Are sharp pains in the vagina normal while pregnant?

Needing advice about pregnancy.

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Hello, I’m currently 34 almost 35 weeks pregnant, and it’s my first time being pregnant. I’m a little concerned, and I’m not sure if this is normal, but for a while now iv had these sharp pains in my vagania I want to say maybe my cervix. Today especially they have really been hurting me to where it makes me jump and wince really badly (followed by a curse word lol), and I’ve also. Notice baby having hiccups 1 to 2 times a day. The pains come sporadically and ill hurt for a little bit, but it’ll go away, and hour or a few later it happens again. I had an ultrasound just Tuesday, and they say hea looking good he’s head is already positioned at my opening and his heartbeat is 138. They also say he measures a little bigger than average. I feel like his movements are good, and sometimes I guess if he feels like it, he’ll respond when I poke him. It just worries me when he has hiccups or if he moves suddenly really vigorously that he may be in distress. Any help is appreciated thank you!


Lightning crotch maybe?


Nope they get hick ups all the time. I knew boy 3&4 were going to be soccer players because they practiced bicycle kicks tight up to the end. They were 9 1/2 & 10 1/2 lbs

Hiccups are normal. Dont fret about those. Theyre practicing breathing, getting ready for birth.

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I had that especially with my second one. Dr said it was normal

Oooooo you have a case of “lightning crotch” lol yes, it’s a real thing.

Alot of women get it towards the end. It’s this insane sharp pain out of nowhere. It comes and goes. It doesnt mean anything. Basically just muscles and nerves. That’s something I dont miss, lol.


Look up lightning crotch.

I had this problem last time I was pregnant and had my baby a week later.

Sounds like round ligament pain. I’ve had this with my current pregnancy since 10ish weeks. I have a sharp pain straight down my vagina and butt. Comes and goes. Sometimes pretty painful.

Ahhh yes lightning crotch. Good times

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Sounds like muscle pain. Or maybe baby is on a nerve. I wouldn’t worry too much, you’re almost there! :blush:

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Ahh hun!! Welcome to pregnancy :grin: I had this with my little one, I didn’t have a clue what it was and panicked… it’s because all your muscles and insides are changing and the sharp pains down there are very much normal esp the closer you get to the end… on top of that my baby girl was around the 9lb mark so I’m assuming the heavier they are the more your insides change and it’s sooo random! I wouldn’t worry too much esp as you had and ultrasound and thankfully everything was all good! Hopefully everything will go smoothly for you :blush: xx

Does it feel like you’re getting stabbed in the vagina? Then yes it’s normal lol those were my doctors exact words and it felt just like that lol it’s just your muscles stretching. And hiccups are good! It’s a breathing exercise!

Sounds like braxton hicks to me and yes the hiccups are

Hiccups are normal. My daughter was born 18 days ago she gets hiccups several times a day, same when I was pregnant with her she got hiccups constantly

All 3 of my babies has hiccups all the time while I was pregnant, nothing to worry about at all :blush: enjoy it. As for the sharp pain, it’s lightening crotch or lightening. I’ve only really had it with my 3rd but it was definitely uncomfortable. It’s not unusual but you always reach out to your ob gyn or midwive if you feel worried

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Lightening crotch!?! Never heard of this -Good to know…:pleading_face: on my 2nd now…hopefully won’t have this experience. Hope you feel better.

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My first had the hiccups several times a day every day for months and measured off the chart 8 of 10 times. I wouldn’t worry too much if the doctor has said you’re ok. The twinges may be your body getting ready. Good luck in the coming weeks.

I THINK* it’s lightening crotch hahahaha it’s really fun and I had it LOADS with my first. your body is preparing as he gets into position, there’s more weight and pressure because he’s getting in position… your body knows what it’s doin- you go mama!!!


Hiccups are normal, and very good for babys lung development. :blush: Good luck mama!

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Lightening crotch! Bundle of nerves at the cervix. My doctor told me sometimes babies can poke their fingers around there. Youch!


Normal you are getting close baby running out of room pushing on cervix it’s normal

The pains are normal… it’s ur cervix getting ready

With my son I had lightening crotch (it felt just like this) he also measured ahead and was 10lbs at birth… I literally googled what you just said (sharp pain in my vagina while pregnant) and it came back lightening crotch and totally normal. So many things in your body are stretching and moving and adjusting and it can be pretty painful.

Yup. Had it BAD with my second (3 weeks old now) and a little with my first; never heard the term “lightening crotch” but seems accurate. My doctor said it’s ligaments stretching, possibly a little cervix dilation but definitely normal and common enough.

Lightening crotch! It’s a real thing! And if your stomach gets hard like a rock then most likely Braxton Hicks

The baby is getting onto position and moving down slightly. Probably sitting on a nerve. That pain is normal or should I say was for me anyway.
Movements will be feeling more prominent as baby is bigger has less space.

Google lightning crouch… it’s a thing as funny as it sounds and totally normal

Sounds like lightening crotch but never hesitate to call your doctor if you’re worried :blush:

Sounds like lightening crotch which is normal. Hiccups are also completely normal and healthy.

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Normal. Welcome to 3rd trimester bullshit! :rofl::rofl::rofl: u can to it!!

