Anyone who has a child who receives survivors benefits this question is for you, please

My youngest child’s father passed a few years ago. I am now remarried and having health issues. Trying to take the steps to make sure if anything ever happened to me that my spouse would be able to keep my children and care for them. He wants to adopt them. With my oldest it won’t be an issue. But the youngest gets survivors benefits through social security and I don’t want her to lose those as they help cover so many things for her we aren’t always able to cover especially with me not being well right now.

We plan on talking to our attorney, but I’m just curious if anyone here has been through similar. If my spouse does adopt her will she lose those benefits?

I would definitely talk to an attorney or someone who knows for sure the laws in your state. But from what I’ve seen before…no, she will not lose the benefits if she’s adopted. She’s entitled to it