Are you still allowing your kids to participate in sports?

My daughter wants to do gymnastics, but I am not sure how I feel about it in the middle of this pandemic. For those of you with children who do sports, are they still currently doing them? Are these places taking precautions? If so, what kind of precautions are they taking? I know she is so bored being out of school, so I don’t know what to do


My son played baseball and my daughter has just gone back to wrestling. Honestly where I live I feel like nobody is really taking very many precautions

My daughter has been doing gymnastics. So far she has been ok. Her gma takes her so unsure what precautions they are taking.

My son is still playing soccer. His practices have varied a bit the last few months depending on what "warning level " our state was/is in. Originally, they could only run drills that allowed for social distancing of at least 6 feet, had to wear masks when not on the field (the coach was masked the entire time). No games or scrimmages allowed. Backpacks and water bottles need to be clearly separated. No parents allowed on the field. Now, we’re allowed to scrimmage within our own club…but not any outside club competition. All the same precautions, masks, no parents…etc.
Our club is working very hard to follow all requirements and keep kids safe so far. I’m really comfortable with it. But I suspect soon they’ll have to pull the season completely as our numbers in Illinois keep going up. Sorry this was so long!

My kids are finally back into their taekwondo and parkour classes. But our town is at stafe 4 and has only had 3 Covid cases, last one being in May. So we feel pretty safe.

My daughter is doing tumbling and had tryouts for cheer They arent stunting right now and her tumbling center takes alot of precautions

We are taking a break this year until the virus is over.

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We opted out this year.

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Yep! I’m not living in fear


My son is playing his senior year of football and my daughter in 3rd grade is not old enough

Dd17 has been playing and reffing lacrosse. For her team, the are taking temperatures and doing screenings at every practice.

Yes. My daughters life has stayed fairly normal. She goes to preschool every day, they take temp checks at door. She also just started playing Tball, they social distance the parents and then sanitize the bats and balls in between plays.

My daughter will be back in gymnastics. The program she is in taking a lot of precautions,

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My kids start football and volley ball this week no cases in my town and only 2 in our county no precautions except seating for games no bleachers have to bring our own chairs and own water bottles

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We have still been doing martial arts, full contact all this time.We have to stay sane somehow.

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My kid does & is back at gymnastics. They have a protocol in place which I would assume yours would too so check first. Our protocol is temp checked before entering, parents take kids shoes, they get hand sanitizer as they enter, no water fountain or cubbies used, no parents inside, hand sanitizer between stations, foam pit not used at this time, also smaller class size & coaches wear mask

I’m sorry but for those of you that aren’t letting your kids do there activity your living in fear it is not that serious it’s just a little worst then the pneumonia you dont stop living your life for the flu or the pneumonia so why let this control your life and decide what you can and can’t do who you can or can’t see weather you throw your kids a birthday party or not whether you throw your teen a graduation party or not quit being cowards and letting this thing control you your kids will end up thanking you in the end and you will be a lot happier I dont social distanced and I dont wear a mask ever I dont stand six feet apart I dont limit who comes to my house or how many people I’m around I live my life as normal and guess what I havent gotten sick and neither have my five roommates that stay in my studio apartment we all live our life as normal and we are fine he’ll even eat and drink after each other and we are fine if I see a mask I RIP it off the person’s face spit on them and burn there mask and walk away like I did nothing people learn not to try and ask me to wear a mask because they know what will happen just live your life out of fear


No. Our daughter has been in gymnastics for 2 years and we stopped sending her in March. It’s not worth the risk.


My 7 yr old does gymnastics, her gym only allows a few kids in each class right now and they social distance during class. If the child needs a spotter then the parent goes in to help so the instructor can stay 6 feet away. Masks are required for anybody over 6. This is just my daughters gym though, I have no idea what other places are doing

We are taking a break from cheerleading this year

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Yep! My son is finally back in jujitsu. His gym checks temperatures upon entry and forms are filled out confirming no temps and symptoms. Hand sanitizers by the doors

My kids are in private swimming lessons - only us and the instructor in the pool

My daughter has already started club basketball and will begin dance in a couple weeks. The adults have been staying apart but the building is huge where they practice b-ball. At dance the parents aren’t allowed inside the studio. I think that if precautions are taken that everyone should be okay. Have your daughter take a shower after Gym to get rid of any germs.

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We took my kid back to his taekwondo school

my daughter is still doing tumbling and cheer :heart: the place she goes cleans constantly and checks temps and makes them germ x as soon as they walk in

Never bought into this shit #lifeasnormal

You all realize they will catch it. We never tried to stop the virus we tried to slow it… this became political

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My daughter is in gymnastics. She started it this month. They check Temps and have you use hand sanitizer before going past the entryway. The kids need to bring their own water bottle. They sanitize in between each class and encourage the children to wear masks if they can. All adults are required to wear masks.

