Anyone have experience with babies with failure to thrive?

My son was born on August 9th I was 37 weeks. No nicu time. Well he weighed 7lb 15oz he was in the 31%. He swallowed amniotic fluid so he did not eat much the first 3 days he thew up alot because he had to get that fluid out so he lost a lot of weight. At his one month he only weighed 8lb he was in the 7% thats normal for our kids all 3 of them were always and are still in the 2-8 % fir weight they are all small. So they had me come back a week later and he still only weighed 8.49lb and he droped to the 6% so I have to go back in another week and the doctor said if he goes down another percentage she is going to refer him to a specialist in failer to thrive. So im asking for some advice on how I can help my son gain weight I switched formula and I get him up every 3 hours to eat now. I was also wondering if anyone has gone through this and their baby be good later on but I also wanna hear about if anyone's baby was not fine.i just wanna know what to expect I've never had any of my kids keep dropping percentage like he is. I'm nervous that it could be more serious.

My daughter failed to thrive she was put on infatrini which is high calorie formula it helped her loads

My daughter was labeled as failure to thrive as well. She would eat like a champ, but wasn’t gaining. My daughter also had colic. She would scream in pain for over an hour shortly after feedings. The only way she was soothed was by holding her under her arms, resting my elbows on my knees and letting her lower half dangle between my legs, it seemed to take the pressure off of her little tummy. Our doctor switched her over to Nutramigen, it smelled horrid (rotting meat). She still had issues gaining but was more comfortable.
I began adding 1tsp of plain rice cereal to her bottles per 4oz. It thickens the formula… after doing this a couple times I noticed that my baby was happy after eating. She began to fuss far less and slowly chunked up… I told the doctor what I had been doing. He said it wasn’t recommended but made sense to him, and to keep doing it. The thicker milk stays in their tummy longer, is probably easier to digest, harder to come up, etc. I would do this with her first bottle of the day, her midday bottle and again at her bedtime feeding. She began to sleep for longer periods of time too. Her doctor said that they don’t recommend adding things to formula or introducing solids so early because they need the nutrients from the formula, and can fail to thrive from having too little formula vs too many solids. When I started using rice, I would need to wake her for a bottle or just feed her whether asking or not, so she still got the formulas nutrients and fats etc, and didn’t miss them because the rice bottle will hold them over and you don’t want an underweight baby missing feedings. So there’s that but…
Happy to say she will be 21 in February and turned into an amazing human being!
Talk to your doctor and follow your gut. Advocate your instincts for YOUR CHILD, because only YOU have those… Good Luck!!!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone have experience with babies with failure to thrive?

Can u breast feed for a while? Start waking the baby every 2 hrs.


My son was… He weighed 8 3 1/2… at 2 weeks he was down to 5 lbs

I had this type of thing happen with my second child. He ended up having some other health issues. He has one kidney, as well as malformed vertebrae in his neck. His first year of life was rough. Now that we have everything figured out he is doing wonderfully. He is still a small guy, but very healthy, just turned four. I fed breast milk with a mixture of formula for more calories and better immune health. I wasn’t able to breast feed myself, but I was able to get my hands on some donated milk.

My advice to you. You know your baby and if something doesn’t feel right, you are probably right. Trust your gut. I can’t explain it, but I knew something wasn’t quite right with my son from the beginning. It took us six months to figure it out.


One of my children gained very slowly, and I had a problem with formula. There was also a huge amount of stress in the household. When the stress level dropped he started gaining.

My son is like this. I was induced at 37 weeks, he was 4 pounds at birth. He is now 13 months old and weighs 17 pounds. His doctor prescribed him Pediasure to drink for the next 30 days to see if that helps. He’s walking and so active and otherwise perfectly healthy. I’m also on the very slim side, and I weighed 1 pound when I was born.

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Probably should have had NICU with some antibiotics!!


It’s important to rule out possible causes. One possibility that I know of that can cause this is celiac disease or possibly another diseases that can cause the body to not properly absorb nutrients.

The vomiting in the first few days concerns me of GI defects. Have them look into that

Try feeding every 2 hrs. After 3 weeks my daughter finally started gaining weight.

