Anyone have an experience like this?

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. I have been on bed rest since about 12 weeks. The reason for the bed rest is I have had cramping and bleeding pretty much throughout this whole pregnancy so far. It has been determined I have a low lying placenta ( placenta previa). I've been trying to ask my doctor lots of questions, I just haven't had very straight forward answers. I am assuming it is because he doesn't want to worry me and he wants to wait for my third trimester ultrasound. One thing he did tell me was that if my placenta is closer than 2 cm from my cervix it will end up being a csection. Well I did the stupid thing and have tried to resort to Google, as waiting a couple more weeks without knowing is killing me. One question I have is, when would they schedule the csection? As in how early? I've read that a cause could be preterm labor. I have two other kiddos and my first was 5 days overdue and my second was born on my due date. I've never been through what I am right now, and I never went into labor naturally. I've always had to have a membrane sweep. I also read they may want to do it as early as 37 weeks because of the bleeding? Anyone else go through my situation? I just really want to be as prepared as I possibly can. This pregnancy started out as me getting a doula and wanting a midwife. We were planning on having an at home water birth because it will be the last baby. I 1000 percent understand nothing goes typically as planned lol. My only concern is having a safe delivery for the health of myself and baby. The hospital we were planning on delivering in doesn't have a nicu. Which means I also would want to prepare to change hospitals that are equipped if anything happens.

As far as your situation, I’m not completely sure… it’s really up to how everything progresses & your doctor. What I can say is, my mom worked at an obgyn office for 12 years, and when they would schedule c sections they would often do it a week before the due date to avoid natural labor happening. Not sure if that’s every office or every state but that’s what they do. So I can assume your baby will be here at least a week early, then your doctor may add onto that depending on how everything is going. Everytime you go to an appointment I would just see what he thinks each time

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I had a complete previa and then low lying which ended up resolving the further along i went. With your uterus growing…the placenta should move up. I was planning on a repeat csection anyway since my first was born that way. But they usually resolve. I wouldnt stress to much until you get that ultrasound and see if its moved. I know in my area they have ultrasound places you can go to see your baby! Just something you can do for fun, the lady would always measure where my placenta was when i would go to get pics, maybe you could try that if you have somewhere like that where you live

I had placenta previa with my second. It was a high risk pregnancy and I had ultrasounds weekly for most of the entire pregnancy. I was worried bc it wasn’t seeming to shift but once I hit my third trimester it had resolved itself. With your placenta growing there’s still plenty of time for it to shift.

Usually placenta previa resolves as you get further along. It should move up with your uterus growth.

With my two youngest (both c sections) I was given dates to pick from that were about 2-2.5 weeks before my due date. We did my youngest earlier (2.5 weeks) because the Dr didn’t want to chance me going in to labor and my last c section to rip apart. My two youngest are only 15 months apart lol

I’ve had c sections with all 4 of my kids well 4th one now 30 weeks as we speak the doctor told me they will schedule 1-2 weeks before due date.

My placenta moved far enough at my 36 week ultrasound. You have plenty of time for it to move. It doesn’t really start to move up until later in pregnancy. Mine moved the most between my 34 week and 36 week ultrasounds

The standard of care is no sooner than the first day of the 39th week, unless something emergent happens.

Need to find a good OB Doctor. Don’t plan on having the baby at home unless your placenta has moved way up

Home birth is not a good idea. You can be at risk of complications even if your plecenta moves up and out of the way. I also had placenta previa with my first born child. I was at risk of having to have a c-section but like many my placenta moved up and out of the way when I was about 36wks when I was cleared for a natural birth. My placenta ended up dropping back down before delivery. Thankfully I ended up delivering in a hospital vs the early part of labor at home with a midwife. (Midwife recognized problems developing) I ended up having preclampsia along with other issues. If I would of been in the states I would have had a emergency c-section but being in Mexico I delivered naturally. If I would of been at home both me and my son would of died but being sent to the hospital saved both our lives. I KNOW MY STORY is no where near the norm and I had other complications not related to placenta previa but you should error on the side of caution and look into doing a Waterbirth in the hospital for safety. Many hospitals allow for a midwife at the hospital.

It doesn’t even make sense to have an at home birth if you’re that high risk…. Seems incredibly dangerous actually.

I bleed until about 32 weeks , then my placenta moved and everything was fine.