With my son he moved so suddenly and strongly it was shocking and occasionally hurt! If i layed on my side he would put his feet down (on the side of the bed) and push to “stand” and extend himself. It was nuts. He also had hiccups a few times a week

As for the vaginal pain like everyone else said it’s lightning crotch and totally common

I’m currently in 35 weeks n 3 days. That pain is normal. My baby girl takes shots at my cervix all fricken day n that shit HURTS. Hiccups are beyond normal

Yep it’s all normal! My first girl had hiccups ALL the time and with both pregnancies I had that horrible crotch pain - felt like my pelvis was being pulled apart. Oh and both of my girls were big (9lb10oz and 10lb4oz respectively). My 2nd was like 96th percentile for weight so she had to stay in hospital for 24 hours of glucose tests but she was fine - her height was also above 95th percentile.

If you feel excessive anxiety or a sense of unexplained dread then go get checked but otherwise sounds like you’ve got a nice big healthy baby!

That’s normal lol. When I walk it hurts even. I’m 36 wks. Just hang in their momma

Hiccups are nothing to worry about…my daughter had them constantly while I was pregnant. She still gets them regularly.

It may be lightning crotch. But it could also be the beginning of Diastasis symphysis pubis it is the separation of normally joined pubic bones, as in the dislocation of the bones, without a fracture. Separation of the symphysis pubis can occur spontaneously in at least 1 in 800 vaginal delivery. Mine fractured at 6 months

I had that happen and it’s either you have a certain type of vaginal infection or the baby is on your sciatic nerve

Totally normal, the end of pregnancy is especially uncomfortable. And hiccups are normal, although they can be aggravating for mama after a while they are normal. When I was pregnant with my son he would be still and then out of nowhere he’d suddenly start doing somersaults it felt like lol he was born completely healthy!

Most likely you’re fine and it’s either Braxton Hicks or you’re contracting. Try drinking water, changing your position, moving and seeing if the pain changes if it does it’s Braxton Hicks if not you’re contracting time it (end of one to the beginning of another) if 6 mins or less go in. If you can’t breathe during these it’s contractions but timing is everything, but you can always go in and they will monitor you at the hospital. Hiccups are normal. My daughter was in my birthing canal at 32 weeks and stayed till 38 weeks and u was 3cm dilated and she measured a week a head. He can respond to you (play music, poke, talk) you will know in your guy if something is wrong trust me

sounds to me like baby moving into ur pelvis, im 35+3 with twins and having the same thing x

Your baby may be clawing at your cervix. It hurts

Yup sounds normal but always always ask your dr. with any concerns. And new pains or baby movements should always be brought up.

My first hardly moved at all from weeks 37-41.5. Scared the crap out of me, I went to the hospital 5-6 times in those weeks simply because I was nervous about him not moving! It could be your cervix getting ready for birth! Nothing to worry about, but if you are worried, consider going to the hospital or doctor!

No distress… The baby is running out of room, so you’ll notice movement more as they grow so much in the last month or so. Hiccups are totally normal. And that pain is normal as well. Seems like a typical pregnancy to me. I’ve had three. If you’re still concerned, talk with your OB. Best wishes to you!

Your problay having labor pain, sounds like your getting really for the real thing, the baby is just getting to come, when its time your water should break or u will start cramping like u having a period only it will be everyfive minutes, it will start maybe u will have one and then it might be hr later you have to time them, when they get every five min. Go to the hospitol.

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Normal, all 3 of mine would grind their head on my cervix

All of this is normal :heart: my son had hiccups in the womb constantly and the pain on the cervix is probably the head and the cervix opening slightly. I was 2 cm dialated when I went into labor and he came out 8 lbs 6 oz 22 1/2 in and is now almost 8 years old he’s 4’5" and 70 lbs. You got this Mama, more than you know :heart:

Oh that means he’s coming! Pretty normal stuff. Just monitor how you feel and never ever think it’s not okay to hit the hospital. Good luck and safe delivery wishes

My oldest had the hiccups! Dr said it was normal. And I hear ya on the vagina pains! I swore when my daughter was ready to come she always kicked me in the vagina! She was knocking on the door waiting for it to open! She was ready to come out! I always joked around and said one day I’m a look down and see a foot poking out or a fist bc I was in so much pain! She laid low the entire pregnancy and only shuffled her head from one side to the other every so often. She was cozy until 36 weeks when I felt like she was gna kick her way out of my vagina. I would clamp my legs together! She came at 39 weeks in less than a half hour! :slight_smile:

I had everything exactly the same with my son. Get rest when you can and stay hydrated. The sharp pains/pressure feeling is totally normal. I had a great pregnancy and everything was normal. Congratulations

I had lightning crotch :tired_face: they’re just from the baby moving against your cervix

Lol used to feel like my son was kicking me in the crotch half the time. It’s just baby putting pressure on your cervix. But as others have said if you are concerned about something you should never think it’s too crazy to ask the doctor about.

You could be feelings contractions

I had lightning crotch for the last 8wks of my pregnancy. I was concerned and told that dr that my vagina was threatening to fall off. She laughed and told me welcome to the third trimester, the final stretch. Then assured me it was fine as long as the tummy wasn’t tightening on a consistent basis(I was contracting since 29wks, and was on bed rest. That’s why she mentioned the contraction part).

Yes its normal. I had them with my 3rd pregnancy. They suck!!! But nothing to be alarmed over.

Lightning crotch! It’s a real thing lol.