My nephew had pyloric stenosis. His pediatrician was going to have him listed as failure to thrive but his parents had done some research on their own. They took him to the ER with the information they had researched and found out they were correct. Surgery was done and now he is a chunky ball of energy.

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This was the best formula I used when I was having the same issues with my daughter and granddaughter. Try it and see how your son reacts to it. I know once I started to use this formula then my daughter and granddaughter started to gain weight. I hope everything works out for you

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Almost same senerio for mine. C-section, swallowed fluid, lost weight. We switched to pro-sensitive formula and he finally started putting on weight

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This happened with my son and his son as well. Whatever you do, don’t let the doctor’s office "refer’ CPS Medical to come in and help you. You can only guess where it will go from there. Once my son and DIL was able to get my grandson on the correct formula he started gaining weight quickly.

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My boy was like this cows milk allergy

Are you on Narcotics for post birth pain? If you are still breastfeeding want an avacado and a bowl of oatmeal every morning for breakfast and pump before feeding. This will increase your supply and make it more fatty. Pumping first means you’re baby will get more of the hindmilk that has a higher calorie count

My 4th is very tiny she was born full term 41 weeks (July 20th) and she was only 6lbs 7oz, when we came home she was 5 lb 11oz and at her last check up she was only 6lbs 13oz, that was 2 weeks ago. Is he meeting other mile stones? He could be a bit behind because he was born early. But he wasn’t too early. Your doing a good job momma.

Mine all had to be on prosobee formula. Regular had them vomit and lose weight. Got threatened with CPS a few times. My tatas don’t work right.

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I don’t understand the concern, there is weight gain. My son had reflux and seemed to throw up more than he took in. The doctor wasn’t concerned because he still had weight gain, it was just slow. Not all babies gain weight as fast as the doctors think they should.


Did the doctors draw any blood to see if he has a vitamin deficiency? I had low vitamin d levels and I was breastfeeding. My baby developed Rickets. He was small for a VERY long time. I mean when he turned a year, he looked 6 months old. We went to a specialist and he was put on vitamin d and calcium supplements. Well fast forward 2+ years later and he looks like a little linebacker.

My son was FTT and they finally caught on at 4 months old he was MSPI. (Milk soy protein intolerant) his body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients. He was throwing up, diarrhea and super fussy. We went through 4 formulas before they realized. He needed prescription Elecare. He finally started putting on weight 2 weeks on that formula. Now he is a very healthy, heavy 5 year old. :wink: try weighing down his formula with a little rice cereal or oatmeal. You can also add a scoop of formula over to add calories. They also have high calorie formula for this reason.

My daughter was ridiculously tiny. At every appointment , her doctor would consider Failure to Thrive. But, he never actually gave her the diagnosis. He decided she was just small. At 17, she is 4’ 11” and 97 pounds.

My son was bigger than my daughter, but the doctor did diagnose him with failure to thrive. He actually had food allergies, and once we eliminated the allergens, he grew. He’s 15 now. He’s 5’7” and 125.

Is he actually able to latch and suckle the nipple if you’re breastfeeding I’d look into possible tongue-tie issues. Other than that I think you’re doing a great job and I’m sure he’s just playing catch up!

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My daughter was diagnosed with failure to thrive, turned or she has a genetic disorder called William’s Syndrome. They might be a genetic or don’t other medical issue going on, demand testing until yup get answers.

This is how my son is! My first child (daughter) was fine & had no issues getting chunky. My son was born in May 21. He choked on amniotic fluid in the hospital & had to spend most of the few days after birth in the NICU having tests & scopes done because we noticed him choke & immediately called the nicu pediatrician in to evaluate him. He has acid reflux. He wouldn’t gain weight while breastfeeding b/c acid reflux making him throw up & not knowing exactly how much he was getting… so we added formula. Enfamil AR made him keep milk down & gain weight. BUT he got very constipated. Finally we swapped to Nutramigen. He doesn’t gain quickly on it but he does gain weight slowly but surely. He’s also in the low percentiles ALWAYS because they go up so quickly based on average babies. But his bone structure height/head measurements all match up so he’s just gonna be a tiny child.