Yes to the sports… volleyball for my sophomore daughter, football for my freshman son. Daily covid Sumter check forms before each practice filled out by me turned into coaches, daily temperature check by coaches before each practice, warm ups in masks, social distancing as much as possible. In football the team is broken down into pods containing the same kids each practice, if one gets sick then they are all tested. All practices are outdoor only, even volleyball which is an indoor fall sport.

We are doing more harm to these kids than good…et them be kids

My boys were doing karate and my daughter was in cheerleading before this all started. I’m struggling trying to figure out what activities would be safe for them. I’ve

Both my girls cheer. Our school has been practicing all fall sports since July and not one single case

My grandsons went to football practice and there was a kid that had covid and didn’t know. My grandsons did not go back. If it was just a sickness you would get over that’s one thing but when it can be your life that is different. Better safe then sorry.

My teenage boys are n marching band. I’m happy they get to play, but it’s significantly modified. But it’s a precaution they are taking to be able to keep it going, so I’m happy they can still participate.

Yes. Soccer. They sanitize before and after. Also when on the bench, they have to have their masks on and seat separately. Coaches keep their masks on. Parents advised to watch from their cars.

My daughter does competitive color guard and her season has been canceled :sob:

Taking a break from cheer and gymnastics

My kids aren’t even allowed to go to school
Would kill to be able to have them in sports

Definitely still letting my kids do their sports.
One does Martial Arts and another does dance and netball.
I’m still playing netball aswell, hasn’t stopped me

Mine went back to dance. They made the classes smaller. Hand sanitizer for all of them when entering into class. Entrance one way. And exit through another.
Doors are open for air flow. Kids have option for masks.
No parents in waiting rooms.

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Being real- my son is only 14 months so this pandemic isn’t phasing him…

However I nannied for around 13 years before becoming a mom… I made “obstacle courses” in the house… painters tape on the floor to “heel toe” to… pillows to jump over… painters tape to “limbo” below across a hallway etc. possibilities are endless with a little creativity! :heart::raised_hands:

Good luck momma!


My kid still does karate. They stopped the grappling part of it, allows the kids to wear masks if they want (they work the kids hard so they don’t make them either) and focus on karate techniques instead of jujitsu.

Both my babies are in gymnastics too. When they announced an instructor had gotten covid and they closed down, we never went back. But my children are also in TaeKwonDo, luckily we are able to do ZOOM sessions and they still get to continue their training. We were planning to do football and cheerleading this year but- I’m not comfortable with that. We’re continuing Cubscouts since we’re usually outdoors anyway. Other than that, I’ve decided we’re not going to add anymore activities like we planned. Maybe next year tho!

Personally I’m just going crazy buying them things for the house… gymnastic wedges and bars and beams! Not so much because I’m afraid they’ll get covid (I am afraid), but because I don’t want to pay for a class or sport that might get cancelled.

My 7 year old daughter will be doing swimming and gymnastics soon. If cheer starts up again, she will also be doing that. They’re being very cautious and classes are smaller than usual.

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We are football, club basketball and wrestling. Our kids wear masks anytime they are not directly practicing. Hand washing, taking own drinks etc. Do what feels best for your family


Heck yes! My girls are in Martial Arts and the 9 weeks we were on zoom were pure hell! The second we could go back to the dojo my kids ran!!! They are 5&7 and LOVE it! I will not stop them from living their BEST life! Being trapped at home was depressing! Will not happen again! Live!!

Yup. My youngest daughter did softball for June and July. She’s been doing karate mostly remotely :rage: but has had a few private/semi private/ small group lessons.

For softball, they had to have their own helmets, gloves and bats…nothing shared

Karate is by appointment only and masks must be worn if anyone in the group is uncomfortable and only one adult allowed and no siblings ( drop off preferred but not required)

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My son is entering high school and he does sports. He currently joined the cross country team. And they had the Go to participate with precautions. They do temp checks every practice day and wear masks when around team mates

Daughter does gymnastics now. They sanitize constantly both hands and the gear. Temp checks. Each kid has a spot to sit for the stretching/warm-ups apart from each other. Our gym is handling it fantastic

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My daughter is in gymnastics and has been perfectly fine as well as our family and families at the gym, my son is also in karate and same no issues😊 it’s deff a nice thing bc they can feel like normal kids.

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3 year old does gymnastics. They clean everything before and after each class. Only allow parents in for kids 4 and under. The older kids are drop off only. I actually hope they keep these new rules as I hate crowds anyway. It’s nice

My kids have been playing basketball for a few months no problems. However, we aren’t afraid of the virus knowing it’s inevitable to keep spreading like all viruses.


