Anyone who has a child who receives survivors benefits this question is for you, please

My youngest child’s father passed a few years ago. I am now remarried and having health issues. Trying to take the steps to make sure if anything ever happened to me that my spouse would be able to keep my children and care for them. He wants to adopt them. With my oldest it won’t be an issue. But the youngest gets survivors benefits through social security and I don’t want her to lose those as they help cover so many things for her we aren’t always able to cover especially with me not being well right now.
We plan on talking to our attorney, but I’m just curious if anyone here has been through similar. If my spouse does adopt her will she lose those benefits?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone who has a child who receives survivors benefits this question is for you, please

In the unfortunate event that you pass away, your husband can always go to the social security office and make himself the beneficiary of the survivor benefits and everything will continue the same as before. He will need to bring the death certificate as proof… I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you. My heart goes out to you and your family.

This is what a quick Google search found

Talk to a lawyer that specializes in social security. I’m pretty sure she will loose her benefits. By adopting her he’s taking on the legal responsibility of her father & releasing her biological father of any legal responsibility. But I knew someone whos husband adopted her son & the bio father still had to pay child support & add to his college fund as written in the divorce papers. A lawyer would be your best bet since your specific circumstances could affect it.


I think until she’s 18 she will lose it

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My son is on survivors benefits and we was told of he was ever adopted before 18 he would lose his benefits hope this helps

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I was in the foster system for a few years while receiving them. My foster parents received for me with a bank account with my name on it. Hope that helps

Get legal documents making him power of attorney over you, that will include him deciding/doing as you would want with your belongings, property, money, ect. as well as deciding the best for your children…my husband and I have on each other so that in the event something was to happen to me or him to where we legally able to speak for ourselves or make decisions, the other can do it. I had to use this when he went to jail for 3 months to be able to manage our bills…prayers for you and your family

My brother was adopted by my grandma and her husband. Her husband passed away 11 years ago and he got survivor benefits. My grandma passed away last year and my mom could either adopt and loose the benefits or gain legal full custody and he can continue getting them until he’s 18. So far everything has been smooth sailing expect transferring the money and the deposit to a new bank.

I received suriviers benefits on my natural daughter but my husbands stepdaughter because he paid more for support than her father but I think if you adopt she will lose them ask social security they will know

As far as I’m aware, I’f the adoption goes though. She will loose those benefits. As your husband has agreed to take on all responsibilities .

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Obviously theyll lose them if theyre adopted by another father. They get them because their dad died. New dad means no more benefits

Seems if you remarry or co habit you lose any benefits from your late spouse.
Best ask a lawyer though

Yes. If the child is legally adopted they will lose those benefits because a “living parent” now fills that role.

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Even if she did lose them she would still get them because of you.

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Yes you would lose them, simply write up a will saying he is their new guardian if you die.

Sign power of attorney of the child over to him or make him a legal guardian of the child instead.

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Yes she will lose the benefits, my daughters get survivor benefits so I just had a professional run me through all the details, and that was the main way to lose the benefits.

I adopted my niece and nephew after my sister passed. They lost their benefits once the adoption was finalized.

There is another type of thing you cam do similar to adoption…and no it’s not custody. If your I’m canada but I forget what it is.

What’s the point in keeping the benefits anyways… ssn benefits are on a time deadline (meaning) not enough funds but to cover a few more years and it’s been stated money’s gonna run out by 2033 due to the country doesn’t have enough gold to supply but a couple more years.

Talk to someone at Social Security office.

She will lose them. I still get survivor benefits for a few months on myself until my next birthday and if my ex stepdad was to adopt me I would’ve lost them.

Im not sure where you live and if its different but When my children lost their dad and I remarried and he adopted them I didn’t lose there benefits … and if they went to school after they graduated they will continue to get it till they are 25 … but rules may have changed so your best bet is to call and ask … a general question you don’t need to provide your information… good luck and I hope everything works out for you and your family !

I have a friend that went through this same thing and yes she lost her benefits and totally regretted it.