Are false positives common?

Hey mamas, we’ve been TTC for 4 months now and we are in the TWW and the other day I tested and a colored line appeared and disappeared and so I tested again today and a colored line appeared but then disappeared again. Could that be a very early positive?


I would go to the doctor for a blood test to be sure

It shouldnt disappear if you are pregnant! How many days until your period??

Thats weird i never heard of tests doing that

Mine did that when I was 8 dpo. I retested with first response with the pink dye the next morning and the line stayed!

Get the tests that say pregnant or not pregnant

My first test disappeared. Did a new one the next day and it stayed longer but eventually disappeared too. I was in fact pregnant and got it confirmed with blood test from doc. I’d call and get a blood test.

Buy the clear blue digital that says pregnant or not pregnant solves the problems of your eyes tricking you into seeing or not seeing a faint line

I asked this same question once…

He’s 5 months old on the 23rd, btw :slight_smile: