Are period cramps during pregnancy normal?

28 weeks pregnant I feel like I’m having period cramps anyone else experience this? It doesn’t feel like ligament stretching for I’ve already experienced what that feels like. This feels like legit period cramps


Following. I’m also 28 weeks and am experiencing the same

Braxton Hicks can feel like that. Cramps are uterine contractions.


Could be your uterus stretching? Maybe Braxton hicks? Are they like constant or intermittent?

They could be possible Braxton hicks contractions

Could be false contractions or Braxton Hicks. Totally normal.

I ended up in L&D 2 weeks ago (I was 26 weeks) with the same exact feeling, they told me it was baby and uterus growing pains. However they said it could have been contractions/early labor. I’d call your doctor or on call nurse and see what they say!!

Definitely Braxton Hicks. It helps prepare the body for actual labor contractions and helps move the baby to the right spot❤️

prob just the normal pains… but if u need to ease ur mind go to the hospital and get checked out… they would rather be able to calm ur nerves and reassure u than for something to be wrong and u ignore it


Check with ur dr I went into premature labor at 24 weeks contractions were not consistent until I reached 8 cm

I felt them. Braxton Hicks. Fake contractions. Nothing to worry over

Braxton hicks. I had the exact same. Quite common for them to start at that stage in pregnancy

Braxton Hicks or stretching ligaments. Drink some water and sit down. I would call doctor in the morning in case.

Braxton Hicks. The cramps will get stronger but just hang in there ladies.

When in doubt always call your on call OB.

You can also try drinking water. Braxton Hicks happened during my first pregnancy and my OB instructed me to drink water and it went away.


My Braxton hicks contractions weren’t painful, but I know some peoples can be…I didnt feel anything like period cramps until I went into labor…and then it started like mild period cramps and progressively got worse. Go to labor and delivery and get checked. Better to be safe than sorry.

Dont worry i had same periods like cramping thru out my pregnancy…

Yes I had what felt like menstrual cramps the whole time… dr said it was my uterus stretching…

Sounds like braxton hicks dealing with the same thing myself right now

When I was 30 weeks pregnant I was having the same thing and everyone kept saying saying it was Braxton Hicks . I went to the labor and delivery and they had to give me shots to stop the contractions bc I was going into early labor . If they don’t stop you should go get looked out . Don’t hesitate . If your nervous or want to know go in that’s what they get paid for .

Braxton Hicks contractions

Check with your doctor or go to the ER. My first pregnancy was like that and I delivered my angel babies at 23 weeks, my sons pregnancy also same pains went to the ER I was sent home with a UTI supposedly and the next day the pain was there but worst and sense i was told UTI i shrugged it off from 8am till around 2pm when the pain was unbearable and I went back to the ER and had to have an emergency csection. Follow your gut.

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Braxton hicks. Recline with your feet elevated and drink some water. Make sure you’re drinking at least 64oz of water every day. If it does not get better with relaxation and hydration, call OB

Go to the doctors! I cannot stress it enough. I had those kinda pains starting at 20 weeks and went to the er more times than I can count. They said it was round ligament. At 30 weeks I went into labor naturally. After several days dialted they did an ultrasound and found a 10cm hernia in the placenta that ruptured! That pain was because it. They refused to give me an ultrasound the whole 10 weeks. I could have carried to full term if they listened. Just GO

Im 28 weeks also and also experiencing the same thing. They said I should drive a lot of water which I dooooo!! My appt is tomorrow so we will see because I thought I was going into labor :tired_face:

I had my OB tell me I was just stretching, I went to labor & delivery and ended up having to get medicine to stop early labor. Trust your gut.

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could be braxton hicks contractions

Had the same issue I’m now 29 weeks pregnant dr told me it’s just Braxton hicks but I’d definitely see your dr just to be sure

Make sure you’re drinking water. If they start getting stronger, if you feel them in your back, and/or if you notice a consistent timing (at all, not just close together… even if its 4 in an hour consistently spaced apart) please go in to L&D to be checked for pre-term.

My BH contractions were uncomfortable, especially if I was dehydrated, but those don’t have a pattern and are felt in your front.

I was told it was normal the whole time. I still swear it’s not . I delivered a day after my due date. So it didn’t affect much. Just worried me,

Braxton Hicks I had the same thing