Goats milk helped my son gain weight. He was behind because he had to have open heart surgery at 3 months old. But after I was buying goat’s milk and adding it to formula and started giving it to him straight around 9 months. He caught up with his weight.

Yes - years of testing. Lots of doctors, studies, scans, surgery etc. They did multiple Barium Swallow tests, acid reflux tests, colonoscopy 3 different gi doctors, multiple blood draws etc. It was exhausting. Then we finally ended up at ENT where she said his tonsils were the largest she’s seen in a while…keep In mind multiple doctors evaluated my son and 2 specifically said his tonsils were fine…he had his tonsils removed and they shaved down his adenoids…it was like a new child. He came out of surgery feeling amazing…eating Popsicles and later that evening grilled cheese…hasn’t been an issue since. Keep advocating. I’m not saying it will be his tonsils but definitely have a specialist look at them. I wish we’d of started there. He’s now 8 and exactly where he should be.

Yes. My sons still in low percentile. He’s 7

Have they made adjustments to the amount of calories your child is getting in each bottle? My youngest struggled to gain weight and honestly still does… she is 2 year old and only 23 pounds. I wish I still had the chart… but essentially it’s more formula for less water than what’s marked on the back of the can. Also getting her on baby food, solid food and whole really helped. She had to be on nutramigen because milk based formula she vomited like no other and Soy constipated her like no other. With a very slow 15 month transition she was fine on whole milke

My second child was failure to thrive. He was diagnosed with lip and tongue tie and he had reflux really bad so he was throwing up pretty much all that he ate. After being put on prescription medication for the reflux he was able to keep down more than half of what he was taking in so he started to grow.

Are you breastfeeding or having a hard time breast feeding?
Could be there isn’t sufficient milk or nutrients. Go to the hospital immediately, don’t wait. Baby could be starving. Do not feed your child cows milk, formula or breast milk only.

My son had that and swallowed antinotimc fluid. We spent 8 days in the NICU. He was only 5 lbs 8 oz at birth at 40+6. He only ever ate 4 oz at a time. I ended up having to put him on a special broken down formula.

This happened to my son and I switched to the doctor brown bottles and it helped so much by his next appointment he had gained enough weight and it had increased with every appointment. He was a chunky baby after that :relaxed:.

Look up failure to thrive

There was nothing wrong with my daughter when she was born. Unless you count that I went to labor after getting a 24-hour bug, but she couldn’t handle any type of formula, not even the prosobi formula from enfamil. And she always vomited up breast milk. I know people refrain from adding rice to bottles, and I would thoroughly talk about it with your pediatrician, but we ended up having to add rice to our daughter’s bottle because it added substance to the formula and it was easier for her to hold down and that was how she started gaining weight. And then at 4 months of age, we started her on the basic baby foods. And now she is 8 months old and it’s finally up to 16 lb. We still have some work to do, but she’s definitely doing a lot better now that she’s a couple months old.


I was preeclamptic and induced at 37 weeks. My son was 4 lbs 9oz full term due to placental infarcts. Cord wrapped around his neck and ended up in emergency cesarean. Breast fed for 6 months but had to quit because of all of his food and dairy sensitivities and reflux. Pediatrician tried to diagnose him failure to thrive from lack of weight gain until we started soy formula. We did pediasure for 4 months, it helped tremendously but I have a very active kid so he burns more than he consumes. Happy and healthy today but still very small. 48 lbs at almost 8 years old. Just hit above the <1st percentile about 2 years ago. Some people just have small children! Trust your gut, mama!

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My son was 5lbs when we left the hospital, check up after check up he wasn’t gaining weight, I started using formula instead of breast milk didn’t help much. Started mixing a small amount of baby cereal in his milk because his dr advised it and then he started gaining weight SO fast. I did that until he caught up to the weight he was supposed to be, but it did make him sleep a little more than he did before.

My son ended up having a heart condition that requires surgery after cardiac arrest and stroke

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Ok my daughter is classified as failure to thrive I feel you on a very close level I’m body going to put to much personal info about her on here but let’s just say she is 2.5 now and is still in the 4% born in the 6th% and has never made it past the 6th%

You can message me if you want for some tips and more info if you would like I’ve been to multiple specialists and doctors and this person and that

Maybe not helpful, but my son was born at 86th% and dropped to 7th at one point. He was super happy and developing on schedule with motor skills etc so we didn’t really worry about it. After he started eating food he went right back up, and now is around 50th with no interventions really. We supplemented with formula a bit but he just wasn’t a big eater and caught up once food was introduced . I know that every case is different but hopefully it helps to see big picture , sometimes you just have to see it resolve in time. :heart:

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As long as he is consistently gaining about an ounce a day he should be ok. My son was 5lbs 4 oz, born at 36 weeks. He was just small overall. Now at 7.5 years old he towers over his class mates and is in the 90th percentile.

My littlest was born 6lbs6oz. Left the hospital the next day at 6lbs3oz. At her newborn checkup at 4 days old, she dropped all the way down to 4lbs8oz n had to be seen every week for almost a month. She was almost admitted cuz of the weight loss so I have to formula feed mostly n only sometimes breastfeed. She didn’t eat much, maybe 2 oz tops at each feeding, so her weight gain was very slow. At almost a month she was finally past her birth weight n they stopped having us come in every week cuz as long as she was gaining, even a little, her doc was super happy. She’s now 4 1/2 months n growing perfectly like nothing ever happened

Milk allergy my 4 out off 6 had it XXX can get milk from doctor or can buy some drops to give baby before each feed xxxx

My oldest daughter has been in the 3% her whole life. They were concerned when she was under 1 but then quickly realized she’s just super petite but healthy. They put her on a high fat diet for like a year but it didn’t really change anything and now she’s 12 still small but 100% healthy

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Are you breastfeeding or formula feeding?

My daughter was born at 38 weeks via c section, she weighed 7lbs 14oz and she swallowed amniotic fluid as well.and didn’t eat much the first 3 days.

When she was discharged from the hospital, she had dropped down to 7lbs 9oz.

Wic stopped giving her formula at 11 months and she has struggled to gain weight ever since. I bought her the toddler formula and she started drinking pedisure at 16 months old. Around 3 that started making her sick and she then had to be switched to Kate Farms shakes. Each 11oz drink was 325ml and 325 calories. And she was on those until she was about 4.5.

She is now 6 years old and 41lbs 4oz and she is 3 ft & 4in tall.

The one positive about COVID is she grew 5 inches and gained 5 lbs last year.

My son is 12 and has had failure to thrive the majority of his life due to other medical reasons. Your son would benefit from seeing a nutritionist. They can change formula and how you mix it so the calorie count is higher. My son weighed 5.1lbs when he was born, he weighed 4lbs when he was discharged, and at months was still wearing preemie clothes and weighing 5.2lbs. His formula was changed to similac neosure and they had me add an extra scoop of formula to add calories. He was in the 99% percentile from 7 months until 22 months when he suffered 2 strokes.

My daughter was born at 36 weeks induced. She was 7 pound 6. I had to go in daily for weight checks because she was said to be failure to thrive. She was my 4th baby and I demand fed my other babies with no issue. I had been told to wake her every 3 hours for feeding and her weight didn’t increase at all. I ended up exhausted. She was exhausted. After 2 weeks I went back to demand feeding instead of battling an exhausted newborn and she thrived. After 1 week of demand feeding she had gained 800 grams and I didn’t have to go to the hospital for daily weigh ins

Doctors really freak out parents about this stuff… 🤦

Is he having enough wet and dirty diapers? How much does he eat in a feeding? Does he spit up, and if so how much? Does he seem fussy when he spits up or not? All these are so much more important than where your baby’s weight falls on a graph.


Have they advised you, if your bubs is trowing up to try adding baby thickener to the milk? Its helps with keeping the milk in the stomach for longer.
Its definitely worth asking them about it

My son was constantly starving and vomiting. We used parents Choice thickened formula and he eventually gained a bunch of weight, and became a chunk.

My son was a NICU baby he drank Neosure 22, ask your pediatrician if you can try that

My son was 6 lbs and birth and dropped to 5 lbs by his 5 week appt. He was in the nicu for 2 weeks of it. I was told it was due to my breast milk and they suggested I supplement with formula. Now hes a thriving 49 lb 5 year old

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My youngest was a bigger baby but he lost so much and struggled to get it back needed regular check ups i just tried my best to up his feed and after a while he soon started getting his weight back turned into a little pigleylt but was certainly a major worry in the 1st 2 months
He still has eating problems now and sometimes loses lots of weight for no obvious reason appart from not eating. Just have to encourage as much as possible

I’m going through this right now with my son! The doctors gave him a feeding tube bc he wouldn’t take the bottle. He was released from the NICU after 3 weeks. He would gain weight, but not much at all. He’s 9 months and 16 pounds exactly. They were worried each time, until I got a different doctor in the office at 6 months and they said he’s just petite and he will be fine. As long as he’s meeting his milestones he will be fine. Also, ask if you can add an extra scoop or a half of a scoop to his formula. My son is on alimentum and I’ve always gave him extra and it seemed to work in helping him gain weight.

My daughter is going to be 7 months this Sunday and is 13lbs wearing size 0-3 months but she does have Down syndrome and is considered a great weight. All of my girls were petite. My Lana looks so chunky but is tiny. I know it’s not the same but doctors and nutritionist are not concerned as she is eating and drinking fine.


I carried my daughter for 41 wks she was 4 3 and 17 inches she’s 1 now and 17 lbs super tiny all babies are dif

My pediatrician put my son on rice cereal at 2 weeks. It helped so much. He gained to much weight and had to cut back.

And she still won’t walk it took forever for her to even crawl but she talks lol

My son’s Dr told me to feed Everytime baby cries.

My daughter was 6 pounds 9 oz born at 37 weeks. She wasnt gaining alot of weight and her doctor told me to change my diet and start eating more calories. I doubled my calorie intake and she started gaining more. Eas still only 20lbs at age 2 but they felt it was genetics because she was thriving in every other aspect. Her dad was only 19lbs at 2 and is over 6 feet tall now and only weights like 135lbs soaking wet. Shes now 4 and is over 3 feet tall and weights about 36lbs. They still want her to gain more weight tho

My oldest was born at 32 weeks 4 lbs 6 oz. he was diagnosed with failure to thrive and jaundice. He was in the NICU for 1 week and dropped to 3 lbs 11 oz. I was unable to breast feed because he never latched to my breast and I was concerned about him eating. He didn’t do well with formula and it was all a trial and error for awhile … fast forward he is now 17 years old and you would never know he had such a start :heart: sending many blessings to you and your baby

My daughter did and she had a rare growth disorder and rare kidney disease

My youngin was always tiny. She literally only gained 1 pounds from in a year from age 3 to age 4. Her doctor prescribed pediasure three times a day with her regular meals. She wouldn’t drunk and eat so I just kept giving her food and stopped the drink. She was fine. Period. All babies grow at their own pace. If the doctor says at next appointment that it’s failure to thrive get the second opinion. It won’t hurt. Good luck momma.

My youngest use to do this an his dr suggested putting cereal in his bottles and that’s what got us out the hospital

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Definitely go to the specialist. I had to fight to get my son to a specialist with GI for failure to thrive when his regular pediatrician said I wasn’t feeding him enough. He would puke everything up and I wasn’t producing enough fatty milk, it was mostly water, so I tried formula and he got worse. The specialist figured out my son was effectively lactose intolerant AND had a metabolic disorder and put him on a calorie heavy prescription formula. He started gaining and started doing much better. I also fired the regular pediatrician and found someone else who wasn’t so quick to dismiss an actual issue to blame a parent.

My son was born and fine until 2 months old then literally stopped growing. He never even hit the growth chart again until he was 5. I gave him gentle ease formula and then pediasure for years. He was in 3-6 month clothes at his first birthday. Finally around 5 he started growing and was fine after that. He is a healthy 19 year old adult. Good luck​:two_hearts::two_hearts:

My son at one year was only 18 lbs. They said he was going to be very small all of his life. By the time he was 8 years old he looked more like he was 13. Now he’s a big man

Well good you’re getting him up every 3 hours, and glad he’s on formula. Those both factors should contribute to a healthier child. Hopefully he flourishes now, the poor wee ones are such a worry we love them so much.

