Are you required to have a infant car seat when leaving the hospital?

No. As long as it goes to the weight of the baby then the convertible car seat is fine.

I did not need an infant car seat with any of my children. I used convertible car seats that were approved for infants.

We didn’t have an infant seat at first, just a convertible car seat that was already installed in the car. They said that was fine, but then they needed to bring me to the car in the wheel chair while holding the baby. That was 15 years ago.


Depending on baby. My first was in nicu and when she got released I had to have a premie newborn carseat nurses had to check it. I had to go thro 4 seats

Four kids here and the hospital never checked my carseat, just made sure I had one🤷🏽‍♀️ I had an infant carrier with three of the four and a convertible seat with one. So I’d say it depends on the hospital.

Nope. I had a convertible car seat with my youngest. They didn’t say anything. They just made sure it had the newborn insert that came with the seat.


Here where we r which is Illinois u can buy eaither one they aren’t allowed to help u with installation of the car seat from hospital due to legal reasons but there’s places u can have it installed if u can’t or don’t know how to ur self but as far as car seat I just brought mine to the hospital they didn’t check it but we heard they check expiration dates on the car seat. Had to adjust car seat to baby myself n all that my self. No help from nurse so good thing had my mom for first kid cuz had no idea.

I have always been told yes. They’re 19 down to 6 and born in four different states.

No we had a convertible. But yes you have to have a carseat installed. Hospital checked my first and second, not our 3rd

If the child meets the weight minimum then a convertible seat is fine

Call the hospital where you plan to give birth and check.

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As long as it’s rear facing and it’s meant for infants, it can be an infant seat or convertible as long as the particular infant meets the seats requirements.

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They checked the car seat and how she sat in it before we could go

I had a convertible seat, they also didn’t check to see if I had it. I carried my baby out while being pushed in a wheelchair.

Yup. Especially when leaving the nicu, they often even do a test where baby has to be put in it before you even leave the floor.


Yes!! You must have one!

Convertibles are fine. Take it from a momma of 3 though. The infant ones are so much easier when they are little.

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It depends on the hospital. My partner and I walked out of the hospital with our baby without any supervision after checking out, we stopped by a newborn boutique in the hospital for a bit before we left anyways. They wouldn’t have known if there was a seat in the car even because they didn’t check.

I left with a convertible

All the hospitals in my area give convertible seats out for $20. When I see my OB/GYN there’s posters everywhere obviously you are not required to have an infant seat you are just required to have a seat that an infant can safely use based on the guidelines of the seat. I can’t think of a single convertible seat that doesn’t start at at least 4 pounds. There might be one or two that are five or 6 pounds but most of them are four. 


My daughter just had a baby 2wks ago the hospital required and infants car seat brought to the room and the base be installed in the car they checked both the car seat in the room had the straps in the right position and then when they wheelchaired her down to the front entrance to get into the car the nurse that brought her down also checked that the base was installed properly before putting infant car seat in the car. So yes it’s absolutely required that an infant car seat be brought to the hospital actually to the room where the baby that’s leaving is was the requirement at the hospital my daughter was at and without it they would not allow you to leave the hospital with the baby until you had brought the infant seat to the room. Should note that there was someone on the floor that had a convertible car seat for an infant they still required them to bring it up to the maternity ward so that they could actually check and make sure it was the right seat for the infant. And I don’t know how that turned out for them because we were gone before them

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No, as long as your baby meets the minimum ht/weight requirements for a convertible rear facing car seat then you are able to use it vs a infant cary carseat.

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Yes aa infant seat but they also offered me one .

You definitely can have a convertible


Yu literally have to show you have the correct car seat or they will provide one for you or not let you leave with the baby until you do

They made me put my baby in the car seat in hospital told me off for the outfit i choose

We had the convertible car seat & they didn’t care just came down to make sure it was secured in the car properly

Depends on the state. My first was born in Oregon and before they let me put her in they made sure it was secured right and said I couldn’t drive My second was born in Utah and they didn’t care, they checked nothing and even listened to me tell my mom “I’m driving”

Convertible car seat that have infant inserts are fine


I’ve had 5 kids. 4 of which they checked the car seat in the hospital room before we could leave with any of them but the last one I had at a different hospital and they never checked anything we walked out with our baby and put him in his car seat in the car. As long as baby is properly in the seat and safe I don’t think it matters if it’s an infant seat or convertible seat. I’ve had both for all my kids no one ever said anything about the actual seat I was putting them in just made sure they were all safe and like I said properly in them.

Nope you
Can have a convertible also

I was told i just needed a seat for my older two that was appropriate for their height and weight. With our youngest she was a nicu baby and had to pass the carseat test and for that it was required that she have an infant seat

In Australia you can have a rear facing convertible seat or a capsule/maxi cosi carrier. Just has to meet Australian standards for child restraint from birth-4 years or birth-8 years

you have to have a infant car seat

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We had a convertible

As long as infants can be in it then thats fine. Convertible carseats that go from infant up is fine

It wholly depends on the hospital and state. Some require them and some don’t. They checked both of mine but they were both in carriers.

A correctly installed infant bucket seat or convertible seat is fine. A convertible seat is also an infant seat and can hold a baby as small as 4lbs.


There is lots of convertible car seats that fit infants. Unless you have a super premie chances are most seats are fine.

My kids were all nearly 10 lbs. the infant seat was for MY convenience so you can take them in and out without waking them./

As long as they fit the requirements for weight/height, infants can use a convertible car seat as well. No bucket seat required!


3 kids, only was once checked for carseat etc. I’ve known people who live local been able to push baby out of hospital

As long as the baby is fitted properly and it is safely installed and rated for infant, it doesn’t matter what kind/brand it is. Oh… and it can’t be expired.