Yes we still do sports. Its the only normal part of our routine anymore. It’s to taekwondo though and they stay on their own individual matts now

My 5 year old son is playing lacrosse. He officially started his first season with our town team only to have it cancelled after 3 weeks due to COVID. He got the opportunity to join a county team this summer but they did start out with guidelines. Social distancing, masks when helmets are off, coaches can’t help them with equipment. So far it has worked out well - they can’t do games but they can keep up on their skills. :heart:

Let them play and participate especially if they are healthy. Staying in front of technology is more dangerous


My son has been doing tae won do again since June and I own a dance studio and we’re opening up again in Sept. I’m not worried. We’re forced to go above and beyond with precautions.

When this all started in March, my boys had just started soccer and it was cancelled. We were able to do baseball this summer and our city has decided to do baseball this fall instead of soccer and football, so we’re signed up. Hopefully it’s not cancelled.

I am not because of similar concerns but the school system has
Been with
Masks, not indoor sports like gymnastics but outdoors sports. I would take a peak at
What it
Looks like if possible and see if your comfortable, maybe wait a session?

My oldest has played softball for several years, my youngest were about to begin their first season when everything was shut down in March. They will not be participating for a while, at least until we know more about the virus, and numbers are down consistently in our area. Its been super hard, I hate having to make these decisions, but we have so many members of our family that are high risk that for us its just not worth the risk.

Here in Australia the girls are back at Acro they stop for about 11 weeks when we were on lockdown but were still keeping up with conditioning though zoom classes online and they have gone back this term they get temp checks once they arrive they have to bring their own water bottles hand sanitizer and equipment every training session one way on one way out no parents are allowed in the gym doing great so far :crossed_fingers:t3:

My daughter has been doing gymnastics all summer! No issues! I am completely comfortable and fully trust the facility she is in!


Son played baseball this summer and our daughter just started her high school golf season

My 15 yr old is super mad we are not letting her do swim this year. I just don’t think it’s safe enough :confused:

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My kids have been doing dance for months, volleyball basketball and soccer. No issues as of now. Keeping fingers crossed things continue this way!

Been doing gymnastics for the last 6wks or so without any issue. Gym is following the general safety guidelines & cleaning every day.

They stopped my sons soccer :soccer: and they haven’t been back but I would probably let him as long as there are protocols and restrictions in place!

Mine have been back in dance since june. Super strict. Temps and sanitizing when entering, no parents allowed

My kids have been doing outdoor sports so far…

Yeup! My 4 year still does soccer and starts again in the fall!

Mine did baseball from may to beginning of July. Whatever sport is next I am sure he will do.

My daughter has been working out sense July cheer camp band camp sports etc she’s fine.

My daughter is in tumbling. They limited the class sizes and clean like crazy.

Yes my son is a soccer player and wrestled in the winter. #letthemplay

My boy is in take football for middles school. All the kids love it been meeting for a month and no out breaks.

My daughter is in dance. Just had her recital in July (was pushed back from June). The new season started two weeks ago she attends 3x a week a total 4 hours a week.
My son starts T-Ball in a few weeks.

I signed my daughter up for T-ball but they cancelled and refunded the money

My 16yo is involved in golf and travel baseball. They have to get out and live.

I signed mine up for dance and the boys for hockey. I think they need at least some socializing and activity outside of the house.

My kids 4. Shes been playing soccer, doing yoga, hiking, ballet, and going to school. I absolutely am about continuing life and keeping active.

My son is still playing rugby, no point in stopping when there’s so many precautions put in place and yeah, it’s a virus, it’s designed to spread regardless of how much you stay at home, that’s what viruses do.

My kids begging to practice soccer again this month.

My son does little league and they cancelled the season.

My daughter started dance. They wear mask when not actively dancing. Have to social distance and smaller class sizes.

As long as they are sanitizing like they should. If not I would put it off this year.

Our kids have been playing since they were allowed to . :slightly_smiling_face: only you know what’s best for y’all ! :heart::heart::heart:

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Nope. Home for us until we get a vaccine. We’re health care workers, if that helps you.

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Ofcourse. They need that socialism and to not live in fear. Life goes on.

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Nope, my kids are sitting out this football/cheer season.

My kids are in football soccer and baseball

Yes and my son is wrestling

Yes, I have 2 in cross country and 1 in football

let me ask u a question do u put bubble wrapp on so u don’t get hit by a car did we mask up before for flu do we take precautions for cancer avood crossing the steet how does one prevent from getting killed. live life to the fullest lofe can be cut short

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We started an obstacle course type gym for our 8 year old a couple months ago, they talk to the kids and do a wellness check before entry, sanitizer stations, excessively clean equipment, coaches wear masks kids aren’t required to other than at entry and exit. Class size is very limited but he at least has interaction with other kids regularly

Masks social distancing

I absolutely would let them.

Masks social distancing

just take the active cases in your town into consideration. If it’s high then don’t do it.

mine is doing ice hockey

My daughter has been riding her horse and participated in outdoor horse shows. We are mostly outside. Masks are worn in the barns. Never when riding and limited horse and riders in the practice arenas. Distancing and Handwashing seem to be key. With masks in close contact.