphia if you can but go to a specialist!

Get in touch with the shriners in your area…they pay for all medical and transportation costs…good luck. Please do this for your child

My son had whats called tibia tortion. Both his legs turned from the knee down. He had to wear striderite shoes that they split the soles to put cookies in them for his feet and wore a bar between his shoes (legs) at night to straighten his legs. He hadnt been able to walk because of stepping on his toes.

Make sure her hips are in place. I agree with the Shriners hospital evaluation. The sooner the better.

No it’s not ok Have her checked by a doc

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Remember when the first pair of shoes were the white high top buster browns. We dared not to do less for them. I know they costs more than mine. Now they get tennis shoes and flip flops. Time changes everything.

You need an orthopedic evaluation
To rule out hip problems …

get her checked and get some help, so she can walk normally
I don’t know how old she is now, but I would have thot it should have been looked into sooner

Try cowboy boots, it strengthens their ankles.

Suggest you video tape it and ask Dr if its something to worry about /watch. Might be a joint, muscle issue…

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My daughter was very bow-legged when she was little. She is 30 now and is not bow-legged at all, with no correction.

How about talking to your doctor?

She needs to go to Scottish Rite or Shriners. They can correct that for free. You may need a sponsor PM me for more info.


Take her to her pediatrician for a check up

Go to the doctor get her checked.

Get here to a good orthhopaedic dr and follow their advice!

My daughter severely pigeon toed.

teach them to roller skate.

Absolutely consult a pediatrician !!!

Uh… take her to a Dr. perhaps???

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Both my son were bow legged till 2.5 yo. They grew out of it.

Try asking her doctor.

My grandson was bowlegged and the more he walked the better it got we put his shoes on the wrong feet for a while that helped also he is two now you would never no he had been that way but I would talk to your doctor to make shure all is good with her hips and legs

My daughter is and my daughter does physically therapy since she two years old and she is six now it has help her walk

If I remember correctly it’s good that you ask your Dr for a referral for a orthopedic surgeon for pediatrics. It’s always a good choice. I worked for a orthopedic surgeon he had a office for his practice and a stride rite shoe store that I helped run for him the last 10 years of his business. If I remember correctly depending on the child he always did x-rays and made sure his diagnosis was correct sometimes he had the stuff ready to go like the shoes with bars they need the left to right or right to left shoes ready. Even the braces he always had ready. With him having the store his patients parents (it kind of a great idea) it was right next door where the parent didn’t have to drive all over to find shoes to fit the braces especially. So I with me being store manager and 3 others under me would fit the shoes to their needs. Alot of the kids we had needed them for now leging or what have you. Sometimes while there they would also buy the other kids shoes also instead of going to different places. It was convenient. Some people are willing to foot out the money for shoes especially if they only had a small or none co pay on the orthopedic needs. It basically fixes the problem alot if the times with out surgery some need it some don’t. Since there isn’t any stride rites stores opened anymore once you get what you need to do done. I recommend new balance or Nike on your child. New balance as being the widest shoe that is the best option nike comes and runs narrow and short. But depends on the doctor but normally Drs recommends new balance or stride rite at that age

Did you take the child to the doctor to check for tickets, and to see a pediatric orthopedist?


My son started walking at 8 months and very quickly became bow legged. We took him to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who tested him for the two main causes of bowed legs, Rickets and Blounts disease. Rickets being a vitamin deficiency and Blounts disease a hereditary disease. He had non. The doctor checked his bones, hips, joints and said everything looked good and that he would grow out of it by age three… I mean… we couldn’t even get his knees together he was so bowed. He would always fall when trying to run and have to swing his legs to move… it was super painful to watch and I thought for sure the doctor was crazy. There was no way his legs would magically go straight… but he is 2 and a half now and has almost perfectly straight legs. Blew my mind and I never stopped worrying but he is fine now. Actually a very slight bow can help him be a faster runner :wink:. Definitely talk to a doctor to rule anything needing treatment out but yes it is possible to have super bowed legs and naturally turn out straight.


Please see an orthopedic doctor! ASAP! This can be corrected and by ignoring it, it will only get worse.
8 year orthopedic brace wearer.
Be diligent with this because the outcome depends on you.

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Go to doctor and request to see specialist something small can affect everything else she might need braces or shoes but it could be fixed before it gets worse

My son was bow legged and pigeon toed. He was always tripping himself. When he was 2 we saw a bone doctor, and he was fitted with a bar between feet and special shoes. He is 45 now, and walking normally

Narissa Marie Cantrell

Go see a specialist!

Ask your pediatrician

Go to the doctor, not FB

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