Convertible wirh infant insert is ok in Florida

Some convertible carseats can hold a newborn. Check weight limit on carseat.

They actually now make convertible carseats that go from newborn to booster seats.

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Most states don’t care which one as long as the weight of the baby is covered by the car seat it’s self and it’s different for different manufacturers too. For example one of the Graco is for 5-40lbs rear facing but one of the Evenflo is 4-40lbs. There are some that the baby has to be 10lbs before using the convertible kind. You just have to make sure you’re reading the weight guide before hand. Now some states or even just different hospitals in the same areas may have their own rules and regulations about car seat safety.


Some hospitals will not allow it . My grandson was born last week they told her infant car seat . Not a convertible one .

A lot of convertible car seats are good for newborns, too.

Yes. Just a carseat. Some hospitals will give one to you!

As long as your baby can fit the minimum height and weight requirements any car seat that is installed properly will be fine

Due to my kids weight at barely 5lbs I had to do infant seats. However you can find convertible ones that go from a low weight up to 70-100lbs.

I had a all in one convertible.

We had to demonstrate we had a way to safely transport a newborn.

You need to have a car seat that is suitable from birth. It can be a convertible as long as it’s from birth.
I bought a convertible from birth to 4 years for my grandkids

The convertible ones are now rated most of the time for 4lbs up. They are rated safe for newborns

I took my 5lb NICU graduate home in a convertible carseat! He was carseat tested first. It just depends on the hospital. Ours was a convertible rear facing seat.

Yes you do to carry infant or child last is appropriate for car seat

Any car seat that is appropriate for the weight and size of the child and not expired.

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Convertible is fine. That’s what I had

I have 2 children. Used convertible seats with both leaving the hospital in Indiana.


This may very depend states, hospitals etc. But to my knowledge you don’t have to have an infant car seat at all. You can use a convertible from birth including leaving the hospital.

Especially for a newborn. They will make sure you walk out with baby in one.

convertible is fine. Pending they fit the requirements.

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I didn’t have an infant seat for my first 2. :woman_shrugging:t3: it’s not a requirement to be an infant carrier seat. It can be any seat as long as it’s got a low enough weight requirement to fit newborns, can rear face, has 5 point harness, not expired, and hasn’t been in an accident.

The hospital I had my kids at required me to walk them out in a car seat

A convertible car seat is fine as long as it can accommodate an infant. You just have to have a car seat, doesn’t matter if it is an infant carrier one or a convertible one

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I’ve had babies in a few different states and countries…all hospitals have different requirements some will let u do a convertible from birth and up others absolutely require an infant seat…all hospitals are required to physically check the car seat to make sure it meets whatever there requirement is

My hospital had us have the car seat with us to ensure we were properly putting the baby in… they also had a retired firefighter on site to check and make sure the car seat was installed correctly

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Convertible 0-4yrs is still an infant car seat.


When I gave birth the hospital gave new mothers car seats. I already had one all ready to bring him home so I gave the extra one for my parents for when they would babysit

Nope. I left my hospital with a convertible one. Went from infant to booster.


My daughter left in a convertible car seat. They just checked it in the car to make sure it was set up right before.

Convertible is fine! The only time I needed an infant seat was for my 3rd because he was a preemie and still so small when leaving the NICU.


I was never asked if I had a car seat at all, just wrapped the baby in a blanket and left

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We had a convertible with our last child
The nurse just had to look at it after we placed our son in it. We did end up buying an infant carseat as well.
Regardless, you need some type of carseat prior to leaving the hospital


Nope. A normal real facing car seat is fine


Yes. Always. If someone tells you No please ignore them. They don’t know what they are talking about. I would question everything they say.

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Convertible worked for us!

convertible carseats are fine. they will just usually walk you down to make sure you have 1.
i took my youngest home in a convertible carseat.

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We used a convertible one. All they asked is that we had one and we’re like “cool”. Now, we had to unstrap it for a car seat test and all of that, because she’s a preemie, so if there is a chance of that, I suggest an infant carrier one

Yes thats fine as long as they see the expiration date and they help you set up the car seat and adjust it for baby.

Call the hospital and ask…

You never need a infant seat its just more convenient.As long as you have the convertible carseat rear facing and set to fit a newborn you are good to go.

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You just have to have a carseat that is age appropriate. Doesn’t have to be one you can carry, it can be stationary to your car

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Just has to be a carseat suitable for 5lbs plus. At least that’s how it was both my kids

What is a convertible carseat

My preemie 5 lbs 34 weeker came home in a convertible seat. They are fine as long as the fit is good!

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With both my children 2 different hospitals car seat inspected and had to be infant

I had a convertible seat that stayed in the car. It went from rear facing to front facing.

They just make sure you have one, it’s in correctly and strap them correctly.

We used convertible car seats for our twins when they were released from the NICU.

My son was premie and they told me he had to have infant seat for car seat test and to go home all hospitals are different though

It’s been like that for years

A convertible means it grows with your infant/newborn. If it says newborn - toddler let’s say yes lol unless it’s not fit for newborn than no. It’s same thing just get more use out of it

Most hospitals require an infant car seat. Call hospital to be sure

Depends on your states laws… contact the hospital and ask them!

I had a convertible car seat. Any carseat can work as long as it’s fitted appropriately for the size of the child, is safe, not damaged and not expired.

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So long as the car seat says it is fit for a newborn, a convertible one will be fine

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A car seat that is made to use for an infant, some convertible car seats are made to grow with the child and can accommodate babies 5 pounds and up.

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Yes you do !! They will also have you leave the car seat to test the baby and their oxygen in the car seat

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