My daughter was very tiny since she’s a primie, doc had me switch to different formulas but she’s always borderline with her weight. Turns out she had PDA at 3months. She only started gaining relatively good weight after her PDA surgery.

Ask your doctor to recommend a dietician. I have 2 kids with a dairy allergy. My oldest was never detected by Drs. In fact when I’d bring it up (family history) I was dismissed. The only reason we figured it out was because I had a nutritionist through WIC with my second 11 years later who figured it out right away.

My daughter takes in foster kids. We had an infant that failed to thrive even with us. She ended up getting a feeding tube. She is now 4 and a beautiful, healthy girl. Her feeding tube came out about a year ago.

He could just be petite, but he needs added calories. Add a little extra formula to his bottle. And be consistent on feeding

Listen to your instincts, I’ve never been in your shoes. I had a baby who had a chromosome defect and was born 2 lb 10 oz and only gained 5 oz but lost that quickly. She died in my arms at two weeks old. I will pray for your baby to be alright.

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If using bottles make sure the hole in the nipple is a little bit bigger so not having to work as hard to get the food. The baby could be burning more than taking in due to working so hard to get it.

Try this. It isn’t cheap. But was the only formula my daughter could use.

My daughter was diagnosed with failure to thrive, but it was a bllsht diagnosis. It was because her percentile was dropping. Talking to LC, other moms, and my own research found out the chart the Doctor was using was outdated and misleading. Make sure they measure percentile by height vs weight, not age vs weight. Each baby is different, because genetics and ethnicity play big role in physical traits. As long as they are eating and gaining weight, they are health! It doesn’t necessarily matter they need to be 9lbs at x age. Both of my girls are small and it doesn’t mean they are failing to thrive! My doctor wanted me to do formula to catch my baby up in weight, but she was already healthy. Lot of doctors undermine nursing. Try the specialist, but your baby may be just fine. It sounds like he just gaining weight slowly, but he isn’t losing anymore! He can take his time, all babies are different. My 7 month is under 7%, but she is healthy.


My son also swallowed fluid and puked the first three days after birth. He is still fairly skinny now as a 13 year old but very healthy. He doesn’t even ever get sick.

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Have they checked to see if he’s lactose intolerant. He may need to go on a soy base formula


My son was born at 35 weeks, failure to thrive. He’s autistic, but a damn smart little fella and he’s above average in height and all. Don’t let what the docs tell you bother you. He’s nonverbal, but he has ways of guiding us to what he wants. Docs aren’t always right, mama. Have faith in you little one. :heart:

I had I iugr baby she was 5lb full term,she was off the charts then slowly stayed at 0.4% for ages she’s now almost 4 still small as at 12kg maybe 9% she’s healthy just small

Does he spit up or throw up a lot still? Cry a lot when awake, especially after eating? If so it could be acid reflux. My youngest daughter had it and she had to have baby Zantac and had rice cereal in her formula (breast feeding us not good with reflux babies) and had to be upright for at least 30 minutes after eating. Oh, and we had to put something under her mattress to elevate the head of her bed. She is great now though. Just had to get her to a year old or so and she was ok. Now a happy healthy 11 year old.

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My son was born last year and we had issues with his tummy and him eating and our pediatrician recommended probiotic drops for him. We also switched him to Enfamil Gentle-ease formula and hes good on eating now

I had to switch my daughter to goats Milk! It worked wonders .

My son was a failure to thrive. He is 5 and smaller than my 3 year old in weight and height. He has no problems other than he is just small.

One dr tried to diagnose my daughter with FTT and what it was is she would spit up anything over 3ozs that she ate, but she would go 5 to 6 hours between feedings. I spent a night in the hospital with her to get it figured out and I had to pump the entire time to help figure it out. We went to waking her up every 3 hours from 3 months to about 8 months at which time she was use to waking up and never slept more than 4 hours at a time for a while… But it was worth it in the end, she is a smaller kid but does not have FTT and every dr that she has seen since says she is good.

