Are early gender tests accurate?

Who else got the early gender blood test done??? How long does it take to come back?? And how accurate is it??

We had to get it as my pregnancy come back as high risk for T18 at the 12 week scan. I think it took 1-2 weeks to get my results over the phone. I think the accuracy is about 98-99%. It was about $425 too.

I did at 14 weeks 3 days. No result, so I’m doing it again at 17 weeks. It took about a week to get my results.

I got t done at 12 weeks and it took like a little over a week… It said I was having a girl and I did in fact, have a girl lol

Got the sneak peak test off amazon at 9 weeks and was accurate. You collect the blood sample and send it in for results within 2 days

11 weeks got results within a week and it’s dna so it’s 98-99% accurate

Had it done for 2/3 of my pregnancies. Wasn’t given the option for my first. Took about a week for results both 99% accurate.

I had it done at 12 weeks and the result came back within a week. I would check with your insurance to see how much it will be via your doctor’s office before going with Sneak Peek. We considered Sneak Peek, but the blood test at my doctor’s office ended up only being $3.75 (after insurance) versus $80 with Sneak Peek.

I did at 10 weeks. Got our results the next visit and sure enough boy was a boy.

Got mine about 13 wks. Took a week and a half. But they told it would take 2 weeks. We go in a few weeks for the ultrasound to make sure about the gender! Everyone told me its accurate, the doctor just can’t say 100% even though it might as well be. Idk.

I did an ultrasound at 13 weeks with my last two and knew.

9 weeks when it was drawn, it came back in a week and it’s been right both times I had it done

Never felt the need to know before they could tell on an ultrasound :woman_shrugging:


Had it done at 9 weeks. We waited 1.5 weeks said was a girl, we had a girl…

Took about a week and a half to come back and i think its like over 99% accurate

Why not just wait? I dont get it.


I did ! Both pregnancy First was a girl it took 5 days and it was 100% true , 2nd said a boy I still haven’t gotten my Anatomy scan I’m only 13weeks and that one took a week and one day but I called them because they did it differently than with my first !! But I’d trust blood testing more than a ultrasound!

Had it done at 10 weeks and it came back by my next visit! It was very accurate. I would double check that your insurance covers it though.

I did at 10 weeks, not only for gender tho but also to test for abnormalities etc. Anyways it was accurate.
Would do it again, IF I ever want another baby :slight_smile:

Did mine at 13 weeks, after sending out my sample, I got my results in about 3 days. You can pay for faster results, I just didn’t. It told me I was having a girl and we confirmed that at 20 weeks with an ultrasound and she was born a girl :upside_down_face:

I got mine done at 12 weeks and it took about a week or so to get the results! It was accurate! Girl was a girl!

We did the harmony genetic testing through my OB. I was 9.5 weeks when test was done. A week later we knew we were having a boy. Lil dude is now 5 mo old.

Took a week mine was correct

I did the sneak peak early gender test, got a boy results and my NIPT test confirmed I am in fact having a baby boy!