My kiddo had a lip and tongue tie that was making her stay around six pounds. We were almost ftt, then I had it revised and she doubled her birthweight in two weeks and tripled it in two more months.

just something to follow up on :white_heart:

Babies do swallow and inhale amniotic fluids starting around the end of the 1st trimester and then throughout. I’d ask for a 2nd opinion

My daughter was 6lbs born 10 days before her due date, everything was fine, brought her home but she wouldn’t wake up at all to eat, we ended up having to stay in a children’s hospital for 2 weeks until she could eat enough to gain weight, she’s 7 now but really tiny, the size of a 4 year old, they ran every test possible and I never got any explanation other than “failure to thrive”

My son was a “failure to thrive” baby. He barely gains weight as is. I used to be told the same thing by his doc about him seeing specialists until changing to a new doctor. It might be an outdated chart for that office. I’d recommend getting a 2nd opinion. But my son was on Similac alimentum. I went thru all different brands and types of formulas and just settled on one. Sometimes babies can have high metabolisms ( doc just told me it makes sense since no test said otherwise)

This happened with my son. The pediatrician put him on high calorie formula. Still didn’t gain. Diagnosed as failure to thrive and sent to children’s mercy. Turns out he had a problem in his throat. He was burning more calories trying to eat than he was taking in. He spent a month in the hospital and surgery on his throat. He had a feeding tube for a couple years and a feeding therapist and a nutritionist and occupational therapy. Eventually the tube was removed when he was 2. He’s 10 now and perfectly fine. A little small but honestly his 2 younger siblings are on the small side too.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone have experience with babies with failure to thrive?

My son was like this. He was born at 8lb 15oz and by day three he was down to 7lb. He was breastfed to begin with so they put it down to that, due to covid we were not admitted to hospital altho we were told that they may still request that it happens. I refused due to having another three kids. Anyway, I then began pumping so that I could see exactly what he was eating and when. He used to sleep a lot ! Like to the point if he was allowed he would have slept morning til night. We went on a feeding programme. Every three hours. This seemed to make him much more ill and lose more weight. We had a nurse come out every week to monitor weight and it was decided at four weeks things werent improving and they wanted us seen by the doctor. I had queried how his poos had looked and was told it was because he was breastfed, my other kids (my other kids were not so I took their word for it). Anyway the doctor looked at his nappy and told me that he was likely to have cmpa , cow’s milk protein allergy. She asked how I would feel about putting him on to formula I agreed with what she had to say. We were given aptamil pepti one which meant that there were still proteins of milk in but they were all broken down so should be able to handle them. We had a four week trial of the milk and altho there were slight improvements he didn’t eat much ever , poos were still a bit weird and had sandpaper skin. We were told to go back on to normal formula to see if we had any reaction to rule out cmpa. We did instantly so from there we were referred to a dietician. At about eight maybe ten weeks old we seen her and she put us onto an amino based formula which basically means that there are no milks proteins whatsoever. At five months he was still very much a new born - however the milk proteins in his body take months to remove. At six months we started to see major improvements. Hitting milestones and weight targets and also discharged from seeing the health visitor and nurse every week. It was a scary time especially when you get hit with the phrase ‘failure to thrive’ you just take it forevermore. He is now one and has been walking since he was nine months old and an absolute character :two_hearts: good luck xx


My last baby was failure to thrive, we started rice cereal(we used oatmeal cereal) at 3 months…. Also introduced baby foods at 6months…he’s 18 months old now and doing great, he’s grown into quite the big boy!!! He was 5lbs 9oz when born

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone have experience with babies with failure to thrive?

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Do not do anything that your Dr hasn’t recommended… ask the Dr to check for acid reflux and I am sure there will be other testing if baby doesnt gain weight … do not add extra formula or rice cereal to bottles nor see a chiroquack because all of those things can be dangerous. Your Dr will work with you to make sure baby gets through this.


:eyes::eyes::eyes: sometimes it takes a month to get back to birth weight. As long as baby is eating & having plenty of diapers I would get a second opinion


My kiddo was threatened with the failure to thrive thing too. We went to another doctor that put mine and my husband’s stats in her chart and her growth chart shot up to 50%. She was at less than 1% with the “average” growth chart. Kiddo is proportionate, but is still in 3t clothes at almost 5. I’m only 5’2 and 122lbs. I just don’t make big kids. None of my girls are big